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26th May 2013

12:00 hrs – Very Successful Placement season at IIM Indore. Boston Consulting Group, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, ebay, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, TAS marquee recruiters. 3 entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. Read the report in the InsideIIM format here – IIM Indore Placements – Class of 2013

20th May 2013

19:15 hrs – IIM Indore Admission Offers for the Class of 2013-15 are out.  Check your status here. IIM Indore does not give out too many buffer calls. Waitlists will move.

12:00 hrs – IIM Indore’s results are expected to be released tomorrow.

“Boston Consulting Group , P&G, Microsoft, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, e-Bay, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, HUL and many more emerge as marquee recruiters at IIM Indore.”  IIM Indore’s placement report will be available on InsideIIM soon. We are waiting for complete data from the placement committee.

19th May 2013

18:30 hrsMeet the 5 Entrepreneurs from FMS Delhi!

9:00 hrs – We are very happy to have the beautiful Shaili Pandia author a piece for us. She graduates from NUS Singapore soon and she is happy to help anyone who wants to study in Asia. Read her piece here

17th May 2013

11:45 hrs – Update on the FMS Final Placement Report – 20 Students were unplaced. 5 of which have signed out. We have access to the names of all these students. All queries to the media cell of FMS were unanswered. The figure is in line with what most business schools have experienced this year.

16th May 2013

17:30 hrs – BCG makes debut at FMS Delhi. ITC recruits 5% of the batch. Find this and more in the Final Placement Report here

15th May 2013

11:30 hrs – We apologize for being irregular on this blog these days. We don’t really track wait list movements and you’re better off following them on other forums.  (SPJIMR has released its 5th List and movements have taken place at IIM B it seems.) We recently posted an article on the CAT admission process which has created a little debate.

10th May 2013

16:45 hrs – IIM Lucknow releases its 2nd List. Again, you can only see if your name is in the list or not there in the list. No waitlist numbers have been given and hundreds of students still keep checking the website in anticipation. It is a very poor way of handling admissions and does not do any good to IIM Lucknow’s reputation. There is no idea as to how many students have been given calls in the new list or which category of students have received final calls. Filing a RTI is the only way to know.

12:00 hrs – IIM Kozhikode final results were announced yesterday. Waitlist movements have taken place at SPJIMR and IIM C in the last few days. Some troubled souls now wait for IIM Lucknow’s 2nd list.  In order to save reputation, no waitlist numbers have been issued and the RTI office hasn’t heeded to any request yet either.

9th May 2013

10:15 hrs – We present to you the final part in our special alumni series. Banking and Consulting alumni stats for the non-IIM Top Schools in India.  Please find them here.

10:00 hrs – IIM Kozhikode final results expected today. IIM Lucknow 2nd list could come out by tomorrow too.

7th May 2013

10:00 hrs – As everyone waits for IIM Kozhikode final results and IIM Lucknow’s second list, we hope you are enjoying the revisit to the ’10 Things that make my BSchool Special’ series. Meanwhile, we present to you our 5th report in this series and the 2nd part of the non-IIM top Business School Alumni report. FMCG, Technology, E-Commerce

1st May 2013

14:00 hrs – IIM Bangalore mafia rules Yahoo! while Johnson & Johnson is IIM Calcutta’s den. We are not saying it! LinkedIn data does! Second Part of the 6 IIM alumni report. We tell you as it is. FMCG, Technology, E-Commerce.

30th April 2013

17:00 hrs – CAT 2013 dates announced. 16th Oct to 11th Nov 2013. CAT 2013 convenor is Prof. Rohit Kapoor from IIM Indore. They made a conscious decision to release information in advance. Surat, Udaipur, Vijaywada and Trivandrum are new CAT testing centres.

8:30 hrs – Yay! It is our birthday today!  It’s been only half an hour since Eklavya went real-time and we are flooded with queries!  Click here to know more!

29th April 2013

23:00 hrs – The Alumni Report series for 2013 is here!  Follow us for crisp insights and juicy tidbits of data on the alumni of the six older IIMs:
This report concentrates on locations, companies and functions.

21:00 hrs – We turn 2 tomorrow! And to thank you we have things planned for you. We realize it is a crunch decision making time for everyone right now.

Need help choosing the right business school? Need to decide whether to take the CAT again? Take GMAT coaching or go abroad? Summer Internship on and things not going your way? Not happy with your current job? Need to figure out the switch? Talk to us! Read how to get in touch here-

26th April 2013

13:00 hrs – “Unless you block a date for the GMAT, one can never feel the gravity of studying for an exam. One can plan backwards once the date is blocked. ” Sudeep Mehta talks about preparation for the GMAT exam and application strategy in this part 2 here

24th April 2013

13:00 hrs – JBIMS Final Placements Report for the Class of 2013. It is an unverified report. We tried to get in touch with them. No response from their side. We had to publish an unverified report. Read here

23rd April 2013

12 :00 hrs – SPJIMR Waitlist moves for the 2nd Time. Check here

20th April 2013

12:30 hrs – Continuing this week’s focus on test prep strategy, and MBA strategy in general. Read Sudeep Mehta’s experience as he cracked ISB this year.

16th April 2013

12:30 hrs Less than 6 months to go for CAT 2013. Many of you would be figuring out a strategy to compete with the best in the business! To help we have Ravi Handa with his series of articles on His latest article is a Study Plan for CAT 2013 – Part one. Read the rest of his pieces here.


14th April 2013

17:00 hrs – InsideIIM has done an Interview with the Admissions Director of AIM Manila. Click here to read and find out whether this foreign MBA is the right fit for you.

13th April 2013

17:00 hrs – Final calls for IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow’s PGP programme are out! Again, congratulations to those who’ve made it. All the best to those who’ve been waitlisted. Post your queries in the comments section.

12th April 2013

17:00 hrs – Final calls for IIM Ahmedabad’s PGP programme are out. Hearty congratulations to those of you who’ve made it to WIMWI.

On another note, IIM Lucknow has announced that it is going to charge lower fees for the 2013-2015 batch. Fees at IIM Lucknow will be Rs. 10.8 lakh, as against Rs. 12 lakh for the latest batch. 

12th April 2013

14:00 hrs – Professor Saral Mukherjee of IIM Ahmedabad, in this timely piece in the Economic Times, says that IIM students must stop looking at placements as an entitlement, and realize the economic realities. The glory years that ended in 2008 were fuelled by growth in banking, rather than growth in the real economy. After the Lehman crash, things simply have not and will not be the same.  He also says something that we’ve been harping on consistently at InsideIIM: ‘The B school is not obliged to provide you a job. Read the article here:  

10th April 2013

18:00 hrs – JBIMS has reported completion of its final placements. 55 PPOs for the batch of 120. We have written to them for the placement report in our InsideIIM format. Watch this space….


10th April 2013 

14:00 hrs –  IIM Bangalore has come out with its final calls for its PGP programme batch of 2013-2015. We hope it brought happy tidings to at least a few of you. If you had an interview and haven’t been selected don’t lose hope, you must tell yourself that it is their loss. Waitlisted candidates are probably the worst-off, they have to endure an agonizing time as other Bschools begin publishing their results. Share your experiences in the comments section.

5th April 2013

12:00 hrs – Great Opportunity with If you have fire in your belly and are looking to own a business at an young age, this is the Job for you! Open to MBAs from top schools in India. Apply Now on Rent Chase is an IIT/IIM alumni venture based in Navi Mumbai

4th April 2013

22:00 hrs – XLRI results out. Check the results here

12:15 hrs – IIM Kozhikode Placement Report for the Class of 2013. Deloitte hires in impressive numbers. Sales & Marketing accounts for 40% of the offers. PSUs make offers over INR 1 Million. Read the report here

2nd April 2013

15:30 hrs – Results will start pouring in a week’s time. If you are interested in Sales & Marketing, there is no point joining business schools where top companies voted by you do not recruit! Make an informed choice. Talk to Students in those schools. Don’t get fooled by Placement Reports. Ask which profiles have been offered. Few current students will hide details/information to project a superior image of their school. Beware of them. All the Best! Read results of our recruitment survey here

1st April 2013

19:30 hrs – InsideIIM presents a special helpline for IIM Calcutta PGPEX aspirants. You will be helped by those who have been there, done that. You have 5 Months to take the GMAT and prepare your applications for admission to the Class of 2014-15. Ask Away your queries now.

12:00 hrs – Kunj Sanghvi’s last post on the road is now up! He talks about the Scotland of the East – Shillong!  To know how  it all started, please read this!

10:00 hrs – CAT is 6 Months away. Preparations should start in full swing now! To help we have Ravi Handa with his series of articles on His latest article is the 2nd Part of the Percentages series! Read all his pieces here.

