CAT 2015 Results And Beyond – Live Updates

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Feb 11, 2016 Live Chat with IIM Ranchi tonight at 9:00 pm

16 : 00 hrs – MBA MAH CET 2016 exam will be held on 12th and 13th March.


15 : 00 hrs – Find the IIM Udaipur mentorship form here. You can read the summer placements report for IIM Udaipur batch 2015-17 here.


14 : 00 hrs – Find the Eligibility criteria and Important instructions of MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2016 here.


13 : 00 hrs – Brush up your GD skills! Crack the GD of your dream college. Take part in this weeks GD Monday – Red Vs Green – Week 8.


Feb 10, 2016

16 : 00 hrs – CMAT merit list is declared. Check it here.


13 : 00 hrs – Brush up your GD skills. Take part in this weeks GD Monday – Red Vs Green – Week 8.


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Sirmaur, Nagpur and Vizag calls are yet to be declared.


11 : 00 hrs – Find the WATPI cut off details of IIM Rohtak here.


Feb 09, 2016

18 : 00 hrs – Take part in this weeks GD Monday – Red Vs Green – Week 8 to brush up your GD skills.


17 : 00 hrs – Log on to Log on to for one-on-one counselling by experts for evaluating your profile.


16 : 00 hrs – Important things to know for your MBA. Read 10 Things I learnt During My MBA Which Are Not Taught In Classrooms.


15 : 00 hrs –   Read  IIM Shillongs Summer Placement Report  2015-16.


14 : 00 hrs – Read this interesting article – SuperBowl50 Ads Redefine Talking Heads – Views From Prabhakar.


12 : 00 hrs – Preparing for interviews? Wondering what to wear? Read 20 Office Wardrobe Rules For Men and 20 Office Wardrobe Rules For Women.


11 : 00 hrs – IIM Kashipur calls are out. Read the admissions policy for PGP of IIM Kashipur here.


Feb 08, 2016 Live Chat With IIM Lucknow students at 6pm

17 : 00 hrs – Brush up your GD skills. Take part in GD Monday – ‘Red Vs Green’ – Week 8.


16 : 00 hrs –  Read Summer Placements of IIM Ahmedabad – PGP – Class of 2017 here.


15 : 00 hrs – Read Live Chat Transcript of IIM Calcutta students on preparation for GDP/WAT and Life at IIM Calcutta here.


14 : 00 hrs – Read The Inspiring Story Of This Differently Abled Leader, Entrepreneur, Scuba Diver, ‘Outstanding Student Of India’ – Surashree Rahane – Best 50 – Class of 2016.


12 : 00 hrs – For a communication from IMT Nagpur, update your CMAT scores onthe IMT web portal. You will then know if you are selected for the GDPI round or not.

11 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! Read the Live Chat Transcript of GDPI and WAT Prep tips and Life at IIM Bangalore here.


Feb 05, 2016

18 : 00 hrs – For one-on-one counselling by experts for your profile evaluation, log on to


17 : 00 hrs – Preparing for GDs? Read Do’s and Dont’s Of A Group Discussion by Ex-CAT Convenor & Dean MISB Bocconi.


16 : 00 hrs – Aspiring to get into IIM Udaipur? Need help for GDPI tips? Have queries on life at IIM Udaipur?  Join us for a Live Chat with IIM Udaipur on 7th February at 9 pm.


15 : 00 hrs – Are you anxious about WAT/PIs? Read Suggestions From CAT 14 Topper – IIM Indore – Dhruv Modi.


13 : 00 hrs – Candidates are sharing their IIFT GDPI process across various platforms. Preparing for your GDPI? Read 3 Truths About Dating And Interviews.


12 : 00 hrs – Convert you call! Crack the GDPI process of your dream college. Online Interview Training By IIM and XLRI Experts.


11 : 00 hrs – Find the admissions criteria for MDI Gurgaon here.


Feb 04, 2016

18 : 00 hrs – For one-on-one counselling by experts for your profile evaluation, log on to


17 : 00 hrs – Participate in this weeks GD Monday – Black Money In India – Week 7 and crack GDPI of your dream college.


16 : 00 hrs – Read placement report of IIM Rohtak and IIM Kozhikode in the BSFI sector. Click here.


14 : 00 hrs – Many students have requested a change in venue at MDI Gurgaon. New slots will be alloted by mid next week.

