BYOB – Blog Your Own Brand

Google has become a way of life, or I shall say way to the mind of the user. And the entrance is over populated. In such scenarios, you as a brand want the right information to reach your customer. Through the overload of information that circles the net, brands have to find a way to own the franchisee of its customer’s mind. Blog is one of the several ways of laying that strong foundation. Blog is a medium where you can converse with your consumer. In today’s scenario, where consumers are educated and much more aware, the brand has to make sure that they are hearing the right voice. Let’s take example of Nestle’s Maggie, which had been a hot topic in recent times. The consumers of Maggie were very much anxious of the news that surrounded the product. Consumers were googling about it, reading about it on the news columns. Though there was lot of information about it on the net, yet I think most of us were waiting to hear about it from the brand. Yes, we have social media platforms, and Nestle did start a campaign on the Twitter when the court gave them a clean chit, but the information on platforms gets lost somewhere amidst so many posts or tweets. So blogs can be a better medium to quench the thirst of your information seeking consumers.

The brands can build blogs around anything, almost on  anything. Be it a new product that is to be launched, or may be plant a seed for your product. For example if I am a start up in rental segment, I could write on “3 simple steps to put your house on rent” . You can engage with your customers and start conversations with them. Its a platform where not only you meet your customers but also where your customers meet each other and converse with each other. You can easily track what are they talking about and what are their emotions and sentiments of the brand. Through blogging your customers can recommend and promote you. It is one of the best ways to spread word of mouth. You can also share your blog via email marketing and social media platforms and hence, you enable the customers to seek the right content.

Blogging your brand can only be effective if you have the content that can hold your customer. It’s similar to the product where you work towards retaining your customer. Your content should be such that users keep returning otherwise it spoils the whole intention of doing it or may even do you more harm than benefit. Your content is the key through which you can influence how people think and feel about your business. The connection that you create with them is what that will add to your blog’s success and in return to your brand’s success too.

Happy Blogging!

-By Bindiya Deora

The author is a student at IIM Ranchi belonging to 2015-17 batch. She is an official student council member and is the coordinator of Alumni and International Relations Committee of IIM Ranchi. She’s passionate about Digital Marketing and Retail Management. Her hobbies include basketball, playing drums, dance and reading books.