30th March 2013

23:00 hrs – We have received a few queries regarding the XLRI placement report published on pagalguy. It says Mckinsey & Co. in the report under consulting. We can confirm that no offer has been made by Mckinsey & Co. at XLRI. Mckinsey hasn’t visited XLRI campus either.

29th March 2013

13:30 hrs – IIM Kozhikode announces ‘completion’ of placements. Hindu Business Line reports here. We can confirm that no offer has been made by Mckinsey at IIM Kozhikode. Mckinsey & Co. has not even visited the IIM K campus. IIM K students participated in the Mckinsey batch day like every year along with shortlisted students from XLRI,IIM Indore, JBIMS,FMS, SPJIMR. As has been the case for most of the last 4 years, the selected candidate is from JBIMS Mumbai.

28th March 2013

11:30 hrs – Second in our series of reports. SPJIMR Mumbai. Unverified report. But we’ve done some analysis for your benefit. Read here

26th March 2013

17:00 hrs – FMS results after review reposted. Please visit here. No big variations seen. Waitlists seem to have readjusted by a few places.

15:00 hrs – Frustrating wait continues. Another institution of repute goofs up. After XLRI made evaluation errors for the test, FMS says it is not sure about the final results it has announced already. The message on the wesbite is this – “MBA (FULL-TIME) ADMISSIONS RESULT UNDER REVIEW. PLEASE BEAR WITH US FOR INCONVENIENCE”

It will be a disaster if students who celebrated final admits are chucked out after a review. Poor management by a management school. XLRI could get out of jail because they just had to call more worthy candidates. At FMS, it is possible that some people celebrated in vain.  It is going to be very embarrasing. Reminds us of IIM Calcutta’s ultimate goof up a few years back. Read here.

25th March 2013

21:50 hrs – FMS Final results out! (Links disabled as FMS says that the results are under a review.)

12:00 hrs – In the 12th Week of GD Monday, a very Pertinent Question. “Is Internet killing Cable TV?

23rd March 2013

17:00 hrs – XLRI Final Placements report for the Class of 2013 in the InsideIIM format out. Standard Chartered and ITC emerge as top recruiters. 63 PPOs. 233 students placed. 100 % Placement registered. Read the report here

14: 00 hrs – 48th Convocation Ceremony at IIM Ahmedabad today from 6 pm. Mr. L.N. Mittal, Chairman & CEO, Arcelor Mittal will be the Chief Guest. Over 380 students to graduate.

15th Convocation ceremony at IIM Kozhikode today. HRD Minister Pallam Raju to grace the occasion along with Lord Meghnad Desai (Professor Emeritus LSE). Over 320 students to graduate.

22nd March 2013

12: 00 hrs – “As the months have passed by, my notion that beauty stems from something that always inspires a sense of joy has disappeared. Beauty is perhaps in purity and simplicity. If these conditions are met, beauty can stem from an entire array of emotions apart from joy.” – Kunj Sanghvi (MICA alumnus, 2010) returns to Bombay today after completing 23 weeks on the road across India! In what he considers the crowning glory of his adventure, we bring to you his travelogue from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Find his piece here :

21st March 2013

15:15 hrs – SPJIMR PGDM Waitlist numbers out now. Find whether you’re rejected or still in the game here.

Our view is that people with waitlists upto #30 in each stream should be hopeful. There are 60 seats in each stream now. Also, overlaps with SPJIMR will increase with the IIMs focusing a lot on academics unlike the past. There are always enough people who vacate seats at SPJIMR not only for IIMs ABCL and XLRI-BM, but also for FMS,IIM I and K. However, given the placement situation at the IIMs this choice may change this year.

20th March 2013

16:30 hrs – SPJIMR PGDM results out. Please login here. You will only know if you have got a final admit. Others need to wait to know if they are waitlisted or rejected.

19th March 2013

20 : 30 hrs – This week’s GD is up. Very interesting topic. We expect you to participate even if you are not preparing for GD/Essays. It should interest everyone. ‘Capitalism has failed’

18th March 2013

10:00 hrs – Now that we inspired you, time to unveil our story on the state of placements for the Class of 2013. We have done an in depth analysis of the situation and we try to give you an historical perspective. Make sure every MBA aspirant reads this before they decide which business school to join!

Placements at Top Business Schools in India – Class of 2013 : The Real Story

8:00 hrs – Monday morning inspiration – IIM grads from the Class of 2013 starting up! Features entrepreneurs from IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Indore and Lucknow.

17th March 2013

17: 00 – IIM Lucknow‘s 27th Convocation ceremony today. Union HRD Minister Pallam Raju to address the students. The first convocation ceremony was held in 1987.

14 :00 – The concluding part of the wonderful story we have been following for the past month. Adam Pervez (Graduate from IE School,Spain) says in his fourth part , “In all seriousness, I feel like India is the world’s soul. I don’t say that because of all the spirituality here and the babas in every town. I say it because I don’t think humanity gets any more raw than it is here in India. You see everything here and my sheltered, Western eyes weren’t ready for it all even though India is the 65th country I’ve visited. I thought I had conquered culture shock, but apparently not.” Read the entire concluding part here

16th March 2013

14:00 hrs – “We are a nation of prudes.The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is a place where you worship the genitals of a Goddess which were said to have landed there when Vishnu cut her corpse into 51 parts in order to placate Shiva and save the world from “Pralay”. What fascinates me about this temple are the hordes of families coming here and worshipping not an idol, but two bedrocks with a v-shaped gap, through which flows a perpetual natural spring.” – Kunj Sanghvi (MICA alumnus 2010) writes in the 21st travelogue of his unique journey. Read the entire piece here

15th March 2013

23: 00 hrs – The placement story will be published soon. Also, Adam Pervez’s part 4 is due. So is Kunj Sanghvi’s travelogue from Guwahati. All will be available soon!

By the way, it seem IIFT results were announced today. Congratulations to all the final converts!

13th March 2013

18: 30 hrs – There is enough reliable data to show that Class of 2013 is probably the worst affected batch since the year 2000 when it comes to placements. It beats the Class of 2009 simply because of the massive batch size that graduates this year. The frightening aspect unlike 2009 is the looming student debt. At least 6-8% graduates (all put together) from top business schools in India will remain unplaced/sign out. Our story on this coming soon.

9:00 hrs – Not too many schools that we cover accept the CMAT score. But CMAT results were declared last night. All the best to all those who appeared for it. May you get into JBIMS!  You would probably have already checked them but in for those who need a link – Check your ranks here

12th March 2013

13:00 hrs –India does not Innovate” – GD Monday – Week 10. Easy topic and loads to discuss. We expect a good quality round and lots of points. We apologize for putting up GD Monday on a Tuesday!

11th March 2013

17:15 hrs –  “It’s very hard for me to understand how you’d forgo your dreams to please others. India is the land of acceptance and tolerance, which is great, but don’t let it squash your dreams.” – says Adam Pervez in his interview with This is the 3rd part of a very inspiring story. As with parts 1 & 2,  this too is a must read!

9th March 2013

22:30 hrs – In a first, we managed to do a Google Hangout with the leader of a top business school in India. Watch Prof.Ravichandranpassionately talk about his vision for IIM Indore and rationale behind many initiatives at IIM Indore. He says, “When you make good kachoris, people will buy them. You don’t need to market it”

20:30 hrs – People keep asking us about the advantage of doing a foreign MBA over doing it in the IIMs and we have a great story that you must read. Rishabh is the Associate Director at Standard Chartered Bank in less than 9 years after leaving high school. Read the entire story here

8th March 2013

16:00 hrs – Time to meet Investment Banker Aditi Shukla Tara. She is an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur (Class of 2011). She has great suggestions for women in the Investment banking world. Read here!

14:30 hrs – The Founder’s tribute to women who helped build! Read here!

13: 00 hrs – Read articles by Akanksha Thakore, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (Class of 2009) here

12: 00 hrs – Read insightful articles from our women authors! Read the articles written by Miti Vaidya (TAS Officer) and MBA from XLRI (Class of 2011) here

11: 00 hrs – It is Women’s day today. We are revisiting some of the interviews we have done with women acheivers! Meet Ami Kothari! MBA from JBIMS – Class of 2010! She talks about Corporate Finance in a FMCG company. Read the interview here

6th March 2013

9:45 hrs – RIL finally selected two graduates from IIM Bangalore for the EA role to Mukesh Ambani. IIM B seems to have specialized in the EA to CEO/CXO role for some time now. Kotak is also expected to hire for a similar role reports Economic times. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a summer intern who is EA to the India CEO for 3 years now.

Economic Times says 280 offers were made at IIM Calcutta in the first 2 days. 15 of those international offers at companies like Citibank, Honda, Sharaf DG, Protiviti Consulting, Alshaya, Al Ghanim and Dunia Finance. Marquee names in Finance were JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank,Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC. Consulting represented by Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co, McKinsey, AT Kearney Accenture Management Consulting, Opera Consulting, CGN and Hay Group.

