CAT 2014 Results and Beyond – LIVE Updates

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May 07th 2015

17:15 hrs – IIM Shillong Results for the class of 2015-2017 can be checked here.


May 06th 2015

16:15 hrs – IIM Kozhikode Results for the Class of 2015-17 can be checkedhere.


April 17th 2015

18 : 00 hrs – IIM Calcutta Results for the Class of 2017 can be checked here

11 : 00 hrs – We totally forgot to add that XLRI results are also out which can be checked here

April 16th 2015

18 : 00 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad results were declared a while back. Check here

8 :00 hrs – Good Morning! As we wait for IIM A,C and L results it may be a good time to check a new pioneering program by the world’s biggest FMCG company – P&G on

April 15th 2015

IIM Bangalore Results Out. Don’t forget to sign up here for our Premium Recruiter’s Watchlist if you have calls or converts from Top Schools in India


Feb 27th 2015

MICA Shortlists out. Check here

XLRI Placement Report 2015 on InsideIIM. Read here

IIM Rohtak completes Final Placements 2015. Read here

Rishikesh Krishnan, Director – IIM Indore remembers Anand Ramachandran. Read here


Feb 26th 2015

LIVE Chat Today with FMS Delhi Students at 6 PM. LIVE Chat here

SP Jain Institute of Management & Research Final Placement Report 2015 now on InsideIIM. Read it here

Read the Summer Placement Report of MBA HRD – Delhi School of Economics. Read it here

Week 38 of Shreyas Recommends. Follow here

An Interview with WeChat Founder Nilay Arora. Read it here

Feb 24th 2015

IIM Bangalore Class of 2016 Statistics are now available on Read here What it takes to get into IIM Bangalore

SIBM Pune students in talks with their Alumni Samir Gadgil, VP & Global Head – Compensation and Benefits at Wipro Limited. Read here

Experiential Learning at MYRA: The case of SCM course by Dr. Mohan Gopalakrishnan. Read here

Feb 22nd – Over the Weekend

It’s placement report time on

IIM Indore : Mckinsey & Co., BCG, Google, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, HUL, Flipkart, GE, eBay, KPMG, EY, L’Oreal are big names at IIM Indore Final Placements.

FMS Delhi : BCG, Accenture Strategy, Uber, Amazon, Google , Microsoft, Deloitte are top recruiters at FMS Delhi for the Class of 2015

A very interesting award winning story by IIM Ranchi HRM students on Change Management

Other stories are from :

IIM Ranchi

IIM Kozhikode

SIBM Bangalore

IIM Udaipur

Check in All Stories

Feb 18th 2015

Latest Stories on InsideIIM

IIM Ahmedabad Team wins the CNBC Awaaz Fly to New York Competition. Read here

Being Average – A Story of a SJSOM Student. Read here

Feb 17th 2015

Latest Stories on InsideIIM

IIFT Final Placement Report 2015 – 47 PPOs at IIFT Delhi and Kolkata. Flipkart and Cognizant Business Consulting largest recruiters. Read the report here

NITIE Mumbai concludes its Cricket Premier League – NPL 5.0. Read here

Planning a Career in CAT Coaching? Read this to measure your chances.

Feb 16th 2015

18 : 45 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad Cohort 1 was completed today. Accenture Strategy made the highest number of offers – 21. The first cohort is generally reserved for Investment banks and Consulting companies like Accenture Strategy, A. T. Kearney, Bain & Co., Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey & Co., Oliver Wyman, Strategy&, The Boston Consulting Group. Next cohort on Feb 22nd. We would also like to congratulate one of our best50 winners Ashima Setia who got into A.T.Kearney

Latest Stories on InsideIIM

New Addition to Flipkart Stars – Vasupradha Venkatakrishnan, SPJIMR Alumnus . Read about her journey so far in Flipkart here

For the Placement Season round the corner – Preparation for Marketing Interviews by Dipayan Sinha, IIM Bangalore. Read here

Job k liye, kuch bhi karega! Read here

4 Myths about New IIMs. Read here 

Outbound Programme at IIM Ranchi. Read here

Etiquette at the Workplace – Part I. Read here 

Knowledge from IIM Indore – Professor Srinivas Gunta talking about Indian Businesses and Icarus Paradox. Read here


Feb 9th 2015

8 : 45 hrs – Good Morning guys. Hope you all are preparing well for interviews and acing them! A few new stories this weekend under the All Stories section from SIBM, IIM Shillong and Goa Institute of Management. But did you check the two inspiring stories we shared this weekend from our 30 Most Employable Graduates list?