Read 10 things that make MDI Gurgaon special.

Also read Life is not only about academic records.


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Trichy shortlist will be declared in the next 10 days. Read Shivesh Bajpai – Indias most employable manager – Best 50 here.


11 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! Find the admission criteria for various top b-schools here. (Source :


Feb 03, 2016

17 : 00 hrs – Take part in this weeks GD Monday – Black Money In India – Week 7.


16 : 00 hrs – MDI Murshdabad extends date for applications. Click here.


15 : 00 hrs – Many of you will be joining a b-schools soon. Read Agenda For Your Business School Stint – A 10 Point Checklist.


13 : 00 hrs – CMAT results are out. Aspiring to join KJ Somaiya? Read topper Ashish Bansal’s interview here.


12 : 00 hrs – Convert your calls – Online Interview Training By IIM and XLRI Experts. Click to convert to your dream college.


11 : 00 hrs –  SJMSOM WAT/PI date is 15th February 2016 (tentatively). Click here.

Read An Interview With Nagodra Kartik, A Student @ SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.


Feb 02, 2016LIVE CHAT with IIM Ahmedabad students at 6:00 pm.

16 : 00 hrs – Admissions Information PGP 2016 for MDI Gurgaon here.


15 : 00 hrs – MDI Gurgaon calls are out. Convert Your Calls – Online Interview Training By IIM And XLRI Experts.


13 : 00 hrs – While we wait for the new IIMs to release their shortlist, read IIM Rohtak’s placement report here.


12 : 00 hrs – IIFT GDPI results will be out mid-March. Read 10 Things That Make IIFT  Delhi Special.


11 : 00 hrs – Prepare for GD and crack the interview of your dream college. Participate here GD Monday – Black Money In India – Week 7.


Feb 01, 2016 – LIVE CHAT with XLRI Jamshedpur students at 6:00 pm. Click here.

19 : 00 hrs – To get your profile evaluated by experts, sign up on to for one-on-one counselling.


18 : 00 hrs – Prepare for group discussions. Participate in this weeks GD Monday – Black Money In India – Week 7.


17 : 00 hrs – IIM Indore interview dates are out. Check here. You can Convert You Calls – Online Interview Training By IIM and XLRI Alumni.


16 : 00 hrs – Waiting for new IIMs? The new IIMs shortlist will be out within a week and the interviews will take place within the last two weeks of February.

Till then you can read a Chat with XLRI Student To Know How To Crack Group Discussions.


15 : 00 hrs – WAT and PI schedule would be updated by Tuesday 2nd February 2016 as per the IIM Indore website. For the RTI on PGP at IIM Indore 2016-18 batch, download the pdf document here.


13 : 00 hrs – IIM Sirmaur scrapped the GD/PI/WAT process. In the first week of May, it will ask an expression of interest and prepare a merit list based on CAT score, work ex, academics, gender diversity and discipline diversity, a user mentioned.


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Kozhikode asked applicants for a letter of recommendation from 2 people other than relatives.

Read How Can I Get An Interview Call From IIM Kozhikode? – CAT 2015 : PGP 2016-18.


Jan 30, 2016

12 : 00 hrs – Important announcement by IIT Bombay team on

Candidates who have made their payment BEFORE 27th Jan, 2016 but their payment is NOT yet approved (as conveyed by admissions team through Facebook/Email/PagalGuy), fill the below form.

No other entries will be considered.

Link –

Read Robin Jains story who participated in the Best 50 competition here.


11 : 00 hrs – XLRI calls are out. But do you have a game plan? Allow us to help. Convert Your Calls – Online Interview Training by IIM and XLRI Alumni.


10 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! Missed out on the Live Chat with IIM Bangalore? Read it here.


Jan 29, 2016

18 : 00 hrs – For IIM Udaipur cut off for last year, click here.

Read Things Which Differentiate IIM Udaipur – Global Immersion!.


17 : 00 hrs – While we still wait for the new IIMs to release their short lists, you can read Now, Get The IIM Tag At 45 Percentile.


16 : 00 hrs – A user on mentioned that IIT Bombay short list will be out tentatively by 5th February 2016. Read IIT Bombay – Serenity In The Middle Of A Mad City.


15 : 00 hrs – Want to kow the placement of XLRI (BM, HRM and RM)? Check it out here.


