CAP 2019 WAT-PI Experience (Conducted By IIM Rohtak)

Date: 11 Feb 2019

Forenoon Session 

Venue : Hotel Taj By Vivanta, Dwarka-21


WAT Topic: The #metoo movement has recently taken an upsurge. What could be the possible reasons for this? What could be its future impact?

Panel 1 – Seq 12

Two panellists. Let’s call them P1 (F), P2 (M).

Duration: 10-12 minutes

I entered the room and greeted them for a very good afternoon. They nodded and asked me to sit.
P1 (F): Okay Nilay, let’s start with extempore. You will have 1 minute to think and 2 minutes to speak about it. Your topic is

“As a responsible citizen, how would you tackle fake news?”

Me: I gave 4 points and explained the same.

P1 (F): How good are you in your co-curricular and extra-curricular activities?

Me: Gave a short note on my primary roles (volunteer + organiser) and duties. (I think I could have answered this better)

P1 (F): Tell me the challenges you faced during your extracurricular activities & how did you deal with it?

Me: Asked her if I can use the example of the event TEDxSMVDU and answer the same. Told them about the issues I faced while organising the event and how I got it done.

P1 (F): How many states are there in the north-east part of India?

Me: MISS 1: I said ‘ I don’t know the exact number of states but if you would allow me I can name a few’. Therefore, I named 5 of which one was Mizoram. Hence, the followed question

P1 (F): Ok then, What is the capital of Mizoram?

Me: MISS 2: I said ‘sorry mam, I don’t know that’.

She waved at P2 (M) for further questions, and here it goes

P2 (M): What is the difference between a C++ Class and Structure?

Me: Answered.

P2 (M): What is the relation between Integration & Differentiation?

Me: MISS 3: I humbly said no adding the fact that it was there in my curriculum in the first year of graduation but I cannot recall it now 

P2 (M): What is an Algorithm?

Me: Answered.

P2 (M): Ok, name a few algorithms then

Me: I was naming Djikstra, Kruskal, Prim’s when he interrupted me on Prim’s and asked

P2 (M): What is Prim’s Algorithm?

Me: Answered.

P2 (M): What is Cloud Computing?

Me: Answered. I used the term ‘optimizing hardware’ when he again interrupted me and asked

P2 (M): So, what is Optimization?

Me: Answered

P2 (M): Okay then, How do you do it?

Me: I said optimization is done by identifying key parameters which have possibilities of modification and explained the same by giving an example: optimizing website’s performance.

P2 (M): That would be all, you may leave.


I thanked them and left quietly.

Nilay Jayswal

A Human Interface Designer en route to Management and Entrepreneurship. I believe that there's no such class of labour and employer. You may employ a farmer or labour but who knows if someday the son or daughter of the farmer would be an Employer - or may be President.


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