Ritwik Rane – XLRI – ISRO Scientist

Mayur Mahajan -IIM Indore – All-rounder

Feb 6th 2015

16 : 30 hrs – TAPMI – Final Placements – Class of 2015 have been put up by the team at TAPMI

13 : 30 – A superb insight into the state of Bihar where a new IIM is coming up. In Bodh Gaya! IIM Bodhgaya. Check this story by IIM Indore’s director – Rediscovering Bihar

Feb 5th 2015

19 : 00 hrs – Meet XLRI alumnus Sunny Paul Purkayastha who works at Flipkart in our Flipkart Star series – ‘I worked with CEO Sachin Bansal 2 weeks after joining Flipkart’

16 : 00 hrs – XLRI Interview approaching?Read this to get some guidance from XLRI Students themselves.

Feb 4th 2015

20 : 00 hrs – All of you still preparing for WAT/PI. Read even 10 out of the 35 weeks of these gems thoroughly and you’ll be through. It’s guaranteed. Almost. Shreyas Panse’s curation is top notch.

11 : 00 hrs – TISS NET results can be accessed here

Feb 3rd 2015

19 : 00 hrs – GD Monday is back again. Topic for this week – ‘India imitates, doesn’t innovate’. Discuss here

14 : 15 hrs – Meet JBIMS student Priyank Chedda who topped Maharashtra CET

10 : 15 hrs – Hope you’re learning from Ms. Aayushi Joshi at Flipkart!

Feb 2nd 2015

17 :00 hrs – SJMSOM – IIT Bombay shortlist out. Check here

15 : 00 hrs – We will introduce all of you today with another Flipkart star. This time from IIM Lucknow.

10 : 15 hrs – Good Morning. Important days now as most old IIMs have started interviews. A lot of application deadlines around too now. If you are still looking for help you can definitely use our help here.

A lot of new stories in the All Stories section – NITIE, IIM Ranchi, IIM Indore Mumbai but there is a rather disturbing one from a gentleman from an IIM here

Jan 31st 2015

21 : 30 hrs – Interesting story on Finance Careers by a Credit Suisse Manager. He talks about use of CFA too at SIBM Pune. Must Read here.

Also, we have some intraprenurial inspiration this week from a FAASO’s and IIM guy Raghav Joshi. Another Must read here.

Jan 29th 2015

10 : 30 hrs – IIM Shillong has written two Placement Reports on InsideIIM today. Summer Placement for Class of 2016 and Final Placement for Class of 2014 (Last year’s Final Placement). We assume that Final placements for Class of 2015 must still be on. We have no role in creating these reports. Also, we have no information on the roles or the domains. We advise aspirants to talk to students at IIM Shillong to know the nature of the roles.

Jan 28th 2015

19 : 30 hrs – We know. We know. Not much has happened today. However, a lot has happened on InsideIIM. Have you checked the new stories? Shreyas Panse’s weekly column on the best reading material on the internet is up. IIM Indore director Rishikesha Krishnan’s latest column is on an IIM graduate who is into farming! Sayali Patil from IIM A also put up something on digital marketing here.

Also, all those who are still struggling with interview prep, we can help you!

Jan 27th 2015

18 : 00 hrs – LIVE Chat with XLRI Jamshedpur Students now. LIVE Chat here 

15 : 20 hrs – IIM Kozikhode Second Shortlist is out. Check here

9 : 45 hrs – Good Morning. We wait for IIM Kozhikode shortlist today. We will also be doing a LIVE Chat with XLRI Jamshedpur students. Also, check out interesting stories by SIBM Pune in the All Stories section today. There is also a very nice interview with a SIBM alumnus who is the founder of the Pint Room

Jan 26th 2015

9 : 30 hrs – Happy Republic Day to all! We have been missing in action because of the holidays. We should be back full strength tomorrow again. Till then, follow the action in the All Stories section to know whats happening across different business schools across India. Today is also the final day for GD/WAT Monday. Evaluation will be available at 8 pm tonight. This week’s GD/WAT is available here. It is a tough topic.