13 : 00 hrs – SPJIMR GMP admissions are open. Deadline for the same is 29th February 2016. The link to the same is here

Want to get into SPJIMR? Read How I Made It To SPJIMR.


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Indore will send emails to the short listed candidates latest by 31st January 2016 regarding the dates of the interview. Participate in this week’s GD Monday – ISIS Is Successful to brush up your GD skills and crack the interview. Have a look at previous GD Mondays here.


11 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! Many colleges have released their shortlists and you are preparing for interviews. Read The Art of Acing Interviews and 5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Interview.


Jan 28, 2016

18 : 00 hrs – Join us for a LIVE CHAT with the team from IIM Calcutta tonight at 8:00 pm for tips on GD PI and questions on life at IIM Calcutta. Click here to participate.


16 : 00 hrs – XLRI shortlist is out. Do you have a strategy to convert your call? Click here to get help by experts from IIMs and XLRI for online interview training.


15 : 00 hrs – Notice from IIM Indore on “Candidates short-listed for WAT & PI for admission to the PGP of IIMI at Mumbai (2016 – 2018 Batch) will receive our official communication through email. In case, if you are short-listed and do not receive email by Thursday, January 28, 2016 please contact Admissions Office, IIM Indore.”


14 : 00 hrs – Have any issues while filling IIM Shillong admissions form? Read this message from the IIM Shillong team on

Dear candidate, kindly drop a mail to stating your problem. Also you can call (0364) 2308024 ( Weekdays 10:00 am to 5:30 pm), +91 70850580177 or +91 7085058177.


13 : 00 hrs – Want to know b-school rankings? Click here for Business Todays rankings.


12 : 00 hrs – Aspiring to get into IIM Kozhikode? Read their 2014-16 placement stats here.


Jan 27, 2016

19 : 00 hrs – Improve you GD skills. Take part in this weeks GD Monday – ISIS is successful.


18 : 00 hrs – XAT shortlist for interview is out. Check it here.


17 : 00 hrs – Want to know whether your XAT 2016 score made the cut off? Check here.


16 : 00 hrs – IIM Rohtak shortlist expected around end of January. Click here for last years admission policy.

Read IIM Rohtaks final placement here.


15 : 00 hrs – Live chat with SIBM Bangalore at 6 pm today. Click here to participate.


13 : 00 hrs – Looks like it’s out before time. Check IIM Kozhikode shortlist 2nd stage here.


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Kozhikode results will be out after 3 pm today. Check out the transcript of the Live Chat with students of IIM Kozhikode here.


Jan 25, 2016

16 : 00 hrs – Want to get into IIM Bangalore? Read RTI Query – Class Of 2016 Stats for IIM Bangalore here.


15 : 00 hrs – LIVE chat with students of IIM Bangalore at 6 pm. Click here to participate.


13 : 00 hrs – The last date for the online application process for MBA at IIT Kanpur has been extended till Saturday, 30th January (11.59 pm). You can find the link here.


12 : 00 hrs – A user on mentioned that IIM Kozhikode shortlist will be out on 26th January after 3.

Read What It Takes To Get IntoIIM Kozhikode – RTI Query – Class Of 2015 And Class Of 2014 Stats.


11 : 00 hrs – New IIMs shortlists yet to be out. Meanwhile read 4 Myths About New IIMs.


Jan 23, 2016

13 : 00 hrs – LIVE Chat with students of IIM Kozhikode at 6 pm today. Click here to participate.


12 : 00 hrs – Candidates have started getting calls from SP Jain.

Read 10 Things That Make SPJIMR Special. Also read What Makes SP Jain School Of Global Management Stand Out From The Crowd.


11 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! XAT Results were out yesterday. You can read the Live Chat Transcript with XLRI students over the upcoming GD-PI for this Admissions season here.

Also read Final Placements – XLRI Jamshedpur – Class of 2015.


Jan 22, 2016

17 : 00 hrs – XAT 2016 Results are out. You can check the scores here. In fact you can check the OMR Sheet –

15 : 30 hrs – IIM Shillong’s notice on –

Notice 1 – “Dear candidates, those are not able to generate their call letter can try generating it once again. If the problem still persists, kindly drop a mail to”

Notice 2 – “Dear candidates, kindly note that you can also bring your CAT Score card as a substitute for your CAT admit card to your interview.”

Also, read My Journey To IIM Shillong.


