Build Your Goals

As you seek better career opportunities through an MBA, interactions with experts in your possible chosen paths can help enormously. These communications can help answer questions you did not think of asking. Seeking out mentors from specific industry of interest can provide much needed perspective. It can help you put your education into a fast gear and connect you that much faster with your career goals.

Mentors can be contacted through the alumni section of the relevant business school programs or networking within the industry. This effort costs nothing except your time and commitment and reaps fantastic results. Do not be shy in seeking help; most people are happy to help and are very receptive to your requests. Believe me, nothing is more satisfying or flattering than serving as a mentor to a student who is eager to learn AND ambitious. The best place to connect with them is their workplace after scheduling prior appointments. A few interactions with mentors can help you visualize yourself in potential careers and have possibilities open up. It’s all about adopting an aggressive approach to seeking a career and demystifying the associated process. Remember, you must take control!


About the Author

Mansie Dewan is the Founder and Master Coach at Mansie Dewan Consulting. She has been partnering with MBA aspirants since 2007 to realize their MBA dream. She is the Author of Best Selling Book: Destination MBA:Showing You How To Get There! Sold over 15000 copies