5th March 2013

17:30 hrs – Gangtok is one of the most beautiful cities in India. In his 20th Week on the road, Kunj Sanghvi writes from Sikkim. This MICA alumnus (Class of 2010) has been on an interesting journey for the last 5 months. He left his comfortable corporate job after getting a double promotion and plunged into something like this. You must read this blog post and all the earlier ones!

4th March 2013

15:00 hrs – GD Monday is back! It is back due to popular demand! A lot of people found the exercise extremely useful and we got emails from aspirants asking us to start it again. So here we go again!

The Union Budget has no relevance to the Common Man

9:00 hrs – Placements begin officially at IIM Bangalore on March 5. According to the Economic times, the Chairman of the IIM Bangalore board, Mukesh Ambani needs executive assistants to shadow him. So RIL has opened up applications for students at IIM B exclusively for this role. 168 applications received. Students with offers have also been allowed to apply for this role.

3rd March 2013

16:30 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad completes final placements for the Class of 2013. BCG is top recruiter with 15 offers. Mckinsey makes 10 offers. Goldman Sachs makes 7 offers. Amazon makes 7 offers. Airtel makes 11 offers. 5 students decide to become entrepreneurs. (We have not received any official press release from IIM Ahmedabad yet. The above information has been picked up from mainstream media and IIM A students)

12:00 hrs – You’ve already read the first part of Adam Pervez’s story. In the second part of the interview he says, “I never knew what social pressure was until I got to India. By the way, I’m 30 and have no plans to get married.. and no, nothing is wrong with me!” Read the entire piece here. It is very interesting!

2nd March 2013

14:45 hrs – A lot of queries on the IIM Indore PGP programmes in Mumbai and UAE.  Here’s an article that may help some of you. Please note that we have not prepared this note. But it is a good read to get some basic information! Click here

1st March 2013

13: 00 hrs –  “Who should enter IIMs? Those without an entitlement mentality who realize no self-respecting firm is going to hire you simply because you are from an IIM but are prepared to work. Those who value the long term value of an IIM degree and can look beyond the first pay check…….” After reading Adam’s story we hope you like this piece from Maheswaran from IIM Lucknow from the Class of 2013. He gives a warning.

00:00 hrs – We have an incredible story to share. The story of Adam Pervez, an MBA grad from IE Business School, Spain. Saying anything more would be doing injustice to you. It’s best you read about him here . We will cover this interview in multiple parts.

28th Feb 2013

14: 00 hrs – Today is budget day. Interview Preparation? GD practice? Just interested in being in touch with the current affairs?  Prince Doshi  listed down highlights of the budget. Hope you find it useful. Click here.

10: 00 hrs – After XLRI, SPJIMR announces conclusion of Final Placements for the Class of 2013.  SPJIMR has a batch size of 180 in 4 domains of Marketing, Finance, Information Management and Operations.

61% of the batch was placed at an annual compensation of INR 15 lakhs and more with median annual salary being INR 15.95 lakhs.

49% of the Class of 2013 received Pre-Placement Offers and Pre-Placement Interviews through their Autumns Internships at top corporate houses, some of which included Axis Bank, Accenture Management Consulting, TAS, Microsoft, HUL, P&G, Asian Paints, Kraft, Colgate Palmolive, Citibank, General Electric, Flipkart, GSK, HCCB, Miebach Consulting, Texas Instruments among others.

For the Finals companies made a beeline to pick good talent. 31 new companies were seen on campus which included MakemyTrip, Amazon, JDA, Jumbo Electronics, Magma Corp, Motilal Oswal, Shell, Franklin Templeton among others.

(To read the CRISIL audited report for SPJIMR for the year 2010-12 click here You will see a lower figure for average domestic salary as compared to what is reported on the wesbite which was 15.46 lakhs because 15.46 lakhs is a weighted average of domestic and international figures in INR)

Class of 2013 students at SPJIMR also won Unilever LIME 4 this week and would also represent India at the NUS Stock-Pitch Competition in Singapore in the week ahead.

You must not miss our conversation with the Country Head of Zomato India here!

22nd Feb 2013

23:00 hrs – “One of them wishes to help rural women by manufacturing and selling sanitary napkins. Another wishes to get into the food catering business. Yet another graduate wishes to develop mobile applications and also start a restaurant chain.” Meet the 3 Entrepreneurs from the Class of 2013 at IIM Indore!

11:15 hrs – For the benefit of all aspirants, Sravanth Vangara has done an analysis of the waitlist movement at FMS Delhi. Many high CAT scorers are dependent on their sole FMS call this year! Read the analysis here

He had also written this note on the Changes in the Common Admission Test last month.

20th Feb 2013

13: 00 hrs – Kunj Sanghvi (MICA alumnus 2010) writes about Ranchi in his 18thWeek on the road across India. “Also firmly in the ‘so bad its good’ category are the various disastrous attempts at English on road signs and store names and this curious little area in the city called ‘Chutia’.” Read the entire piece here

19th Feb 2013

21:30 hrs – FMS cutoff is 98.56. General Category – 1228 calls for 101 seats. More details here

Application form for GD-PI can be found here. Confusion as to whether one is shortlisted or not. No clarity on sectional cutoffs. Prima facie it seems that of all the general category candidates who applied to FMS, 1228 were called and the rank 1228 had 98.56 percentile.

GD-PI in Delhi from 18th March 2013 to 24th March 2013.

MDI Gurgaon list was also released today. Find it here

Must Read : How many graduates from the Class of 2011 changed jobs within 18 months of their graduation?

Students preparing for CMAT should follow Ravi Handa’s series on General Awareness here

15th Feb 2013

21:00 hrs – 240 Students get 255 offers at XLRI Jamshedpur for the Class of 2013. BCG makes 5 offers. Standard Chartered makes highest number of offers in Finance. 64 PPOs. More to come on We hope to publish the report in the InsideIIM format soon.

13th Feb 2013

17:00 hrs – Please feel free to apply for internships and Job opportunities through InsideIIM. You can find them once you login/register and reach the dashboard.

14 : 00 hrs – We highly recommend all call getters (especially IIM Indore) read this interview by Prof. Ranjeet Nambudiri. His take on the Why MBA? question – “The candidate pool is usually dominated by engineers and hence the clichéd response of wanting to augment technical skills with managerial experience is repeated by most candidates. It is pointless to ask this question” Read the entire interview here

13:00 hrs – We are waiting for the FMS list like you too! We have little clue about it.

5th Feb 2013

15:45 hrs – We also have Mr.Handa with his tips on how to prepare for the General Awareness section for various management entrance tests.

10 : 45 hrs – All those who have started preparing for CAT 2013 may want to look at our recently added session on Data Interpretation in our Free Test Prep Library. FREE Education for All! You will have to login first. Go to the Learning section.

2: 00 hrs – IIM Indore will conduct CAT 2013 as decided in the IIM directors meeting on last Saturday. The CAT is set to become tougher this year according to one of the directors. Since CAT went online in 2009, the old IIMs have started announcing who conducts the exam publicly. IIM A (2009), IIM L (2010) , IIM C (2011), IIM K (2012). As per the rotation, it would be either IIM B or IIM I for CAT 2013.

1st Feb 2013

9:30 hrs – Thank god its Friday! Friday is for inspiration. We continue our entrepreneurship series. Meet Mayank Gupta, an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode who is the co-founder of!

31st Jan 2013

21:30 hrs –  Shortlist based on scores has been announced. Students have started receiving emails from SPJIMR who have CAT/XAT based calls from today. Visit here

14: 00 hrs – “If the CAT were in vernacular languages, most of you would not have even a 80%ile ranking score. The raw talent of millions in the small towns and villages in this country will blow you away. Our preference to English as a mode of business communication has blocked the progress of millions of our countrymen and women.” Read the latest article from our founder here

8:45 hrs – It is not great news for male call getters from IIM A B C. 989 Women have been shortlisted for 1272 seats. It is almost certain now that even IIM Calcutta will have at least 100 women in their 2013-15 batch. 395 women have been shortlisted. It is highly unlikely that more than 290 women will be out of the system out of 395 ( Eitehr get rejected or they choose to go to IIM A or B)

We had predicted 4 IIMs to score centuries. Well, it will almost certainly turn out to be 5! And a double century does not look as far fetched as it looked even 20 days back!

It has been stated very clearly that it is the demand for women from the industry that is forcing the hand of the admissions committees. Read the ET article here

According to our estimates, at least 600 women would have been short listed by IIM Lucknow and at least 1000 women would have been short listed by IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode each.

30th Jan 2013

10 :00 hrs – Banking & Finance. Where were the 6 IIM alums last year? Is this any indication of the clout of a school in these domains? This report is for 2012. Wait for our report for 2013!

