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The campus of NITIE, Mumbai witnessed a splendid media program called Campus Troll, conducted by Indian news channel ‘Republic TV’ on the topic of “THE CIVIC INDIAN: Do you think young Indians are aware of any civic responsibilities?”. Students of NITIE participated in astronomically immense numbers to verbalise on the topic.

Many subjects were covered during the discussion such as on public sanitation, toilets, jaywalking, littering, insensitive driving and many others. The crowd was automatically divided into two teams, one of which was optimistic on the issue while others were sceptical regarding Indians genuinely being civic in today’s time.

For those who believed that Indians hardly follow civic sense were of the opinion that,

If you give money to a person they would spend it on personal desire rather than contributing to the work of building a public toilet. People just push the recons of civic responsibility on the government. There is no driving ethics in any metropolitan city, neither amongst the pedestrian nor the driver of the vehicles to let each other pass by. Over speeding is a prevalent phenomenon especially in night hours when the roads are almost deserted and traffic rules are often ignored.

Contrary to the participant who believed that Indians are devoid of civic sense those who believed that Indians are improving their civic sense suggested that, New youth is now peregrinating away from the “chalta hai” attitude and have commenced abiding by rules. Many fortified the fact that the major reason of people peeing in public is lack of adequate public toilets. Because of the cooperative steps taken by government and support of people Indore a city which was not properly known is now the cleanest city of India.

Determinately, there was a common understanding amongst all the participants that strict rules, stringent fines and incentives to those who comply with these rules can make a paramount difference in revamping our society.

Concluding on a very encouraging and positive note, the event left the students inspired by the various discussion of change and impact.

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