Jan 23rd 2015

18 : 55 hrs – Chat with IIM Udaipur ends in 5 mins. But stay with us for an exclusive chat on GD/PI/WAT/GE prep across schools with ARKS Srinivas at 7 pm here

10 : 45 hrs – There are 2 LIVE Chats today. At 6 pm with IIM Udaipur and at 7 pm with ARKS Srinivas on preparation for GD/PI

9 : 25 hrs – Career Opportunities from XLRI Jamshedpur? – Summer Placements – Class of 2014-16, Final Placements – Class of 2014

9 : 15 hrs – Good Morning guys. Recent stories under All Stories from SJSoM, NITIE, SarkariLife, IIM Udaipur and MYRA School of Business. You would have checked your XAT scorecard too here by now.

Jan 22nd 2015

21 : 55 hrs – LIVE Chat with SIBM Pune students will start in 5 minutes. LIVE chat here

21 : 30 hrs – XAT Scorecards are out. Check here

19 : 30 hrs – XLRI Shortlist for Admissions 2015 is out. Check here. As of now,based on feedback from call getters it seems, XLRI cutoffs predicted by ARKS Srinivas are in line with the actual. Read the analysis here

19 : 00 hrs – Stay tuned for a chat with SIBM Pune Tonight at 10 PM. LIVE Chat here

13 : 00 hrs – NMAT Final Results are declared. Check here 

Jan 21st 2015

21 : 15 hrs –  SIBM Pune shortlist out. Check here

12 : 45 hrs – SIBM Pune shortlist to be out after 9 PM Today. LIVE Chat with them Tomorrow here

10 : 40 hrs – Have you been visiting our All Stories section? Latest stories from IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Shillong

10 : 30 hrs – Some of you want to do Equity Research but have no clue what it entails.This primer is for you which may help you in your interviews when asked about your career goals.

Jan 20th 2015

17 : 55 hrs – LIVE Chat with SJMSOM – IIT Bombay students will start in the next 5 minutes. LIVE Chat here

15 : 30 hrs – GD Monday for this week is LIVE now. Topic – RBI should cut interest rates faster. Discuss here. The Evaluation for GD Monday Week 3 is done. You can check your scores here.

9 : 15 hrs – Good morning guys. Another brilliant day here in Bombay. It seems last night while we were chilling, MDI Gurgaon came out with its shortlist. In case any of you were busy doing other stuff like us, and you want to check your result, you can do it here

Jan 19th 2015

18 : 00 hrs – All eyes on the IIM Kozhikode shortlist on Jan 27 now. It will be tough for GEM candidates there too. A General category candidate Male cannot get an interview call from IIM Indore at 99.2+ because of the diversity points added to the criteria from this year. It was the only hope for a lot of good male engineer candidates scoring 99+ percentile. It no longer exists among the old IIMs as although IIM A and B do not have diversity points, it is tough to get calls anyway at IIM A and B because of other factors.

17 : 35 hrs – MDI Shortlist will be out tomorrow.

17 : 15 hrs – By the way, we completely forgot mentioning it here. After IIM Nagpur, we know another Baby IIM location – IIM Vishakapatnam

17 : 00 hrs – New IIMs shortlist declared. Check here.

IIM Rohtak cutoff is 96.60. Check the other category cutoffs for IIM Rohtak here. As usual, candidates who have calls from IIM B,C,L,K will not have to go through the New IIMs process. Their scores from their interviews there will be used.

11 : 00 hrs – FMS Delhi Shortlist to be out in March 2015

Jan 17th 2015

16 : 50 hrs – SCMHRD GE PI shortlist is out. SIBM Pune to come on 21st January.

Jan 16th 2015

18 : 15 hrs – IIM Indore Mumbai Shortlist out! Check here  

15 : 10 hrs – IIM Indore shortlist out. Check here . Check out IIM Indore Final Placement Report 2014 here . Read IIM Indore’s shortlisting criteria for this year here

13 : 50 hrs – Read SPJIMR’s Final Placement Report 2014 here

12 : 00 hrs – SP Jain Score based Shortlist Out. Check here

11 : 40 hrs – Big Day Today. IIM Indore Shortlist to be declared anytime now. The links on the page aren’t active yet. Also, SP Jain Score based shortlist will also be out today.

