Business Communication Redefined – NITIE

And waiting for months after writing CAT exam and appearing for interviews, ’NITIE’ it is; the institute I wanted to be in since my first year of engineering. The most important learning for a student in a B-school is from the CLASSROOM, more importantly from the teachers and peers. Our classes began on 18th June with a lot of expectations and excitement to study in a Bschool.

On the very first day of the college, I enquired about the subjects that we will be studying in the first module. I was interested in almost all the subjects that I came to know, but one subject I didn’t like was the ‘Business Communication’ because of the way it was taught in my undergraduate course. I was expecting the same teaching style and the same course structure for the subject and therefore I expected that it will be boring to study this subject.

But what I experienced during the class was totally different from what I expected it to be. The class started with the introduction of the professor. After the introduction, the professor told us to do an activity and it was to greet as many people as possible you come across in the class within five minutes of time. I had never seen such type of exercise being done in the class. After the instruction was given, all the students started moving and went on to meet as many people as possible. During this exercise, I came to know many students whom I didn’t know earlier. After the exercise was done, the professor explained the rationale behind conducting the exercise. He discussed with us how we want the classes to be and what we all want to learn from that particular subject.

After this exercise, one more exercise was given to all the students. Each student had to observe his/her neighbouring student and had to write what he/she observed about. We were given five minutes for this exercise. After the activity, the professor asked us to tell our points what we observed in our neighbouring students. All the students came up with different observations like someone found his neighbour to be happy, exciting, serious, dedicated, sad etc. After listening to all the observations from the students, the professor wanted us to recall the question again. He actually told us to make observations, but what we have made is the perception for our neighbouring students. He explained the difference between observation and perception by carrying out such type of live exercise.

I found this type of teaching very unique and effective too because in the classroom we never ever have studied and understood the concepts in such a way by performing the live exercises. Hence, this was the most memorable class experience in my B-school i.e NITIE.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work in GRASIM INDUSTRIES LIMITED, ADITYA BIRLA GROUP. I belong to Ankleshwar which is the largest chemical hub of Asia. I have worked in a chemical industry producing rubber-chemicals, resins. Also, I did my final year project in UPL by solving a problem of compressed air pressure drop. I have worked in the Maintenance and Utility department of the company. So, I can relate to the Projects and Operations carried out in a chemical plant. I can use my experience of working in a chemical industry to contribute to GRASIM INDUSTRIES LIMITED