13 : 45 hrs – No updates from other IIMs regarding their shortlists. Till then you can read this interesting article – Its That Time Of The Season.


12 : 45 hrs – Want to get into SJMSOM? Read Interview With Interview With Shrey Jain, Student @ SJMSOM, IIT Bombay.


11 : 45 hrs – You can find the All India CMAT 2016 Merit List here.


10 : 45 hrs – CMAT 2016 were out last night. View your score card here. Many performed well and many, not that well. But there is still hope in CET 2016.


Jan 21, 2016

18 : 45 hrs – AICTE has taught basics of management to candidates even before the start their course – Never set an impossible deadline. Candidates frustrated since they have wasted a whole day waiting for the results. We hope the results are declared tonight.


17 : 45 hrs – Want To convert your calls? We can help. Online Interview Training by IIM and XLRI Alumni. Click on the link to get into your dream college.


16 : 45 hrs – Details of the interview venue for IIM Shillong will be communicated to the candidates after 8:00 pm today since they are still uploading the details.

Read ‘Organising The Gold Cup – An Experience‘ at IIM Shillong.


15 : 45 hrs – A user on said that he called AICTE helpline and they said that the results will be out by 10 pm tonight. Since its not verified take it with a pinch of salt guys.

Want to know how oil is affecting the world? Read Falling Oil Prices – Who’s Losing, Who’s Gaining.


14 : 45 hrs – While everyone is waiting for their CMAT results, don’t be surprised if XAT 2016 results will be announced!

Meanwhile read ‘The Uncoronated Underdog – Kapil Grover – Best 50 – Class of 2016‘.


13 : 45 hrs – The CMAT 2016 results will be out any moment now. First candidates will receive an SMS on their registered mobile number and later they can check their scores online and download it. AICTE website link is here.


12 : 45 hrs – Till the time you wait for the results, read CMAT 2016 Results – What To Expect.


11 : 45 hrs – Students are getting impatient by the minute since they are waiting from morning for the CMAT results to be declared. On the other end, CAT 2015 aspirants are waiting for the new IIMs to release their shortlists. Stay tuned while we bring you the latest updates.


10 : 45 hrs – Good morning guys! CMAT results will be declared today. You can print out your score cards once te results are declared. You can check your results here.

Click here to read about CMAT 2016. You can also read Why The CMAT 2016 Is Important.


Jan 19, 2016

18 : 30 hrs – Right now IIM B,L,A,C,K,I,S are out. Awaiting the shortlists of newer IIMs. If you are a fresher preparing for GD/PI, read here.


17 : 30 hrs – Thinking of joining the new IIMs? Read 4 Myths About New IIMs and Is It Possible To Get A Call From The New IIMs By Not Attempting A Single Question?.


16 : 30 hrs – As we wait for IIM Sirmaur and IIM Rohtak to release their shortlists, you can read Final Placements Of IIM Rohtak here.

Also read IIM Rohtak A Life Beyond Placements.


13 : 45 hrs – Many IIM shortlists are out. Allow us to help you to customize a strategy for you. Convert Your Calls – Online Interview Training by IIM and XLRI Alumni.


12 : 15 hrs – The new GD Monday is live – GD Monday – ‘Net Neutrality In India’ – Week 5. Start discussing now!

Click here for previous GD Monday topics.


12 : 00 hrs – Want to know whether or not you are eligible for IIM Lucknow? Click here.

Read an interesting article on The IIM-L Time-Turner.

Also read You Know You Are At Hell When… a story about life at IIM Lucknow.


11 : 45 hrs – Students are still having difficulty while out IIM Shillong form. Looks like it’s going to be the same case while filling out the IIM Lucknow form.


11 : 30 hrs – Life @ IIM Lucknow? Check out O Sweet Hel(L).

Also, read An Ode To The Class Of 2015 At IIM Lucknow.

You can watch the grand finale debate on ‘The MBA course in India is over-rated’ between IIM Lucknow and IIM Trichy.


10 : 45 hrs – Finally the wait is over. IIM Lucknow shortlist is out. Check it here.

Want to know how to get a call from IIM Lucknow? Click here.


Jan 18, 2016

18 : 15 hrs – The deadline has been extended for IIM Shillong. The last date of submission for filling in the online application form is extended till 19th January 2016 by 14:00 Hrs. IST. 

Also, the application form for the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi is out. You can find it here.