Jan 15th 2015

18 : 05 hrs – To everyone’s surprise, IIM Shillong shortlist is out! Check here

17 : 45 hrs – We checked with the IIM Shillong Admissions Department – The shortlist is due Tomorrow tentatively. Also, IIM Indore shortlist will be out Tomorrow as per their Admission Timeline. SIBM Pune shortlist to be out on 21st January.

10 : 30 hrs – Morning folks! How’s the preparation coming along? No shortlists expected today. The next shortlist will be IIM Indore tomorrow evening. Hope you are using GD Monday as a prep tool also for your WAT since only more writing practice will make you better. To aid your prep we highly recommend – Shreyas Recommends – Week 32. If you read 32 weeks of the best content curated from the web, there is no way you will fail a WAT or GD.

Jan 14th 2015 

18 : 00 hrsLive now an exclusive chat for all those who scored between 50 and 75 percentile. It’s not true that we focus only on the top scorers. The chat will focus on questions like – Which Business schools to apply to? Whether I should take CAT again? If I should drop MBA as a career option and pursue something else?

17 : 00 hrs – IIM Bangalore shortlist out! Check here.

See How can I get a Interview call from IIM Bangalore

Now that the IIM A B C L calls are out, you want to make sure that you convert them. You may not want miss this one. InsideIIM Online Interview Training Service

15 : 30 hrs – We called IIM Bangalore – The shortlist is expected Today after 5 PM or Tomorrow.

14 : 45 hrs – Read IIM Ahmedabad student Sudipto Sannigrahi’s account on how he cracked the GD, WAT, PI at IIM Ahmedabad. He is one of the successful takers of the InsideIIM Online Interview Training Service. Read his account here

12 : 30 hrs – Join us for a chat Today at 6 PM if you have scored between 50 and 75 percentile in CAT 2014. LIVE Chat here

Shreyas Recommends is back on InsideIIM. Read this week’s edition here . We strongly recommend it for your Group Discussion and Interview Preparation. For all the editions of this series, follow Shreyas at

11 : 00 hrs –   XAT 2015 answer key is out. You can check your answers here

Jan 13th 2015 – LIVE Chat with us now

19 : 30 hrs – Most of you would already know it but the actual interview shortlist will be out on Jan 27th 2014

18 : 55 hrs – Please note that this is a Stage I shortlist which does NOT mean you have an interview call.

18:30 hrs – IIM K Stage I Shortlist is out! Check here

18 : 00 hrs – The Chat with the team at IIM Lucknow is now on. Please click here to start chatting.

14 : 15 hrs – Join us today for a chat with the team from IIM Lucknow at 6 pm here

9 : 45 hrs – We are hoping for an IIM Bangalore shortlist today. Have you read Pawan Makadia’s interview under the Joka Miscellany series? He is IIM Calcutta’s Student Council President. Read his story here


Jan 12th 2015

18 : 45 hrs – Last 15 mins before the chat with IIM Indore students ends here

13 : 15 hrs – One of our users Chanakya Krishna who called IIM Bangalore says on our LIVE Chat that IIM B shortlist will be out by tomorrow.

11 : 15 hrs – One of the latest stories by IIM Indore Director – Prof.Rishikesha Krishnan on the Pharma Industry in India

10 : 45 hrs – Today the Week 2 of GD-Monday will be evaluated by 8 pm. GD Monday – Week 2 – ‘E-commerce bubble in India will burst‘. New GD for Week – 3 will be put up for discussion too.

10 : 00 hrs – Good Morning guys. This week should see the announcement of most of the remaining Old IIM shortlists – IIM B,I,K,S. We should even be closer to announcement of XAT Results soon. After IIM A, B and K we meet Team at IIM Indore today at 6 pm on our LIVE Chat


Jan 11th 2015

We need feedback. What would you like to be put up on in the coming days? We will try our best to get you that. You can mention your suggestions in the comments below.

