What You Can Learn About Feedback From RJ Malishka’s Controversy

Mumbai. Maya-nagri. Mumbai ki baarish.

Bollywood has left no stone unturned to romanticise this city and especially the rains. (Shoutout to drenched Konkana Sen and Ranbir Kapoor at Marine Lines.)

But once in a while, people get tired of convincing themselves that the spirit of Mumbai is a good thing and they should grumble about their problems in the local trains and carry on with their lives. This year, RJ Malishka from Red FM 93.5 decided she’d had too much of it and made a parody with a catchy nursery rhyme to criticise the omnipotent BMC.

Result? The video went viral, and the latter took so much offence that it struck back at the RJ with a vengeance, including accusing her of breeding dengue mosquitoes during a routine check-up and of illegal constructions.

Soon enough, everyone was mocking at BMC for being uptight and not being able to accept the truth. Influencers and the youth supported Malishka alike.

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Politicians are a standard example of how not to accept feedback. Political parties are usually involved in petty ego fights against one another, but this incident proves that they can’t accept feedback from anyone, irrespective of how accurate it is.



Whether you are the head of a political party or an intern, you will receive feedback from people (who, to be entirely honest, may or may not know what they are saying). Accept feedback with grace and slay everyone.

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