16 : 30 hrs – Still having issues filling the form? Check out this Drag & Drop video –


15 : 45 hrs – Official notice from IIM Shillong – “Those who are facing a technical issues in the online application form, kindly delete all the cookies from your browser and try to fill the form once again. If the problem still persists, kindly drop a mail to stating your problem along with your name, registration id, date of birth and mobile number.”


14 : 00 hrs – Many users are facing a problem with the IIM Shillong website. For those facing problem with saving and losing data. Write in MS word. Select the text. Drag it to the browser window and drop it into the box of SOP, extracurriculars etc. and then click save. This work-around should be successful.


13 : 15 hrs – The tentative date of GD/PI process for IIM Shillong is 25th-31st March and for SCMHRD it would be between 5th-8th February and 12th-15th February says a user on

Read the final placement report of SCMHRD here.


12 : 00 hrs – 1st Feb 2016 IIFT GD-PI Interview at Mumbai. Are you ready for it?

Brush up your GD skills. Check out our GD Monday – ‘Life Is A Chair’ – Week 4. And watch out for this week’s new GD Monday.


11 : 00 hrs – No news from any IIMs. No shortlists yet. Not much happening guys. Till then you can read Dare To Think Beyond IIMs.



Jan 17, 2016

13 : 15 hrs – TISS results will be out on 2nd February 2016.

Read What Makes Tiss Different. Also read Final Placements – TISS Mumbai – Class of 2015.


13 : 00 hrs – Need help for preparing for GD/PI/WAT from IIM Graduates? Click here. If you want counselling by experts on your profile and results, visit


12 : 45 hrs – As we await for IIM Lucknow’s shortlist, you can read How Can I Get A Call From IIM Lucknow.

Also read Divleen Kaur – IIM Lucknow – Class of 2016 – India’s most employable manager’s story here.


12 : 30 hrs – Important Checklist for GDPI Process for IIFT Delhi & Kolkata:

1. GDPI Call Letter (If you did not receive it through post, get a copy of the emailed letter)

2. ID Proof
3. 10/12/graduation certificates
4. work-ex certificates/pay-slips if applicable

5. category certificate if applicable

6. Certificates of achievements that u had mentioned in the form (use your best judgement)

7. CV form xerox (if you have kept one)

From point 3 to 7 are needed to be on a safer side. They might or might not be checked at all, but take no chances.

Be neatly dressed! The preferred color of suit is blue or black. Girls can wear sarees too.

-Media Committee

IIFT Delhi and Kolkata


You can read IIFT Delhi and Kolkata Final Placements here.

Also, read a conversation with a best selling author and IIFT Kolkata student, here.


11 : 45 hrs – Important topics for GD/PI/WAT –

1- Facebooks Free Basics, Net Neutrality in India

2- Climate Change

3- Juvenile Justice Act

4- GST

5- Intolerance #awardwapsi

6- Delhi’s odd-even rule

7- European refugee crisis

8- Make in India

To prepare yourself better on GD’s, check out our GD Monday section. Check out last weeks GD Monday – Life Is A Chair – Week 4.


11 : 30 hrs – IMI Delhi, Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar registration dates are extended. Click here to know more.

Have you made your Interview Preparation Checklist yet? If not, click on the link to read.


11 : 15 hrs – For General Engineer Males, as per last years trends, these are the cut offs –

IIM L: 99.3

RRRUKT: 96.82

Baby IIMs: 96.3


FMS: 98.6

IIT Bombay: 98.5

IIT Delhi: 98


DFS: MFC (DU): 95

MDI: 94.3

SP Jain: 97

(These cut offs are from a user on and may vary)


11 : 00 hrs – Confused in choosing a b-school? Read ARKSS article on Choosing A B-School From Your Final Conversions.


10 : 30 hrs – Good morning guys! NITIE ha extended the last date of submission to 22nd January,2016 (17:00 Hrs). The link for the same is here.

You can also read 6 Reasons Why NITIE Campus Is Indeed Gods Own Campus.

Also read 10 Things That Make NITIE Mumbai Special.


Jan 15, 2016

17 : 15 hrs – Here is a piece of advice from that you should definitely read if you have not performed in CAT this year –

I have yet again screwed up CAT this year, what should I do?