13 : 00 hrs – A very interesting story of Robin Jain from SCMHRD Pune is one we recommend highly.  ‘I was the last person to get placed during summer internships’

Jan 10th 2015

13:00 hrs – SNAP 2014 Results are out. The authorities have mailed the scores individually to the test takers.

Jan 9th 2015

18 : 30 hrs – Live Chat with IIM Kozhikode folks will end in 30 mins. Join us here

16 : 00 hrs – Sorry but its that kind of a day. No activity yet. We hope to see you’ll in conversation at 6 pm with the team from IIM Kozhikode though. Join us here

Jan 8th 2015

20:55 hrs – LIVE Chat with IIM Bangalore Students is ON now – LIVE Chat here

16 : 00 hrs – We are back on LIVE Chat here. All those quizzing us on IIM Lucknow Sustainable Management programme – It’s too early. We have no opinion on it because we have no data or content on it. Hopefully, you can ask the IIM Lucknow team when we do a LIVE Chat with them. Do join us tonight for a chat with the IIM Bangalore team! For excerpts of conversation with IIM Ahmedabad team, click here

15 : 40 hrs – People asking us why they haven’t got a call from IIM Lucknow – Read this – How can I get a call from IIM Lucknow – This has case studies to explain better. As expected guys with 99.3 percentile have not made it to IIM Lucknow

15 : 30 hrs – Something that we had missed earlier – There is no PGDCIM batch at IIM Calcutta this year. It has been discontinued from this year. We thank our user Buddharatn for pointing it out! (See the asterix note at the bottom of the page)

14:00 hrs – IIM L Shortlists out! Check here

9 : 45 hrs – Good Morning. We meet IIM Bangalore team tonight in a live chat. Also, we hope you are making best use of Our Online Interview Training Service (Paid) and the Online Group Discussion – GD Monday (Free)

Jan 7th 2015

18 : 00 hrs – We have the 30 most employable students from the Class of 2015 for you! We hope some of you are featured in this list 2 years from now! (Please note campuses that sent more entries have had more selections)

16:00 hrs – Some updates on the shortlists yet to be released by the Institutes –

IIM Bangalore – Next week. No specific date.

IIM Lucknow – By Friday

IIM Indore – January 16th 2015. See here

IIM Kozikhode – Next week

IIM Shillong – By end of this week or early next week

New IIMs – Mid of January

Source: Admissions Offices of the Institutes.

Jan 6th 2015

10 : 30 hrs – GD Monday – Week 2 – ‘E-commerce bubble in India will burst

9 : 30 hrs – As we wait for IIM B and IIM L shortlists, please note that you can meet (especially those with IIM A calls) IIM Ahmedabad students tonight at 9 pm for a chat on preparation for WAT/PI and on Life at IIM Ahmedabad. We are also meeting Team IIM Bangalore and Team IIM Indore soon! Also, GD Monday evaluation for last week’s topic has been done here. This week’s topic will be up soon for discussion.

Jan 5th 2015

14 : 30 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad ABM Shortlists out. Check here

12 : 30 hrs – As mentioned many times earlier, general category males with less than 99.6 percentile will find it very tough to get an IIM C call. We are yet to find a General Male with a call with 99.4 odd percentile score.

11 : 30 hrs – IIM Calcutta shortlist is out. You can see your status here. For background on bagging IIM C calls, you can check this story on How Can I get an Interview Call from IIM Calcutta

11 : 00 hrs – Those of you asking for XLRI cutoffs for last year, please check this

10 : 45 hrs – It is going to be a very busy LIVE Chat week on!

5th Jan – Today we meet MISB Bocconi with those between 80 and 95 Percentile in CAT 2014.

6th Jan – Meet IIM Ahmedabad Students on Interview Prep and Life at IIM Ahmedabad

8th Jan – Meet IIM Bangalore Students on Interview Prep and Life at IIM Bangalore

All Chat details here

10 : 00 hrs – Good Morning fellas. Early morning inspiration from this IIM Kozhiode alumnus who went on to do IFS after his stint at ITC.

Jan 4th 2015

22: 30 hrs – There is a special Profile Evaluation session tomorrow for all those between 80 and 95 Percentile by Alessandro Giuliani – Managing Director at MISB Bocconi. We hope to see you for that. Click here to know more.

