Carpe Diem – Annual Fest Of IIM Calcutta

Carpe Diem – the cultural fest of IIM Calcutta is not only awaited by the students of the college but students from across the major institutes of the country. This event is not just another booked date on the calendar but an experience lived and hailed by each one who is a part of it. Any Dead Poets Society fan would reckon the importance of ‘Carpe Diem’. It is an epic line in an epic movie from an epic actor. It translates to ‘Seize the day’ and that is what the fest stands for.
2016 brought with itself this mega-sized event in the month of January hosting an insanely long array of events, bigger and better! This was the 3 days long, 15th cultural festival at IIM Calcutta and it truly set the standards too high for all the fests to take place in future. The events ranged from exemplary dance performances, the spectacular display of talent through the plays conducted by the dramatics club and the ramp shows among many other things adding just the perfect spice to it all!

The campus roared with vigour comparable to none and excitement soaring only upwards as one event followed another. The theme of the event – “Celebrating Kolkata” was truly justified with the whole campus coming alive in the glory of the City of Joy. The beatific crowd could not help but exult in the sheer glamour of the event as the highly renowned and terrific musicians to the likes of The Raghu Dixit Project, Parikrama and Amit Trivedi who brought the event to an inevitable but perfect close.

As we set foot to enliven a new journey this January, a new edition of this extravaganza shall make a mark in the history of this institute once again! The theme of this Carpe is exquisite and one of a kind – “TV Series”, something all of us can relate to. A host of events shall keep the audiences enthralled throughout the event which includes the flagship events of drama, fashion, music, you name it! This year shall make you headbang to the beats of Nucleya and famous Bollywood duo-Sachin Jigar. You also can bring your own dose of quirkiness by being part of the Dubsmash competition. The place that is otherwise marked for its quietness shall be thronged, each soul finding his spirits lifted high. Come, Live. Revel. Escape. It’s Showtime folks!
This year could not have seen a better beginning for Jokars and every soul shall eagerly wait for a better, grander Carpe Diem 2017.
Following are the links that you can make use of. Do not forget to book your free passes; it is your chance to have the ultimate fun of your life!


About the Author:
Aiman, a first-year student at IIM Calcutta. She loves to write poetry and is a librocubicularist. She is a huge movies and TV series buff and loves to binge watch.




Niteen Bali

Student at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta