What Can An MBA Degree Do?

These days, getting an MBA degree is not uncommon. Out of 10, approximately 5 students aspire to be a management student and also manage to get a degree without knowing the real meaning and worth of it. I don’t blame them because from where I see they are just being a puppet to the peers who tell them being an MBA will provide you more money and it’s even better if that is from a premier b-school. Even I am one of those students, who didn’t really have a plan to go for this but here I am, XSRM- India’s second best b-school for rural management after IRMA.

What can you and I extract out of this situation? Well, what I can think of is, “Money – a parameter for success”. Yes, each one of us has our own success parameters but society as a whole has money as its success parameter, speaking in very generic terms. Even before a child becomes capable of understanding oneself, world and what opportunities it offers, he/she has already been fed that making a huge amount of money will make him/her successful. Very few people get the opportunity to really observe themselves and the universe around them and reach to a specific decision as to what they really want from the pool of opportunities and their life. Out of these even few get a chance to step up for their dreams and out of them just imagine what number of people actually get success. Rest are happy being just creature in the herd for some years and then realise it is too late for them to actually know that they are not meant for this, that they had a different purpose in life.

It has been two months since I am here and have attended several classes, leadership talks, symposiums also a couple of parties. All that I can take away from these discussions is this course is not about delivering lectures and taking notes but it involves a two-way process which not only comprises of a verbal interactive session inside the classrooms but also compels you to contemplate upon what you notice, see, read or learn. I know two months are not sufficient to judge any institution, system or for that matter anything but I can undoubtedly say that this learning will definitely provide me with a perspective to live my life which will be unique to each one of us studying here irrespective of the social status or materiality.

I was fortunate enough to get the right thing at the right time without enough research but as we say “precaution is better than cure”. I want each one of you to have concrete reasons with a mission for joining any MBA institute apart from only the monetary value it carries before you realise you made just another creature in the herd of yourself.


Ritika Singh

B.com graduate with a work experience of 7 months in Interglobe Aviation (Indigo). A student at XSRM, Xavier University Bhubneshwar. I am a person who believes in magic and has the ability and strength to work for it. I am someone who is grateful for the tiniest of things and have no shame in expressing my views even if the society condemns it. I perceive this life as a canvas and this world as a colour plate which contains all kinds of colours and one always has a choice to pick whichever colour he wants and paint his life accordingly.