CAT 2015 – Slot 2 Analysis And Cutoffs

Most of the students appearing for the Afternoon session (Slot 2) of the CAT 2015 exam would have been aware of the exact paper pattern. (Slot 1 Analysis can be found here)

While the pattern which was finally given in both the slots (Forenoon and Afternoon) was exactly similar to the Mock CAT available on the CAT website, the confirmation of the same after the Forenoon Session (Slot 1) would have come as an added advantage to the students writing the CAT in the second Slot. But this advantage would be marginal!


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CAT 2015 Paper Analysis : SLOT 2 Paper Analysis

The CAT paper in the second slot was very similar to the one in the first Slot!

Section No. of MCQs No. of non-MCQs Total no of Qns Total Marks
Section I – Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VARC) 24 10 34 102
Section II – Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) 24 8 32 96
Section III – Quantitative Aptitude (QA) 24 10 34 102
Total 72 28 100 300

*MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions

The first cut analysis said that the Second Slot (Afternoon session) paper was marginally easier than the paper in Slot 1 (Forenoon session paper). However, when one analyses the attempts that students seem to have made in both the sessions, there is a marginal decrease in the average attempts in the Second Slot Vs First Slot.


Summary of Cut offs

Section Total no of Qns Total Marks Cutoff (85%ile)
VARC 34 102 37
DILR 32 96 28
QA 34 102 44


Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The paper had 5 passages of RC with 24 questions in total (all MCQs) and 10 questions of Verbal Ability all of them were non-MCQs.

The RC passages appeared slightly longer than the ones in the first slot. However, the questions were similar and most students coming out of the exam informed that the RCs were doable comfortably.

In Verbal area however, there were 5 ParaJumbles as compared to 4 in the first slot. 2 Odd Para Jumble and 3 Alternative Summary questions made up the rest of the question in Verbal area.

Cutoff at 85 %ile is therefore expected around the same mark as for Slot 1 , i.e., around 44 to 45 marks.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR)

The DILR section in Slot 2 was slightly easier than the one given in Slot 1. However, the Data Interpretation area was longer and tougher and hence students may have wasted quite a bit of time on the same.

Students reported that at least two sets in LR were doable and would therefore add to the overall cutoffs and marks for this section.

A good student could have attempted around 16 to 18 questions in this section

The Cutoff is expected to be closer to 28 or 29 as against 24/25 for the Slot 1.


Quantitative Ability

The Quantitative Ability Section of the Slot 2 (Afternoon Session) was almost an exact replica of the questions in Slot 1 (Forenoon Session).

Once again, there was a huge emphasis on Arithmetic and Geometry (18 questions out of 34).

A good student aspiring to get into the top B Schools would have attempted upwards of 17 questions.

The cutoff can be high and could be closer to 44 marks.


Overall Analysis

The CAT 2015 paper (Both Slot 1 and Slot2) was relatively difficult than the CAT 2014 paper (all papers put together). Between the two papers in both the slots, the papers were more or less similar and hence the overall marks will not differ by more than 3 marks!


As said earlier in the analysis of the first slot, the IIMs are clearly trying to strive for a diverse representation of students at the IIMs. The relatively easier Quant and Verbal/RC puts almost everyone on an even keel. The joker in the pack is DILR and whoever has kept the cool in the exam and tried solving the easy ones, would be getting very good percentiles.


VistaMind team has put together a preliminary analysis of the Marks required for various percentiles in each section as well as the overall marks required.

Percentile VARC DILR QA Overall
99% 60 49 70 174
95% 50 37 59 140
90% 43 32 51 122
85% 37 28 44 105
80% 35 20 38 91
70% 30 17 30 75


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ARKS Srinivas

ARKS Srinivas is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has been the All India CAT Director at TIME. He is currently the National Head for MBA Prep at Career Launcher.



Vivek Kumar

Considering the level of LRDI and the exam temprament I would say the LRDI cut off looks on higher side. But then you all are better people than me in terms of knowledge in this area


Vivek, I agree partially. The more data we collect, we are now of the belief that the cutoff for DILR may be lower than what we predicted yesterday (for Slot2)