Business School Connect Committee (BSC) At SPJIMR

Business School Connect committee (BSC) is student-driven committee under the ADMAP umbrella committee of SPJIMR.  It is run and managed by 12 PGP1 students and has Prof Rajiv Agarwal and Prof Debraj Ghosal as faculty to guide the students.

The vision of BSC is to act as a facilitator between students and other B-Schools. The committee handles outbound logistics for B-school competitions. It aims at smoothening the process of applying to B-school competitions to ensure the best participation of students from SPJIMR.

BSC keeps a track of on-going and upcoming B-school competitions and keeps the batch aware of the same. It also assists the students in getting requisite permission to stay out of campus for attending the competitions.  Further, the committee also handles reimbursement of travel for students who take part in certain top B-school competitions. The student members of the B-School committee have no discretionary powers and follow the rulebook for guidelines. The final call in matters of dispute is taken by the faculty advisors.

BSC also handles international exchange or INTEX. It is a new wing that was added to BSC this year.  INTEX looks after inbound logistics for international exchange students and outbound logistics for GFT program for first year PGDM students. The committee is responsible for ensuring a comfortable and hospitable stay for exchange students that visit SPJIMR. It is also responsible for facilitating the VISA application forms for the GFT program.

Additionally, the committee is the point of contact for students for prestigious international competitions like ST GALLENS SYMPOSIIUM and scholarship exams like O P Jindal.

Together with the zeal of the student members and guidance of the faculty advisors the BSC committee aims at creating a platform for students to interface with any B-school competition and also smoothens the process of INTEX and GFT.