21 : 30 hrsXAT 2015 Comprehensive Analysis by the good men at Vistamind is here. 29 should be enough for a call from XLRI BM. 27 should be enough for HRM.

14:15 hrs – XAT 2015 Experiences so far . All in all it was a Difficult Paper with Quants being the most Difficult section. Read below

6th Respondent – Attempts 37, Difficulty Level- High, Most difficult section – Quants, Least Difficult – DM

5th  Respondent – Verbal DM Moderate, Quant extremely Tough, Overall attempt 40

4th Respondent – VA 18/28, DM 18/23, QA – 14/33, VA was usual tough, Quant a bit easier

3rd Respondent  – Quant moderate. Verbal and DM as per XAT standards. 50% attempts in all sections

2nd Respondent  – Very tough paper, Quant section tougher than last year, 51 attempts, Only 9 attempts in quants

1st Respondent  – 15 in Verbal 20 in DM 17 in Quants. Exam was good


Jan 3rd 2015

16 : 45 hrs – ‘Believe that you deserve that seat more than anyone out there.‘ – XAT Topper, Pooja Shetty

10 : 00 hrs – Today’s theme is XAT 2015! First up we want you to read this – How I screwed up my XAT

9 : 45 hrs – Good Morning. One of our users yesterday informed us over LIVE Chat that IIM Ahmedabad PGP-ABM calls will be out on Jan 5th.

Jan 2nd 2015 

16 : 40 hrs – So, all Commerce grads (AC – 3) with a percentile higher than 98.93 have got calls from IIM A once they satisfy sectional cutoffs. There are only 32 Arts grads who have been shortlisted instead of 50 because 32 = 1%. It means only 3200 Arts graduates write the CAT. That is a depressingly low number, isn’t it? All Arts graduates (AC – 2) with a percentile higher than or equal to 94.28 have got calls from IIM A once they satisfy sectional cutoffs

15:40 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad shortlists out! See here.

Shortlist is out for the PGP 2015 – 17 batch. PGP – ABM shortlist is still not out.

After picking Top 50 candidates from all disciplines, the following are the cut offs for the calls-

Minimum CAT percentile for General category candidates : 99.67
Minimum CAT percentile for NC-OBC category candidates: 96.42
Minimum CAT percentile for SC category candidates : 90.68
Minimum CAT percentile for ST category candidates : 81.10
Minimum CAT percentile for DA category candidates : 86.76

These cut offs may not apply to you if you are in the Top 50 candidates in your discipline.

13:45 hrs – IIM Calcutta PI and WAT Shortlist likely to be announced on January 5, 2014.

9 : 00 hrs – Let’s welcome the new year with some good news. IIMs may soon get to award the MBA degree

Dec 30th 2014

18 : 45 hrsIIM Calcutta – Class of 2016 – Summer Placements – InsideIIM Verified
Amazon (22), Accenture (17), BCG (15), Alshaya (13) are the top recruiters at IIM Calcutta.38 offers were made by McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company and A.T. Kearney, the highest in the last 3 years

16 : 15 hrs – IIM Kozhikode – CAT 2012/Class of 2015 Stats – Less than 15% of the Class has experience more than 2 years. Even in GENERAL Category lowest percentile is 85 OA and 40, 40 in sections! However, this may not be the case this year as criteria has changed. Read RTI query here

10 : 30 hrs – First GD Monday topic is up! Start arguing now! ‘PK should not be banned

Dec 29th 2014

22: 30 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad shortlist will be out on January 2, 2015

19 : 30 hrs – IIM Indore – 2149 Gen category students were called for 213 seats. Ratio of 1 : 10. SC/ST students can expect calls at more than 70 percentile. Majority of the students have less than 2 years of experience. Read all the stats here. Cutoffs for guys will go up significantly this year as extra marks to women have been added to criteria this year. The stats in this article are based on CAT 2012 – Class of 2013-15

17 : 30 hrs – No news from any IIMs. No shortlists yet. Not much happening except our live chat which has been on fire all day long!