CEOs protest against govt proposal for greater control over IIMs  – Thank God for this. There are far bigger issues with primary education in this country. But the government wants a piece of anything that does even remotely well. We hope this opposition from the industry has the desired effect.

29th Jan 2013

14:30 hrs – In some placement news – Boston Consulting Group to be the top Consulting recruiter again. PPOs to 45 Summer Interns (Class of 2013) reports Economic Times. Final Placements offers at IIM Indore and XLRI Jamshedpur for the 3rd Consecutive year. IIM ABCL Finals to see big numbers from BCG again.

13:15 hrs – We are very happy to launch our own placement process for the students and alumni of the top 25 schools in India. First up, InsideIIM is happy to invite applications for a full-time role with Aspect Ratio. Open to fresh graduates from select BSchools only and professionals with less than 5 years of work experience. Also, resume needs to be created on our portal using the Resume Maker. Video Resume is compulsory. Find more details here Find more about Aspect Ratio here –

12 : 00 hrs – If you seek inspiration to do something different, whether you are an aspirant , a current student or even an alumni it is never too far away on . Apart from our entrepreneurship series, we also have Mr.Kunj Sanghvi (MICA Alum 2010) with his travels. Latest from Ajmer and the Jaipur Lit Fest in his 15th Week travelling across India!

11:00 hrs – Economic times front page today – Old IIMs see red over new Law  This fight is here to stay. Most of the old IIMs function independently and would be very uncomfortable with an umbrella authority.

28th Jan 2013

23 : 45 hrs – Signing off with this frustrated but emotional message sent to us :

“I am writing this because I am frustrated with the admission criteria for the IIMs, and so are my friends and all the people who I know gave CAT this year. I have a percentile of 99.03 (Quant 97.35, Verbal 98.5). I had 91.4% in 10th, 90% in 12th and a CG of 7.19 (71.9 %) in graduation (B.E. in Thapar University). Additionally, I have a work ex of close to 2 years in Business Consulting (Deloitte). Still, I dont find any calls from the IIMs. And so is for all my friends who inspite of having greater percentile than me. And looking at the selection criteria of Indore (where the CAT Score has no weightage) and K (no consideration for Work-Ex). What should a person do to get into a decent college in this country. Firstly, you have to perform throughout your academics or should I say perform exceedingly well.. then, if you are working, you have to compete with a guy sitting in college and studying, while you handle grueling deadlines and boss. Shouldn’t a more experienced person have a slightly more business acumen than a fresher. Shouldn’t not he be given incentives. What more do I do, in spite of having decent acads. And belonging to a general class and being a male engineer, I have to suffer more.”

23:15 hrs – IIM K – No real surprises here. Male candidates have it tough. The 5 points for being a female is way too much to be covered by an absolute percentile figure which is divided by half.  There are no sectional cutoffs either. So one can score 50%ile in one section and score 99.5%ile in another and still be eligible to get an IIM K call with decent acads.

21:10 hrs – After a long wait, the IIM K list is out. Check whether you’re shortlisted here.

18 : 45 hrs – Neither IIM I or IIM K have GDs as a part of their post – call process. But we need to help those folks appearing for IIM L, MDI, IIFT etc. Find this week’s topic – “An MBA is necessary to become a successful manager”

18:15 hrs – Now that the IIM Indore list is out, we should expect IIM Kozhikode list soon.

17: 30 hrs – IIM Indore shortlist out – Check here Percentile is irrelevant. Just hope that the acads normalization works for you. People with even slightly moderate acads stand no chance as CAT has no weight. It is a 100% acad based interview call.

Not surprising that people with 99.5%ile plus do not have a call. We had mentioned this almost a month ago. Once you cross the 90,85,85 hurdle (for Overall, Section 1, Section 2) it is only your acads that matter in the ratio of 35:35:30 for SSC:HSC:Grad

A 90.1 percentiler with excellent ‘normalized’ acads will pip a 99.9 percentiler in this case.

16: 15 hrs – We told you. Check after 5 pm.  We spoke to officials at IIM Indore and have been told that the results will be out at 5.30 pm. Meanwhile, we recommend you go through this report of ours that we created last year.  FMCG & Consulting. Where were the 6 IIM alums last year? Is this any indication of the clout of a school in these domains? This is report is for 2012. Wait for our report for 2013!

15:35 hrs – Ok it seems it is not out yet. This link is definitely not working correctly at this point.  And it has also not been updated on the homepage.

IIM Kozhikode shortlist out. Check here!

14:00 hrs – This is like the slow bicycle race where you are supposed to finish last. Both the competitors waiting for the other to cross the line first. You have some wait on your hands guys. Our suggestion – Check at 5 pm

12: 15 hrs – IIM Indore site is up but no sign of shortlists yet.  You may want to focus on the admission timelines and selection criteria for the PGP@Bombay and PGP@RAK,UAE  

One thing to be noted – Why is there an application fee for these two ‘PGP’ programmes again? If you are using the CAT score and the admission criteria is same as the flagship programme at IIM Indore then why do applicants need to pay another Rs.1000 to apply for the PGP in Mumbai and PGP RAK?

IIM Kozhikode also has a Kochi campus now. No PGP programmes there though. Most of the programmes for working professionals and senior executives.

11:30 hrs – You could use your time reading these!  These were created by the Media Cells of these institutes last April!

10 Things that make IIM Lucknow special

10 Things that make IIM Indore special

10 Things that make XLRI Special

10 things that make IIM Kozhikode special

10: 30 hrs – The IIM Indore website has been down since 7 am in the morning. Let us hope the results are out today by noon.

00:30 hrs – Big Day today for many. People who have missed out on IIM ABCL calls have been waiting anxiously for today. We expect the lists to be put up around noon time. We expect IIM Indore to come out with the list first followed by IIM Kozhikode. Over 20,000 IIM K stage 1 ‘call getters’ will soon realize they didn’t really have a call.

25th Jan 2013

20: 30 hrs – Updated XAT Results now available at

Updated Shortlists can be found here –

And since old call getters have not been affected, the probability of converting your XL call just went down. It will be a lot tougher to convert as they will interview many more people this year.

24th Jan 2013

23:59 hrs – It is rather intriguing to see the flowing tributes to XLRI on various forums. Instead of being pulled up for making such a horrendous mistake despite being one of the premier ‘management’ institutions in the country, XLRI is getting a hero’s reception everywhere. Indeed, we have great tolerance levels in India.

20:45 hrs – In what is going to be quite embarassing for an institution of XLRI’s repute, all answer sheets will be reevaluated and hence, marks and percentiles will undergo a change. It also means there will be a change in the call getters list. Some people will lose their interview calls and the ones who actually deserve calls will hear some good news.

Pagalguy reports that results will be re-announced in a couple of days.

This reminds us of the 2009 fiasco at IIM Calcutta when some people who had already celebrated their admission to IIM Calcutta were told that they had actually not made it 2-3 days later.  One of the guys had written about it on his blog here

23rd Jan 2013

16:45hrs – It is the last day for IIMB call-getters to upload their documents! Hope everybody is reading up extensively for their GDPIs. Since XAT results were announced quite early, we can expect SP Jain to come up with their score-based shortlist (which was scheduled to come out on 4th Feb) sooner! We can only wait and watch..

In the meanwhile, the GD topic for this week is – India should focus on curbing inflation instead of boosting growth. What are your suggestions?

22nd Jan 2013

11: 45 hrs – As we start to shift focus back on placements at business schools, this is not a pretty estimate (Article courtesy : Livemint) – Jobless growth and fall in female workforce mar India’s employment scenario

9:00 hrs – Interesting article on dwindling numbers of International Students studying MBA in the United Kingdom due to change in the work visa rules, lack of funding and growth of better schools in Asia. Good Read.

21st Jan 2013

13: 45 hrs – Sravanth’s piece is up. He has a few suggestions here. Some of them are interesting and should spark a good debate.

The GD topic for this week is – India should focus on curbing inflation instead of boosting growth. Happy discussing!

9:00 hrs – Last week’s GD has now been evaluated by our expert Deepali Naair – Please find the discussion here (“Tax rate for people earning more than a million rupees must be increased to 40%”). This week’s GD Topic to be put up by afternoon!

An apirant has written to us and has suggested some changes that should be made to the Common Admission Test and the shortlisting for IIMs. We think it is an interesting piece that should be put out for discussion. It should be up by noon.

20th Jan 2013

18:00 hrs – Very little to report in terms of shortlists. Hope you found the IIM Indore final admit article useful.

Meanwhile, Kunj Sanghvi (MICA Alumnus 2010) and his travels continue. Perfect for a Sunday read! ‎

“The local Gujarati businessmen dressed in Hugo Boss and Armani suits, referring to going to the washroom as wanting to do “su-su” only added to the fun.” Click here :

18th Jan 2013

16:30 hrs – IIM A PGP-ABM call getters should have started receiving their call letters by post.  A lot of call getters in Mumbai have received it today.