I got overall 98.2 percentile in cat 2015. Sounds nice.
99.93 Percentile in VA ( I am an engineer, isn’t that awesome?)
96 percentile in QA (cool isn’t it?)
This is what you might have wanted for yourself, isn’t it?
But I’ll Not receive a SINGLE CALL from any IIM. Why?
Because of this:
79.6 Percentile – DI LR
Now I missed colleges because of Just a question I should not have attempted. I have decent extracurricular and would have converted at least some of the colleges. I have a job offer from a sector I never wanted to work for.
My parents are happy as they think I’ll get calls from IIMs.
But am I sad?
NO, because I know life will never be fair, I might have been unlucky or LUCKY but only time will tell.
This is not the end of my life, I have some unspent fuel and I’ll prove it with time.
Buddy, a failure will never define you and if you let it stop you from dreaming, you don’t deserve to be successful. Dream on, play on and life always has something better in store, let it unfold. Give it another try or Go for GMAT and ISB.
Though I feel sad for my Parents 🙁  (And I can’t show off my philosophy knowledge to them. ) 😛


16 : 30 hrs – For one on one counselling by experts for a detailed profile evaluation log on to For a personalised strategy to crack GD/PI/WAT at the IIMs by training from experts, click here.


15 : 15 hrs – For those of you who are freshers from a commerce background and got calls from the IIM’s, here are some tips for you. Go back to a couple of your favourite subjects and brush up your knowledge. Cover all the main/important topics. Expect questions from Accounts and Economics also. Finally, be ready to answer general knowledge questions, speak about your interests/hobbies and expect out of the blue questions.

Also, you can read Does Work Experience Add Value To MBA.

Read the Live Chat With An XLRI Student On How Freshers Can Make The Most Of Their Summer Internship.

Want to know what HUL thinks of freshers? Read here.


14 : 45 hrs – If a student wants to change his GDPI Slot/Date/Center, he needs to email the admissions office requesting them to change the date along with the reason/proof of the same.

If you are a call-getter from IIFT, click here for their official Facebook page.

You can read the summer placements of IIFT (Delhi & Kolkatta) here and the final placements here.


13 : 45 hrs – IIFT Chennai GD/PI dates are out. Students have already got their dates i.e 1st and 2nd February as of now. We will keep you updated regarding the GD/PI dates.

Want to convert your call? Want to be trained by IIM graduates? Click here.


13 : 00 hrs – Apparently the website of IIM Shillong was down last night and students had a problem while submitting their application since the server was not responding to the ‘Submit’ option. (source:

Want to know more about IIM Shillong? Read about IIM Shillongs Annual Entrepreneurship summit here.

Got a call from IIM Shillong? Read 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Join IIM Shillong.


12 : 15 hrs – Are you up to date with the current affairs? If not you can check out our News Burger section which will keep you aware and updated about current events and increase your general knowledge. You can check out yesterday’s News Burger Of The Day – Your Daily Prep Diet – Jan 14th.


11 : 30 hrs – Guys! For those of you who are trying to fill the application form for SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, here is a demo video for you. (Source: SJMSOM, Facebook group).

You can read the live chat with the Public Relations team of SJMSOM on how to prepare for WAT/Interview here.

Also, read about Mood Indigo – A Management Perspective – SJMSOM.


11 : 00 hrs – Good Morning guys! Many of you are on top of the world and many of you are heartbroken and frustrated. For those who are feeling dejected, read Wake Up And Repeat But Dont Give Up.

Awaiting IIM Bangalore results? Till then check out the Admission Process for the Batch of 2016 here.

You can check out the Admission Policy of IIM Rohtak here.


Jan 14, 2016

18 : 30 hrs – XAT Keys detailed explanation can be found here. (Source: Learning roots).


18 : 00 hrs – Missed out on yesterday’s live chat with ARKS Srinivas on your not-so-good performance in CAT 2015? Thinking of giving CAT again? Read the Live Chat Transcript Of ARKS Srinivas On Preparation For CAT 2016.


17 : 45 hrs – XAT 2016 keys are out guys. Click here to view it. Alternatively, you can go to the XAT homepage here and enter your XAT Registration Number and Birth Date and access the XAT 2016 keys.

You can also read about XAT Topper Prakriti Kar, 99.93 %ile here and Abhipsa Panda, 99.88 %ile here.


17 : 15 hrs – Here is something to lighten up the mood guys-



16 : 45 hrs – VistaMinds CEO ARKS Srinivas tells us about Predicting CAT Predicting CAT Percentiles : Why Coaching Centres Are Screwing It Up. This will tell you how to NOT believe in scores & percentile predictions of coaching centres since they are not accurate.


