A Bunch Of Brilliant Idiots At IIM Sambalpur


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Vaibhav Goel

I have study material of TIME but it's of the previous year. Is it ok? Or should I go for some other material. A help regarding the study material guide would be highly appreciated. Thanks !

13 Jun, 2018 |

Saurabh Jena

Awesome ;)

19 Jun, 2018 |

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Thanks! :)

19 Jun, 2018 |

Lucky Vikshit

Awesome ..well written

20 Jun, 2018 |

Abhimanyu Netam

It looks like u r enjoying MBA than engineering

21 Jun, 2018 |

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Thanks! :)

19 Jun, 2018 |

Aayushi Shrivastava

hahaha.. yes I did.. :P

4 Jun, 2019 |

Himanshu Khäde

Nicely portrayed!

20 Aug, 2018 |

akash Jain

well said Himanshu

20 Aug, 2018 |