11:45 hrs – As promised a detailed post “Final Admit – What it took to get into IIM Indore (Class of 2014)

Your feedback will be appreciated. We are trying to get similar data from other top business schools but cannot promise anything. Admissions Departments are like secret chambers. Especially, at the IIMs.

9:45 hrs – We are going to publish a comprehensive piece of data that will help you figure out how students are admitted in one of the top business schools in India. We are hoping to get similar data from other schools too! Watch out this space for more.

Also, the XLRI External Relations Team wants all call getters to be here. So please do the needful 🙂

17th Jan 2013

19:45 hrs – We don’t actively cover the new IIMs, IIM Shillong, MDI, IIFT or NITIE. But for those who asked here’s the link for the new IIMs shortlists

A interesting point written on the login page above is this :

“From the combined list, candidates called for Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) by IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Kozhikode will be set aside. The remaining candidates will be called for a common WAT & PI.”

It further adds, “The PI & WAT Scores of the candidates set aside from the common shortlist will be obtained from the respective older IIMs from which they got the interview calls. Those who have been called by more than one older IIMs will have their PI & WAT score averaged for further processing.”

So folks with BCLK calls will not get an extra opportunity to appear for the new IIMs. Also, it means IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore have not shared their lists with the new IIMs. There was an allegation earlier in the year by the director of a new IIM that the old IIMs were not sharing data and that they were not invited in the CAT 2012 preparation meetings.

17: 20 hrs – Surprise. Surprise. XAT Results are here! Check whether you are shortlisted for XLRI BM/HR here! They have shortlisted 8 candidates for 1 seat in BM and 10 candidates for 1 seat in HRM

To know your XAT Percentile, click here

For the Business Management Programme total 951 applicants have been shortlisted for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The XAT cut-offs for BM is – 80 percentile in EL, 80 percentile in DM, 90 percentile in QA and overall 95 percentile.

For Human Resource Management Programme total 1215 applicants have been shortlisted for Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The XAT cut-offs for HRM is – 85 percentile in EL, 80 percentile in DM, 70 percentile in QA and overall 92 percentile.

Source : XLRI Website

13:15 hrs – We are trying to do a story on the state of PPOs across top campuses in India. Predictably, facing some resistance but will keep you posted on the same! Till then why don’t you look at our rich data of Summer Placement Reports over the last 2 years here

16th Jan 2013

15:00 hrs – So the interview with the IIM grad turned entrepreneur by accident is up! Meet Tarun Matta – The founder of here !

13:30 hrs – One of the things that could aid you in your preparation for the interviews is the InsideIIM Career Guide. Always better to have a perspective before appearing for that interview.

10:00 hrs – We will come out with our piece on student placements soon, the placement season of academicians seems to be getting a boost soon!  IIM Ahmedabad director may get 1 crore ($200,000) salary. 5 fold increase from current figure of 20 lakhs ($40,000).

15th Jan 2013

17: 00 hrs – Deepali Naair has rated all the arguments in our last week’s online GD. Find it here – “Why does India do well only at Cricket”. This week’s topic is available here – “Tax rate for people earning more than a million rupees must be increased to 40%”

16: 30 hrs – IIM Calcuta emerged winners in the inter-IIM sports championship ‘Sangharsh’ hosted at Joka! The meet hosted 83 participants from IIM Ahmedabad, 110 from IIM Bangalore and 67 from IIM Lucknow. Read more here !

11: 45 hrs – No shortlists expected today. But we have two interesting stories today. One is by the External Relations Cell of IIM Calcutta on the IIM ABCL Sports Meet – ‘Sangharsh’ and one is an interview with an IIM grad turned ‘entrepreneur by accident’. Watch out this space for both those stories soon!

Interview Shortlist

15th Jan 2013

00:45 hrs – Now that the big 4 have announced their shortlists, you could use this helpline where 3 of them(A C L) are helping students – The India Business School Helpline

Read more about the campus and their events by clicking on the logos on the bottom of this page. If you are starting with essays, we’d like to reintroduce these links :

Interview and Group Discussion – Introduction

10 Worst Career Goals Essays when applying to a business school in India

10 Worst Why MBA? Essays

Next Stop IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode Shortlist on 28th Jan 2013. XAT Results and XLRI calls somewhere before the end of this month. SPJIMR 2nd shortlist based on scores + profiles on 4th Feb 2013. FMS Shortlist some time in Feb.

14th Jan 2013

23:10 hrs – We had analyzed yesterday the various scenarios (Scroll down below). It is virtually impossible to give a sure shot cutoff percentile because of the many variables involved. But we do know that a Female candidate from a diverse domain (Commerce)  has a call at 97.7 %ile.  An Engineer Male has missed IIM Lucknow at 99.48%ile. But there are various factors with different weights. 10th/12th/Grad/Work ex make up 7/50 points. Diversity 5/50 points which all male engineers will score a zero in. CAT 38/50 points.

But given the fact that Lucknow will call more candidates, it is reasonable to assume that general male engineer candidates with 99.7%ile+ should make the cut with decent acads despite the diversity points.

 22:25 hrs – IIM Lucknow list out! Check it here

19:22 hrs – As we had correctly analyzed earlier, here’s the deal –

IIM Calcutta – General Category, PGDM – Female CAT Scaled Score cutoff 287 (around 99.16%ile) and Male CAT Scaled Score cutoff 305(around 99.65 %ile). This is assuming both have 81+ in their 10th and 12th. We back calculated to arrive at this.

Official confirmation (Source : IIM C Website):

Cut-offs for Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT) for the PGP Batch (2013-2015)

1. All candidates satisfying the minimum cut-off percentile scores as mentioned in Table 1 of Stage I have only been considered for calculation of their composite score based on Table 2 and Table 3 of Stage II of Admission Policy (Available on the Institute website).

2. Category and Programme-wise Cut-offs (based on composite score):

Cutoff Composite Score
PGDM 72.018 61.5 56.618 46.169 38.8
PGDCM 76.007 67.28 61.211 53.88 50.447

COMPOSITE SCORE = (A/B)x77 +(C/5)x10 + (D/5)x10 + Points for Gender Diversity
A = Candidate’s total CAT 2012 Score
B = Maximum CAT 2012 Score (i.e., 450)
C = Points awarded for Class X marks as per Table 2 of Stage II in the Admission Policy
D = Points awarded for Class XII marks as per Table 2 of Stage II in the Admission Policy
Points for Gender Diversity =
3, if gender is female.
0, if gender is male.

17:08 hrs – IIM Calcutta Shortlist out! Check the results here

They seem to have taken off the link from the homepage again. But through Pagalguy we know that a guy with 302 scaled score does not have an IIM C call despite 90+ in 10th/12th. Thats a total of 71.675 points. So the cutoff is definitely more than 71.68 out of 100 points. So even women with a scaled score of 280 will not make it.

Prima facie, it seems IIM Calcutta has rewarded call getters with very high percentiles.  And it seems 99.7 percentile seems to be the bare minimum for male applicants assuming they have 81+ in 10th and 12th. We will know more only as we get hold of more data.

16:15 hrs – Still no shortlists. Looks unlikely they will be out today. Why don’t you continue your GD Preparation here with this week’s topic here ?  Deepali will rate last week’s topic on Cricket and Sports tonight.

13:45 hrs – The wait continues but we have a nice interview with an IIM Alumnus. He manages the Kama Sutra brand at Raymond – Kama Sutra Deodrants and the KS Energy drink! Read the interview here!

9:15 hrs – Good Morning!  We will help you navigate another important week this results season 🙂

All those who don’t have to go to work, we hope you’re flying kites today 😉 (Specifically, in the Western parts of India)

We have been reiterating over the weekend, for IIM C and IIM L calls it is your ‘Scaled Score’ that matters. See the analysis below. For IIM I and IIM K it is the percentile that is relevant but will have very little or no part in you landing a call after you’ve met the initial threshold. ( IIM I and IIM K lists on 28th Jan 2012)

SPJIMR score update form is live since the CAT results.  Score based list will be out only after the XAT results though.

We also feature NUS Singapore, HKUST MBA and AIM Manila.  Their deadlines are fast approaching too. So all you GMAT takers with decent scores may want to look at these really good schools in Asia-Pacific!

13th Jan 2013

14: 30 hrs – It is the CAT ‘Scaled Overall Score’ that is important this year. Percentile is quite irrelevant.