16 : 00 hrs – IIM Indore website has become very slow due to too many users accessing the site. Till then you can read How Can I Get An Interview Call From IIM Indore. Additionaly you can read about Indias most employable manager – Bhavya Gupta – Best50 here.


15 : 30 hrs – IIFT GDPI dates will be out soon i.e Mid January. But are you ready for it?

Click here to participate in InsideIIM’s GD Monday. Get reviewed by experts from IIM’s and XLRI (only) and polish your skills.  Click to participate in this weeks GD Monday – ‘Life Is A Chair – Week 4.

For Personal Interviews, read the CEO of VistaMinds Live Chat. For more on personal interviews, click here.

Read what a topper from IIFT, Delhi has to say – Good Academics May Get You A Shortlist But What Will Take You Forward Is Your Personality.

For more about IIFT, you can read here.


15 : 00 hrs – Confused between IIM Indore and IIM Indore Mumbai campuses? Fret not.

For IIM Indore, check the 10 Things That Make IIM Indore Special and Final Placements – IIM Indore – Class Of 2015.

For IIM Indore Mumbai campus, check What Makes IIM Indore Mumbai Campus Special Among The Other Top B-Schools and What It Takes To Get Into IIM Indore Mumbai Campus.


14 : 15 hrs – The minimum overall percentile for CAT 2015 for various categories at IIM Amritsar is mentioned below-

General – 93.30

NC-OBC – 78.98

SC – 63

ST – 50.71

DA – 50. 71



13 : 30 hrs – IIM Calcutta Short List is out. Check here. You can find the Admissions Policy 2016-18 here.

Important information on getting a call from IIM Calcutta, click here.

Want to be a great manager? Read here how IIM Calcutta transformed Ankit Dugar to make him one of the most employable managers in the country.


13 : 15 hrs – Download the admissions policy of IIM Indore here. Important information with regards to changes in IIM Indore’s Admission Criteria-

– Reduction by 6 marks of CAT Score in the shortlisting stage

– Increase by 1 mark for 10th score

– Increase by 5 marks for 12th score

– Decrease by 5 percentile for General/OBC/NC candidates for eligibility criteria of sectional percentiles

– Increase by 5 percentile for SC/ST/DA candidates for eligibility criteria of sectional percentiles


12 : 30 hrs – Congrats to those on getting a call. But you would need help on converting it right?

“Probably, the toughest part of the process starts now. You can score as high a percentile as you possibly can but 10 mins of nervousness, stupidity or lack of preparedness in an interview and all the good work of the last one year will go down the drain.”

Allow us to HELP YOU in converting that precious call that you have worked so hard for!

Click here –


12 : 00 hrs – IIM Indore Shortlist out! Click here. You can check the Final Placements of IIM Indore, Class of 2015 here.

Check out the 10 Thing That Make IIM Indore Special. Also, check out Stats For Class Of 2016 – IIM Indore.

Read Aditya Nagrare’s story who has been selected as one of the most employable candidates from IIM Indore here.


11 : 15 hrs – Guys! Those aspiring to get into IIM Rohtak have a better chance now since it has decreased its cut off to 85%ile. They will be assessing the candidates on various other parameters out of a total score of 600. Check it here.

Want to know about 2013-15 placements at IIM Rohtak? Click here. You can also read A Life Beyond Placements – IIM Rohtak.

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11 : 00 hrs – Hey guys! Good morning! For those of you waiting for post-CAT forms of FORE, IMI and TAPMI, a person on mentioned the dates as follows –

FORE School Of Management – 20th January, 2016

IMI – 25th January, 2016

TAPMI – 27th January, 2016

Jan 13, 2016

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17 : 30 hrs – Tips For WAT/PI Preparation from IIM Raipur Media & PR Cell.

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13 : 00 hrs – You can find the previous years cut off for IIM Udaipur below – IIM Ud


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10 : 15 hrs – Good morning guys! Have queries regarding CAT 2016? We are conducting a LIVE CHAT With The CEO Of VistaMind Today At 6:30 PM.

Jan 12, 2016

19 : 45 hrs – Click here to read the creator of – Ankit Doshi’s Prediction – 100 Women Each In 4 IIMs For The Class Of 2015.

