‘I want to experience Chennai during my Internship at Idea’ – Meet Vineet from IIM Ahmedabad & Shashvat from SIBM Pune – ABG Internship 2016 Live

This is the fourth episode of the series where we bring you two ardent Jennifer Aniston fans, Vineet Rao from IIM Ahmedabad and Shashvat Mishra from SIBM Pune.

Tune in to this episode to meet Vineet and Shashvat.



Ever wondered how an internship in one of India’s largest conglomerates feels like? We profile and document the journey of interns at Aditya Birla Group in the summer of 2016. We bring this to you through InsideIIM TV our Video Series channel.

This video series will help you get a peek into the world of Aditya Birla Group, its Leadership Program and what’s in store for the young interns at the conglomerate.

In the first part of the series we meet the top talent from across Business Schools in the country who bagged an opportunity to intern at ABG. The first 12 episodes are an insight into the personalities of these young interns who aspire to be leaders. We will also meet the Portfolio Head of Aditya Birla Leadership Program – Tanvi Sondhi and in another episode we meet 3 ABG stars who are leaders in their domains and have been with the group for over 7 years now.

Vineet would be spending his summers at Idea Cellular, Chennai. And, Shashvat would be at Hindalco exploring productivity of employees at the company. For Vineet, if given a chance to travel back in time, he wishes to witness the World War 2 in Germany whereas Shashvat would love to experience the 16th Century England. Shashvat says he would miss the amphitheater at his campus and is all geared to make the best out of this opportunity. Vineet is excited to travel to the Capital of South India and hopes that by the end of this internship he is able to hone his professional skills!

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