Campus Radio At IIM Lucknow

Started in 2014 by the batch of 2016 as a promotional event for Manfest-Varchasva (the annual business, cultural and sports festival of IIM Lucknow), Campus Radio managed to create a hefty amount of buzz back then. After a gap of one year, it was revived in 2016 November to again promote the then upcoming edition of Manfest-Varchasva. It then took place in February 2017 again, right before the PGP31 batch graduated from IIM Lucknow, which was in fact pretty close to Valentines’ Day and even prom on campus.

Campus Radio is a 3-4 hour event run like a personalised radio show for the IIM Lucknow community and campus. With RJs, sound system, conceptualization and setup done by those from the 2 batches on campus, it is nothing less than an exorbitant fun-filled affair that everyone looks forward to.

The buzz starts with the announcement of the upcoming campus radio, increases 48 hours prior to the actual event, when forms for coveted titles on campus, polls for the same and forms to confess and the opportunity for people to pour their hearts out. It reaches its peak some 30 minutes to 1 hour into the show when the polls are being announced live along with confessions in intervals between the songs. The buzz does not die out for a couple of days after the radio event as well as everyone suddenly talks, discusses and dissects the new found information at their disposal.

It is a fun-filled affair that brings the entire campus together. While there is a facility to listen to the radio on your personal systems and phones, people usually gather in common spots such as the mess and food outlets to enjoy the highlights of the news on campus in groups. Speakers are also installed in these common areas and prominent spots in hostels as temporary fixtures to ensure that no one misses out on what’s in store for them. What’s more is that the setup is done in such a manner that the live radio can be accessed even outside the campus, thus involving alums, friends and family who want to be a part of the gala affair.

The entire show is intended for pure fun and with no intentions to hurt any sentiments. A lot of prank calls are made prior to the event to both play during the show and create awareness. This one event brings together both the batches like never before as they now vote, poll and listen to stories that they would have otherwise not known. It is a small effort to not only move away from the routine but also to connect the 2 batches like never before.

Each edition’s aim is to enthrall a large audience in a better and bigger way and the past 3 editions have been able to achieve this goal. We are now looking forward to the next edition in a few months to see what lies in store for the new additions to the IIML community.