Stacking a Male Candidate against the other 3 types of candidates – IIM Lucknow Selection Criteria

Candidate Type CAT Scaled Score CAT Points out of 38 Gender Diversity out of 2 Domain Diversity out of 3 10th Std out of 1 12th Std Out of 1 Total out of 45
Female – Diverse Background 275 23.22 2 3 0.85 0.85 29.92
Female – Engineer 275 23.22 2 0 0.85 0.85 26.92
Male – Diverse Background 275 23.22 0 3 0.85 0.85 27.92
Male Engineer 298 25.16 0 0 0.85 0.85 26.86


Too many queries about whether people stand to get a call. So trying to solve it with the help of the above case representation. Assume the 4 types of applicants to IIM Lucknow to have the scores above. Clearly, a General Engineer Male has a lot to fight against. So an additional 23 Scaled Score Points is wiped away clean by the virtue of the other applicants being of a certain ‘Type’. But mind you, this score is out of 45 whereas the final analysis is out of 50.

The G E M has his grad score and his work experience to try and narrow this gap against the others in the case above. A work experience of 20 Months gives you 2 out of 2 and technically, a male engineer with 20+ Months of work ex can be even with a fresher engineer female if both have the same Scaled CAT Score. Also, one can hope grad scores normalization stays in your favour and you don’t lose ground even if you can’t realistically cover much ground.

IIM Lucknow has a lot of variables and it is clearly a case of ‘right person at the right time at the right place’ phenomenon to bag that IIM L call!

12th Jan 2013

17:00 hrs – All evidence from the past suggests that you should relax a little. Sunday isn’t really a day admissions offices like working on and seems very unlikely that either IIM C or IIM L will release their calls till Monday. The wait could be longer as 14th Jan is a holiday in a lot of parts of India. Enjoy the weekend!  Watch some movies!

For those who want to prepare, why don’t you go through the InsideIIM Career Guide? The Current focus is on Finance and Consulting.

Over the last 36 hours we’ve done a lot of analysis and put out a lot of links below. Hope you find them useful!

There is also GD Monday! series to help you prepare for GDs. Find this week’s topic here – It’s on Cricket and Sports

People who feel they are unlucky should read this case sent to us by email – when 0.01 can make all the difference

“I am a final year IIT – XXXXX ( Btech lectrical engg )student.I have secured 99.96 percentile.My clas x marks is 95.2% and class 12 marks is 96%.My CGPA at IIT – XXXXX till last sem is 7.99. Even though I have a excellent accademic profile and many laurels to my credit I have not been shortlisted for the interview at IIM-A. My first preference is IIM-A. Kindly can you please suggest why I have not been shortlisted and if their is any way in which I can contact IIM-A to request for consideration of my case for shortlist for interview” (Name and Univ not disclosed to ensure anonymity)

What do we tell this guy?

11 :00 hrs – For all those, who already have calls make sure you use this unique helpline served by students of IIM ACLIK here

10: 15 hrs – Lovely pleasant morning here in Bombay/Mumbai. Hope you’ll have woken up in good spirits!

After the barrage of genuine emails and comments yesterday, we found it impossible to NOT take up this issue with people at IIM A and we have written to fairly influential IIM A alumni who can at least forward this selection criteria issue. Don’t expect people to suddenly get calls. But we can hope that it creates enough debate at IIM A to ensure that in the future years the criteria is more balanced. (Especially for candidates from Humanities and Medicine backgrounds)

We wait for IIM L and IIM C calls.

11th Jan 2013

23:59 hrs – Can’t end on a sad note. Hence, please go through this – Baazigar Series!  Why can’t all of us do something like this?!!!

23:21 hrs – Just to round up this rather depressing day for many today, we get this email – 

“Congratulations on your website. You are doing an amazing job. I thought I’d let you know I didn’t get shortlisted for wither A or B with 99.92 in CAT 2012. (97.5 and 99.99 being the respective sectionals) I don’t think I have done much wrong in life. I had 96.6% in Xth, 91.6% in XIIth and 70.3% in Graduation in BA (H) Economics in Delhi University till now(in my third year) I knew I wasn’t going to get that coveted IIM call (due to that ridiculous a*b*c thing they have which basically rules out all arts graduates in India). But the B reject was a shocker. I have still not come to terms with that. If they don’t know the difference between arts and commerce courses, well I don’t know. Sour grapes maybe. But I am filled with a sudden respect for the ISB (where I got an admit through their YLP program) which looks at each individual candidate holistically, and for that matter any other top B-school in the world.

Sorry for the rant. But I needed someplace to vent it out. All hopes rest on Calcutta now. Thank you and sorry for taking up your time.”

We just want to tell you one thing – It’s IIM A and IIM B’s loss. Keep your chin up and move on. You’ll do great.

21 :45 hrs – We know IIM C and IIM L are keeping everyone on the tenterhooks. But why don’t you get a little inspired here – Goa!

By the way, an IITian with 99.93%ile wrote to us right now – He says he has no IIM A or IIM B call.

17:15 hrs – Now, that there is a barrage of disappointment and pockets of euphoria after the IIM A and IIM B calls we look at the technicalities of the IIM C call on which most high scorers seem to have put their hopes on.

Case 1 : Female with 81+ in 10th/12th – Scaled Score of 275 – Total out of 100 you have 70.05 Points

Case 2 : Male with 81+ in 10th/12th – Scaled Score of 290 – Total out of 100 you have 69.62 Points

Difference : 3 Points for Gender Diversity that didn’t exist earlier

According to our analysis – Males with 81+ in 10th/12th with 99.5%ile should be safe. They should ideally get a call from IIM Calcutta (Post Results : Looks like we overestimated the number of people IIM C will call. The cutoff is 99.65%ile for Males!)

14:45 hrs – The IIM B results are confounding many as expected. People with 99.8%ile not making it despite 80+ throughout in their academic life. Chartered Accountants with 98.6%ile with 85+ in all 3 big exams of life with a 1 year work-ex are also not making it where as a 94%iler with similar acads has made it!  ‘Normalization‘ is the word not many seem to be like at this stage. Lucky for those who made it. Hard luck for those who didn’t make the cut despite not doing much wrong in their life up to now. If they didn’t call you, they didn’t deserve you.

A good article to read at this point would be this – CAT Results. Didn’t make it? Resist and Fight written exactly a year ago

12:45 hrs – The IIM B shortlist is out. Check if you’re shortlisted HERE!

12:45 hrs – Check if you might be on the IIMA shortlist.. Here are the required CAT raw scores (at least) on the basis of your Application Rating score (which you can calculate yourself)

This is for the General category:

Application Rating Score CAT raw score of at least:
27 298.64
28 292.79
29 286.95
30 281.10
31 275.26
32 269.42
33 263.57

10:45 hrs – The IIMA shortlist is out.. Here is the shortlisting criteria for the batch of 2013-15. The top 558 candidates in the General category have been shortlisted. Check if you’re shortlisted over HERE! Good luck..

8:15 hrs – While the wait for shortlists continues, there is bad news coming when it comes to jobs from the US companies. American Express will cut 5400 jobs i.e. 8.5% of its workforce in one shot! (Read More here). And, for people who have been wondering why Morgan Stanley hasn’t really been hiring, they are axing another 1600 jobs (Read More here). Not very good times in the world of Finance. It is bound to have some impact here and hiring at top schools in India.

10th Jan 2013

20:45 hrs – No sign of any ABCL shortlists yet  🙁

Why don’t you read some of the great content on InsideIIM till then

50 Things you should know about IIM

The Future of the CAT

You can really make this wait more interesting by reading the diaries of this MBA turned writer on a unique journey – The Baazigar series!

15:20 hrs – Still no sign of any of the Top Business School shortlists. Seems like everyone is waiting for the other to come out with a list!  Some of the guys here believe IIM A and IIM B will be taking keen interest in the new IIM C shortlist which gives points for gender.

So here’s a question for you all – What is the lowest overall percentile at which a person could claim he/she had an ‘IIM’ call?

Answer : 60.24%ile in CAT 2011 (ST Candidate) – Received a call from one of the new IIMs

9:30 hrs – The wait from IIM ABCL to release shortlists is killing. Meanwhile you may want to read this detailed piece by our founder. He likes making bets. – Prediction – 100 Women each in 4 IIMs for the Class of 2013-2015

9th Jan 2013

19:30 hrs – The IIM Shillong shortlist for GD/PI is out! Are you on it? Check here:

15:35 hrs – The quite meaningless first filter check of IIM Kozhikode is here. Please check your status here : As expected the WAT/PI list will come out 18 days later on guess which date : 28th Jan – The day IIM Indore publishes its shortlist for WAT/PI.  The Cat and Mouse game is on.

The online form before the 28th Jan list comes out needs to be filled by 15th Jan 2013. It asks for information like which are the other calls that you have got. Cannot say for sure but seems like an attempt to ensure unique call getters and hence higher acceptance rate.

00:15 hrs – It’s 9th Jan and no sign of CAT Results yet! Seems they will let it out of the bag only at 3 am.

