Business Education In India Or Abroad? How About A Little Bit Of Both?

The only thing constant in this world is change. And the only thing you need to do is embrace it. Because changes like this one are just for your benefit.

MISB Bocconi, after 6 years in India, becomes SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Before we tell you what SDA Bocconi Asia Center is all about, here is why you, as an MBA Aspirant, should care about it.

SDA Bocconi is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, currently ranked 29th Worldwide by Financial Times. If you have ever wondered what it is like to study at a school like that, then this is for you. The Asia Center brings the SDA Bocconi expertise to India. Become an International Student. How’s it different? It’s not. As a student of SDA Bocconi Asia Center, you also get to be the part of SDA Bocconi’s alumni network worldwide.

Apart from that, here’s what SDA Bocconi Asia Hub aims to do –


  • International Faculty. The Faculty that teaches at SDA Bocconi will also be teaching at the Asia Center. Get the international standard of teaching locally. You get to learn managerial practices prevalent not only in India but also abroad.


  • Platform For International Education. Get access to International standard of learning with SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Indian b-schools get you ready for the Indian Markets. International practices help you build competencies required not only to work in India but also to work in the International Markets. To experience a truly global practice of education; an amalgamation of theory and practice based approach, Asia Center is your best bet. SDA Bocconi draws from the Italian community’s expertise and excellence in design and branding as it works to build soft skills in individuals and share managerial practices across borders to empower the people connected to the SDA Bocconi Asia Center, says  David Bardolet, Dean of SDA Bocconi Asia Center.


  • A Robust Student Exchange Program. Italy. And it’s just going to get more intense. Not only do you get access to the international faculty and the platform for international education but you also get the opportunity to study a semester at Milan. So look out for more seamless, borderless, cross-cultural exchange of managerial education.


  • SDA Bocconi’s Unique Approach To Postgraduate Programs and Executive Education. What makes SDA Bocconi one of the most prestigious b-schools in the world? It’s their pedagogy and their deep integration of research, teaching, and training, dynamic and customised to the current needs of the companies and markets. “We will leverage our expertise in designing international tailor-made programs with deep customization of the learning experience for individuals and companies”, says, Alessandro Giuliani, Managing Director of SDA Bocconi Asia Center.


  • Experience Milan In India. You’ve seen Italian brands before. Who hasn’t admired the meticulousness of a Valentino gown, the playfulness of a Vespa scooter, the precision of a Gucci suit and the cutting edge excellence of a Ferrari? Now the home of all these global successes brings you its top quality business education. And that’s exactly what you experience by being a part of one of the best b-schools not only of India but the world. The focus isn’t merely on academics. It’s on the integration of teaching with an industry-relevant research-based framework and polishing the soft-skills thereby making you job ready.

So come, become a part of the most prestigious school. Don’t be limited by options offered to you locally. Think beyond what’s there already. Demand for more. Demand for International. Demand an Experience. Experience Business Education, the Italian way.

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