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17 : 30 hrs – IIM A, K and S shortlists are out. Still waiting for the others. Hang on guys!

17 : 15 hrs – Register on for one-on-one counselling by experts to clear your doubts and queries.

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11 : 30 hrs – CAT Results – Didn’t Make It? Resist And Fight! by Ankit Doshi, Creator of

Jan 11, 2016

16 : 45 hrs – IIM Ahmedabad Shortlist is out! Click here.

16 : 30 hrs – MISB Bocconi is the Indian campus of Bocconi University, Italy (world 7th) offering Post Graduate Program In Business ideal for Freshers and young executives. Our current average salary at 10.23 Lakh per annum. Meet us today to get your profile evaluated and know if you stand a chance to get a tuition waiver based on your profile. Profile Evaluation – Scored Between 85 To 95 Percentile – Know About Tuition Waivers & Acceptance At MISB Bocconi : 05:00 PM.

13 : 15 hrs – SNAP 2015 Results are out! Click here to download your scorecard.

11 : 30 hrs – Good Morning guys! The IIM Kozhikode shortlist of stage 1 is out. Check it out here.

Jan 10th, 2016

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11 : 15 hrs – You can register on for one-on-one counselling by experts to clear your doubts and queries.

11 : 00 hrs – Good Morning guys! There is a lot of excitement and anxiousness since everyone is waiting for the IIM’s to declare the shortlist results. We will keep you updated regarding the same every 15 minutes so stay tuned!

Jan 9th, 2016

19 : 45  hrs – You got a call from IIM? For your WAT & PI, know what NOT to say while mentioning your career goals. Click here.

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18 : 00 hrs – Rethinking your MBA 2016 strategy after the announcement of CAT 2015 results? CMAT is just around the corner. CMAT 2016 is to be held on 17th January 2016. You can download your admit card here.

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16 : 30 hrs – IIM Shillong shortlist out. Check here

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14 : 00 hrs – You can find the recent stats of 2016 on IIM Bangalore here. IIM Kozhikode stats of 2014 & 2015 are available here.

13 : 45 hrs – Bringing to you RTI Stats of IIM Indore 2016. You can find RTI Stats of IIM Indore 2014 & 2015 here and RTI Stats of IIM Ahmedabad 2014 here. For IIM Bangalore, you can find the 2014 & 2015 RTI stats here.

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11 : 45 hrs – For those of  you who are expecting a call from the IIM’s, here is GREAT OPPORTUNITY to try and convert your calls – CAT 2016 Results – Convert Your Calls – Online Interview Training by IIM And XLRI Alumni. This is the best chance you can get so hurry up and click on the link!

11 : 00 hrs – Good morning guys! Anyone wondering who belled the CAT this year? CAT 2015 taker Prateek Bajpai from Indore scored a 100 percentile acing more than 2 lakh test takers.


8th Jan 2016

18 : 45 hrs – Results announced officially on CAT 2015 official login page with 16 toppers.

13 : 30 hrs – Everyone is now getting their official CAT 2015 scores via SMS from IIM Ahmedabad.

13 : 20 hrs – TAPMI Manipal has extended its application deadline to 27th January 2016. Apply here

12 : 20 hrs – Login is no longer available on the site. So you can’t check scores anymore. But given that so many people already know their scores, we believe results will be officially declared in a few hours now.

10 : 00 hrs – Selection Criteria of some of the Top IIMs decoded here – It has our analysis of criteria from IIM A, IIM C, IIM L, IIM I, IIM K etc.

9: 15 hrs – The wait for the shortlists starts now. We expect IIM A shortlist soon. Till then, you may want to get some insipiration from our Best 50 – 50 Grads selected from India’s Top Business Schols.

9:00 hrs – All those who have scored well and are expecting calls, this is something you need to read and work on from this very moment

How to Impress Admissions Committee – Part I

How to Impress Admissions Committee – Part II

How to Impression Admissions Committee – Part III

8:55 hrs – As of now, based on the scores we have heard from people on, it is clear that our cutoff predictions as released by Vistamind are quite close to the actual.

8:20 hrs – Most people can see their results by logging into their IIMCAT account and then viewing the source code of the page.

8: 15 hrs – CAT 2016 Results imminent now! Another season. Another season of achievement. Another season of heartbreaks. Our Live Blog will take you through this journey for the next four months. You can follow the journey of the last 3 seasons here – 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15


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