Meanwhile, there is a long wait for the shortlist of one business school – IIM Indore. The official release says that it will be out on 28th Jan 2013. Thats about 20 days from now :-/

8th Jan 2013

11:30 hrs – IIM K link – So this link below was shared by someone on But we do not know of a single candidate who has gotte through. It probably means that the database has not been linked yet.  You can try your luck if you want but we believe it will only go active after the CAT results.

3: 00 hrs – Must read article : All you wanted to know about Shortlisting Criteria of Top Business Schools in India for the Class of 2013-15 (CAT Based)

It clearly demonstrates the almost irrelevance of the CAT exam and also tells us why it has never been better being a woman wanting to get into the IIMs!

28th Dec 2012

SPJIMR Mumbai – Profile Based Calls List out

99 Percentilers

In all 255 girls and 1640 boys scored more than 99 percentile.

Mumbai has the highest 99 percentile scorers at 180 students followed by Delhi (168), Bangalore (157), Hyderabad (105), Kolkata (92) and Chennai (85). Read entire story here

CAT 2012 Results announced!

Available here

If you’re expecting calls, you must  Allow us to help you!  Ensure you convert that coveted call.

8:00 am – It is still so difficult to get your CAT Scores. This definitely does not speak very highly of the IIMs who are supposed to be torch bearers of ‘management’ in this country. And it is not a phenomenon that exists this year. It has been happening for years now. Why is there no solution to this problem?

2: 59 am – Available here ! The CAT is out of the bag! All the Best!

We will keep updating this blog as and when the shortlists start pouring out! As of now try your luck to beat the 502 error gateway/Mr.Sanjeev Hasan’s error and get hold of your CAT scores!

India Business School Helpline

A special helpline for you run by the best!  IIM ACLIK collaborate with Team InsideIIM to help students in India! Click here to reach the helpline!

If you require help with Interview preparation, please reach out to us.  Allow us to help you!


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Anyone from ABCL. Pls let us know when the shortlist would b out if yu have any info on that. The wait is really killing .


Pls IIMs shoot out the list at the earliest… Different inputs are making me feel miserable even after scoring 99.76%ile

High Percentiler

You are forgetting really high CAT score people with poor Application rating. They will get through 🙂


wat will be my application rating. i have secured exactly 80% in +2chse orissa state board and 92% in icse and 82.5%in btech


Even the BITS Pilani topper with 99.99%ile did not receive a call from A and B. I wonder why they still call it the Common ADMISSION test when even the toppers aren't through to the next round. :/


Academic consistency is the name of the game. I think CAT should stop giving percentiles. They are anyway of no use. All that the test should give out as a result is "Qualified or Not Qualified".

smelly CAT

This new hype about overall profile and treating CAT as a mere threshold is clearly due to pressure from recruiters and there can be no other justicfication , People with low acads generally don't get shortlists during summer and final placements and the IIMs don't like there "average package" going down !


Does anyone know the cutoff for IIM C last year ? Can I have a chance at 99.38 (score 293). ? I am male , have above 81 in 10th and 12th ? IIM L ? Any ideas ? please help , the wait and rejections from IIM A & B are killing me


At what date tentatively ,the 6 new IIMs are going to release their GD/PI shortlists.? Do we have to fill any form in the new IIMs like as was filled for the IIM ,Khozikode.

Shubham Agarwal

Hey guys. Shubham here. I am the guy who wrote the e-mail featured at the top. Anyway, I really respect the editors decision of anonymity but I would be glad to share my details. I am from Delhi University (Shaheed Bhagat Singh College) and I topped college in my first year with 70%, and came third in my second year with 70.6% Needless to say, I never expected my grad marks would be an issue for an IIM admission, infamous as my college may be. I am just depressed. I keep re-checking my IIM B results hoping against hope that some error has been made.

Anyway as trivial as it is, my e-mail being featured at the top sort of cheered me up. It's always nice seeing your name on a popular website. 🙂
Thank You to the editors.

Cheers and all the best everyone.

CAT Applicant

Hi Shubham,

I always had respect for ISB YLP thing, it is much more holistic and has many parameters than just relying on your academics for that matter. I also applied for ISB YLP, but couldn't get through, maybe because of my spoiled GMAT attempt, marred by technical glitches. :/

But on a very different note, what I understand is, IIMs have to give some objective weights to your scores. They can't be as subjective as ISB is.

As the editor said, it is IIMA's and IIMB's loss and not yours.

Wish you all the best for C and L. 🙂

Shubham Agarwal

Hey. Thanks mate. 🙂
It's always sad when your attempt gets marred by technicalities. I had a friend whose PC hung in between the exam, and he had to give it again from the restart and needless to say, he was not pleased. I hope you get a great score if and when you re-attempt.
I am thinking of whether or note to mention ISB YLP's thing if I get called by IIM C. On the one hand, they might be impressed but there is also the possibility that they will think you are the sort of person who just likes to keep all options in the bag. what do you reckon?

CAT Applicant

Yes, even my computer hung during the test, and it had to restart. This took some 5 minutes, however some 12 minutes were reduced from the timer. I panicked and became nervous. :/ GMAC has offered me a free GMAT appointment though.

In my opinion, I would suggest to NOT tell about YLP. If you tell then be prepared to answer all questions about GMAT v/s CAT, ISB v/s IIMs etc. It might put them off if you are not able to defend your case properly. Moreover, you have a spectacular profile, getting through YLP might not add much weight to it. The rest depends on you.

Anyway, best of luck for your interviews. 🙂

Shubham Agarwal

If we were in the US, you could have sued them saying how you missed an ISB call due to them. 😛
Really tough luck. I hope you get into your dream college this year.
Anyway, I think I should be able to answer these questions well. The basic reason I don't want to go to the ISB is the lack of decent job opportunities for me due to my relatively low-key college and also the fact that ISB is terrible for finance. And trust me, I don't have an exceptional profile. My interview went well as I was able to defend the why Investment Banking part, I guess. Other than this, I just have one internship and the usual, 2-3 societies, a think-tank event and the works.
Btw, did you give CAT too this year? Got A and B calls?

CAT Applicant

I had plans to sue them, but then dropped it. 😛

I understand your dilemma, but I'm pretty sure at your percentile you will get a call from IIM C, which is the place to be if you are looking to make a career in finance. BTW, you do have a exceptional profile, your acads are awesome, and that really places you very well when you go for an IIM interview.

I gave CAT this year, didn't score much, a 95 percentiler, with okay-okay academics so no chance for me to get a call from the IIMs. 😛 Anyway, being a NIT grad, I will take up my college placement. I'm placed in one of the Big4 consulting firms, where the pay package is okay too. 😛

Anyway, all the best for your interview ! Nail IIM C ! 😀


Hi, just came across the post of the 99.92 guy. I wanted to share a similar experience. I scored 99.80 in CAT this year with 99.6 in sec I and 98.1 in sec II. I am a DOCTOR with 89% and 94% in 10th n 12th. MY Grad score was 69%. Rejected by both IIM A & B.

I enquired with the admission office of IIM A regarding the rejection. The response was: “you don’t have enough grad score!”. I tried to clarify that I was among the state toppers with the topper receiving 72%. And they said,”well that’s not good enough”.

In my experience of 5 years of medicine I have never come across a doctor crossing 75% in this country,let alone my state. So how can the admission authorities just decide that 80% should be the standard for all irrespective of what stream the person belongs to.

One can hear a lot of hullabaloo about IIMs trying to get more diversity in their classes but with such skewd scoring how can a non-engineer come into reckoning at all?

One might think that it is my frustration speaking,may be true, but it’s about something that i cannot help about. If i had a chance to improve my grad score i would but the fact is no matter what i do doctors are not given above 80%.

I request the mod to keep the details anonymous for privacy reasons.


Shubham Agarwal

I feel your pain. In fact your case would be even worse than mine as in Eco Hons in DU, some people do in fact score above 80. IIM B said on their website that they do normalize for different streams but only God knows how. Let's hope we get and convert a Calcutta call. All the best 🙂


Well this is not a new phenomenon at all…
I had 99.94%le CAT score in CAT 10, and with marks in 10th n 12 th in 85-90 % range and engineering CGPA above 8
I did not have calls from A or B
I converted IIM L and about to graduate in 2 months, and have no regrets or feelings like oh why did not I get calls…
IIMs are not the end of the world, n I am sure every year so many wonderful students miss out on IIMs…..

About time this arbitrariness and subjectivity in selection criteria be removes, n well defined n uniform procedure like GMAT be followed.. nt quick fixes like extra marks for non-engineers or girls etc

CAT Applicant

I believe the one very big shocker is still to come. 28 January 2013, when IIM Indore and IIM Kozhikode release their shortlists for PIs.

With the 'extra' 5 marks for girls in IIM Kozhikode's shortlisting criteria, I feel so disgusted that I even wrote CAT. There isn't any difference between a 98 percentile guy and a 88 percentile girl. Apart from that if she scores even a mark more than the same guy, she has more chances of getting a PI call.