Allow us to help you with your prep though – Request you to go through all the material on Shreyas Recommends to kickstart your preparation for GDs and PIs. If you read every article recommended by him across 30 weeks, there is no way you will fail an interview or a GD. To keep up to date with news over the last year, follow our News Burger. We will start the GD Monday series sometime today evening!

9:30 hrs – Good morning from here in Mumbai. Our Live chat goes on here. We have now answered over 300 queries in the last 2 days. We expect a few shortlists to come out soon.

What does it take to get into IIM Bangalore – The batch graduating in 2015 had only 20 students with more than 4 years of experience. Most of the students are in 1-3 years experience bracket. 25 commerce students in a batch of about 390 odd students. IIM Bangalore calls 652 students to fill 187 General category seats for the class of 2015 where as for the Class of 2014 they only called 584 students to fill 178 General Category seats.


Dec 28th 2014 – LIVE Chat with us now – CAT Results can be checked here

14 : 45 hrs – MICAT Dates announced 15th February 2015, Last Date to apply to MICA is 18th Jan 2015. Start your application here

11 : 30 hrs – Did you know fact – 2 years back one could get into IIM Ahmedabad with a sectional percentile as low as 40 if from a particular reserved category – What it takes to get into IIM A – Class of 2014

9 : 45 hrs – Good Morning! And we’re back for a bit. We will be available to answer your queries till 11 : 30 hrs here

2: 15 hrs – Sorry for the break but all pending queries have been answered on the LIVE Chat. Hopefully, Analysis of results sometime in the day today.


Dec 27th 2014 – 

20 : 30 hrs – A person who had attempted 87 questions out of 100 has a scaled score of 233 and percentile of 99.92. He has made at least 8-10 mistakes and hence 233 is not the actual score. We still need to figure out this normalization.

19 : 10 hrs – How can I get a call from the Old IIMs? Read below

IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta

IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode

18 : 15 hrs – Some Scorecard Screenshots for your reference. LIVE Chat is on of course.

98.05 - INSIDEIIM - CAT 2014

99.32 - INSIDEIIM - CAT 2014

17 : 45 hrs – Community LIVE Chat on CAT 2014 Results is on now

We are trying to figure out the scoring system. Scaled scores are different for each section and overall. Give us some time to come up with some analysis.

17 : 15 hrs – Results are out. They can be viewed here. Most users will see the following message – “Too many users are connected.
Please try again after few minutes.”

We are trying to reach Prof.Rohit Kapoor but have been unsuccessful so far.

9 : 45 hrs – Good Morning! It’s a lovely day here in Bombay. Perfect Weather. Well, almost. Keep those nerves in check. Remember, CAT is a means to an end, not an end in itself. As 2014 ends, we bring you a compilation of the most read content and stories on Read all these pieces and you’re sure to be a winner! Read here – Most Read Content & Stories on in 2014

1: 30 hrs – Result day is here! Continuing the all important Why MBA series, this one is a very important piece which all of you must read which has been created by an Industry leader – 10 Worst Why MBA essays. Also, read – 10 Worst Career Goals Essays

Dec 26th 2014

10 : 30 hrs – Today is Boxing Day! A day of great sporting action across the common wealth nations. Also, happens to be one day before the CAT results! Today we are celebrating 26th Dec as the ‘Why MBA?’ day. The single most important factor that will determine how well you do in this 2-3 year journey from preparing for entrance exams to giving interviews to actually being in a business school.

First up, is a story by an XLRI alumna – Why MBA? – She says, “‘While it is almost certain that engineers will not need to continue on shop-floors or work as programmers after getting an MBA, one would not like to leave one’s career path to fate. There are many instances of marketing aspirants ending up in commercial banking profiles – it is better to consciously work towards and prove one’s worth in a particular field.”

Dec 25th, 2014 

11:30 hrs – Merry Christmas guys! Hope you guys have a great day today and a fantastic academic year ahead!

For those preparing for XAT, here’s a link to the transcript of the live chat with XLRI student and InsideIIM author Akriti Gupta. She says essays are important as it was brought up in her interview. Also, she thinks solving mock tests is the best thing to do now

Dec 23rd, 2014

16 : 30 hrs – Did you know that IIM Indore Director has been sharing his views for the last 20 odd weeks on His latest piece is here. The amazing thing about Dr.Rishikesha is that he hardly ever misses a week without writing! It takes a lot out of us get our editorial interns across schools to write on time but we have never sent a reminder to him!