About IIMK's criteria for shortlisting last year, I would like to quote a reply of a senior official from IIMK's regarding last year's shortlisting criteria:

Another senior official from IIM-K told PaGaLGuY that all the IIMs were using similar criteria for admission so why IIM-K was being singled out. This official added that one of the reasons for giving past academics importance was that women candidates tended to score higher on that front. "Women in general are consistent workers and students. They tend to do well right through school and college. However because the CAT is a quant heavy test, women don't score very high marks in it. So this method of admission helps us get the consistent scorers and not just those who do well only in the CAT."

Women in general are consistent workers and tend to do well right through school and college, then why not expect them to get a better CAT result as well.

P.S. I'm not a male chauvinist, but yes this is the harsh reality. 🙂

Rahul Jain

Hi, I am a fresher. My CAT percentile is 99.85. 10th-87.69. 12th-79.5, Engg-76.7. I have obviously not received calls from IIMA and IIMB..can I expect calls from IIM C,L,K,I??


thanks with exactly 80% in class 12(+2chse orissa state board)i.e is (480 out of 600).will iim-a reward me 2 or 3 for my class 12 marks.i have more than 80% in class 10th and in btech


have u got a call from iim-c?


Can anyone tell me the difference between Business Administration and Business Management ? What jobs will it lead to?


cat oa 93.24 10th 92.6 12th 85.2 grad 90.2….chances in iim i ???gt iims….chances for other iims???


We can't predict. No one can. If anyone out there is doing it, he or she is fooling you. IIM I calls depend on normalization of your 10/12/Grad scores. There is no way to know how it will turn out as the applications are only with the IIMs and it depends on the pool of applicants


Does the above analysis imply a CAT score of 298 is needed for IIM L for a male Engineer ? Someone tell me this is incorrect please , i am expecting a L call at 293 marks.


No. The above analysis does not mean that since we do not know how many people L will call for interviews and also how many women/non-engineers have scored above 97-98 percentile overall in the CAT i.e. about 260/450 which we believe would be essential even for women from non-engineering backgrounds


What is the selection process of IIM Ahemadabad after shortlisting PI.Do they have written ability test or gd or just personal interview…?


All the old IIMs offer a standard PGDM programme. Specializations are up to you. You choose electives in your 2nd year. You could choose electives in the Information Systems/IT field

Aakhri Jang

I made a terrible mistake at the time of filling up the CAT applucation form. I wrote 87.3% instead of 94% in SSC marks owing to some misunderstanding. Can I correct this somehow? What should I do?

Ankit Hamirwasia

I think you should email the colleges and ask them if they have any problems with you changing marks. If not then go ahead 🙂
And by the way, ensure that you fill your percentage calculated with all subjects. They have specified that in a number of places.


Rejected from IIM Calcutta too..

CAT OA 99.60
sectionals 99.27 and 98.25
10th 92.53
12th 80.8
Grad 71
Work Exp 13 Months

What can be the reason?


12th could have been the spoil sport , i think yours is below 81 , hence you would have scored 4 out of 5 , but just a possibility

Ankit Hamirwasia

The problem my friend is that you are a male and on top of that an engineer, just like me.
OA 99.32
QA 98.75
VA 97.86
Xth 94.8
XIIth 91.0
Grad 79.54



This year they had not mentioned anything about rounding off..
but last year they had cleary mentioned that marks will be rounded to nearest integer..
so 80.8 should be 81 As far as i can see..


Actually it is 305 marks for those with 81+ in Xth and XIIth which translates to about 99.65-99.67


Ayyo.. IIMC too following A and B and giving weightage to aademics. What's wrong with all the IIMs? For most people, the fate is already sealed even before writing the CAT.


The weight to acads is only 20%. Plus getting 81% in 10th and 12th is reasonable. The weight given to CAT is substantial. Its only for women that the relaxation has taken place.


I might look like a frustrated aspirant , but what I say looks correct to me atleast. The special marks for diversity / gender diversity are uncalled for. Instead why don't they simply dedicate few seats (extra seats) for females ? Year after year girls top the board exams in X and XII , but why don't we see a girl topping JEE / CAT ? I am not against females , but giving them an unfair advantage is seriously disgusting.

I have worked hard to score a 99.38 , and I know I deserve to be at one of those IIMs , but unfortunately , I will have to go for a non IIM institute, since this was my third and last attempt at CAT.

IIMs simply divide your percentage with 10 to calculate cgpa , believe me , it becomes very difficult in University of Delhi (DCE / NSIT) to cross 80% marks. One thing I liked about IIT Mumbai , their cutoff was 60% and CGPA = 6.5 , i had to admit the respect one has for IITs , IIMs need to learn from IITs / XLRI.

P.S : Looking forward to an XL call now 🙁 :/


I am just completely baffled. Why the f*@# did I waste money on the CAT form. I scored 99.41 in cat with both sections over 90%. Got 91.2 in 10th and 82.4 in 12th, 78% in Btech (NIT), Have one year work ex.
I have been rejected by every IIM which has released a list until now. The IIM-L list has had me frustrated.
I want a F@#*ing refund of my CAT money. I want my money back.



I am a student at IIT Delhi. my details:
CAT %tile:99.97
10th: 93%
12th: 93.2%
CGPA: 9.351/10

I dont have a call from IIM L……..can anyone please explain what is going on?


May be IIM Lucknow has an upper cutoff as well… With such a profile, even IIM A and IIM B must have called you… Anyway, don't worry much convert one of the top three IIMs. All the best!


Hey CAT13… I really don't believe what you are saying…
And if that's the truth, then that's it….
There is no hope for MANKIND!!!


Please update today's post which reads that no shortlists are expected today. In fact, it is expected that the shortlists of the new IIMs would be announced today. This has been mentioned at IIM Raipur's website. Thanks.

rajagopalan… Here it says that the WAT and PI rounds would be over by March 6 starting by Feb first week, but in Ranchi s site, the last date for filling the form is March 2013.

Please show some light on these guys …


We don't actively cover any institutes that are not on our featured business schools list below. We are unlikely to have a lot of information about them.



CAT PercentileOA:-93.7
10th :-81
Graduation:-67 (BE)
Category:-: NC-OBC
Work Ex:-: 18 months till now

Why didnt i get a call from IIM-L and IIM-C i am completely clueless….can someone explain me??

Shubham Agarwal

Because you had less than 80 in XIIth. It's sas I know. I got rejected from A and B because of my 70% graduation marks. In an arts degree.


how good is the IIM – L PGP-ABM program placements wise? is the pay package same as that of a PGP program?


GUys whats XLRI criterion for final convert?
What weightage of Xat SCORE in final convert ?


No IIM-I call at 99.76%ile….

This is ridiculous.. For the admission I want today my fate was sealed 10 years ago. How to justify this ?


I don't understand the normalization method used at IIM-I. I always thought I had decent academics. Well, till today.
Any idea regarding when we can expect IIM-K?

Ninety plus

CAT: OA: 99.28 , Sec1: 98.48, Sec2: 98.12
10th: 90.5%
12th: 94.8%
B.Tech(NITW): 9.12/10
Work ex : 6 months
Not even a single call from ABCLIK.

Ninety plus

That’s what : board in which to study should also be planned (7 years back?!)

Perfect planners !


"PPOs to 45 Summer Interns (Class of 2013) from IIM ABCL"… I think it is factually incorrect… IIMA led the pack with 10 PPOs followed by IIMB with 8. IIML was third with 4 followed by IIMC with 3. The total number of interns from ABCL was in early 30's.


My percentile is 95.20.
what are my chances? Can I get call from anywhere? I got it from iim kozhi but i m not in the gd-pi list?


From updates related to CAT 2012 results & related to updates on any and everything on MBA in India…. Atleast change the title of the post!


They did have a cutoff of minimum 90 Percentile with sectional cutoffs. IIM Kozhikode had a 85 percentile cutoff and no sectionals plus marks for girls. Even IIM L and IIM C reduced weight to CAT. Unfair to single out IIM Indore

Anshul Malik

Rohit please read this update by Inside IIM : 17: 30 hrs – IIM Indore shortlist out – Check here Percentile is irrelevant. Just hope that the acads normalization works for you. People with even slightly moderate acads stand no chance as CAT has no weight. It is a 100% acad based interview call.
So they might have had a cutoff for CAT but no weightage to cat percentile.

rocky singh

what was the least percentile for which an st candidate got an admission in IIMA in 2012 ,2011..? any idea..?


At what minimum percentile in ST category ,people got admission in IIMA.? I want to know about admission and not interview calls.. ??


w/l-11 in pgdcm in iim-c in SC category?what are my chances ?anxious plz reply asap..thnx in advance