16 : 00 hrs – Enjoy the holidays guys. But also don’t stop working. Here is an interesting piece by an IIM A alumnus and a Professor on Six Uncommon Mistakes that MBA Aspirants frequently commit

Dec 22nd, 2014

19 : 15 hrs – It’s Official! 27th Dec, 2014 – EVENING. All the best guys. We spoke to Prof.Rohit Kapoor himself.

Stay tuned to this page and also please register here to get updates on Whatsapp/Viber. Go through all the stories under this section to get a lot of confidence before you face the next stage. It has everything you need to know about MBA admissions process in India.

19 : 00 hrs – Results to be out on 27th Dec (Unconfirmed. We are trying to reach Prof.Rohit Kapoor)

18 :45 hrs – We apologize for the inconvenience guys. But we only reported what we heard from the CAT Convenor himself.

18 : 15 hrs – We had spoken to the CAT Convenor himself an hour back. He had said it should be out in an hour. Please note he specifically said RESULTS DATE only.

17 : 15 hrs – We spoke to Prof.Rohit Kapoor. We have been told that result DATE will be out in an hour.

16 : 45 hrs – While we wait for a ‘date’ for CAT 2014 Results, we thought the brightest among you may already have been preparing for the next battle ahead. Start preparing using this method now as suggested by Mihir Kamdar

How to Impress Admissions Committee – Part I

How to Impress Admissions Committee – Part II

How to Impression Admissions Committee – Part III

Dec 21st, 2014

11:45 hrs – Something to dwell upon this Sunday – The MBA is losing its magic

Dec 20th, 2014

18 : 00 hrs – Results seem unlikely to be announced tonight. But there is a lot that you can do on till then. Some people who are ahead of the pack would already have started Group Discussion preparation. You can look at our GD Monday series – 2013-14, 2012-13

One of the most important questions all of you should start preparing for irrespective of which school you join (even if you do not join!) – Why MBA?

11:00 hrs – We are here now! Another season. Another season of achievement. Another season of heartbreaks. Our Live Blog will take you through this journey for the next four months. You can follow the journey of the last 2 seasons here – 2012-13, 2013-14

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This is one time when all call getters are preparing for GK . Insideiim can start putting something in like of articles of national and international importance . Also most of the PIs (esp for me) are in March so their is good 1.5 month gap in between. We can have a series of articles about job profile , opportunities , etc from top b schools . In short some thing to keep people motivated. Also some separate article for work exp people will be most welcome .


Team Insideiim, you are doing a great job. However, with most IIMs conducting WAT instead of GDs. Most of us here treat the GD Mondays as practice for WATs. Hence, is it possible to evaluate it accordingly? Both the times I’ve participated in GD Monday I’ve had the evaluators commenting on the need for brief points stating that in an actual gd I’ll be interjected by someone else. Please have an option where we can state that the arguments have been made for WAT so that evaluation can be done accordingly.

Team Insideiim

You have a valid point. You can continue to participate as if it is a WAT practice. Your next evaluation will take that into consideration.


Can we please know in what cases is it possible for someone in the stage 1 shortlist of IIMK to not make it to the final GD/PI shortlist?

Team Insideiim

@Rs – Most will not make it as they will interview less than 4000 people from all categories. The top 3800-4000 odd among the ones in the Stage 1 based on the composite score will get calls. The calls will vary as per the category.


I have a question regarding new IIMs

Suppose one is shortlisted for IIM L and IIM K apart from the New IIMs. Now according to the criteria, New IIMs will use the average Score of L and K for their offers, hence (L+ K) /2

Now, consider someone misses out on the IIM K interview due to some unforeseen circumstances. What score will the new IIMs take now? Will it be L’s score only or will it be (L + 0) /2 ?


Does one have the option to give New IIMs interview if he/she thinks he has screwed up the L,K etc interview and doesn’t want their scores to be considered by the New IIMs?


Why has this page stopped giving update. It was nice reliable place to get all the updates. Now that results are about to come, I think they should start updating this page.