CAT 2016 Detailed Analysis By Endeavor Careers

Test administration

Centres across Mumbai reported smooth administration of the test. There was Chaos before the test (due to a high number of candidates) but the test was smoothly conducted. No major reports of technical glitches. Security checks were adequate.


What was different as compared to CAT 2015?
A. A normal calculator as compared to scientific calculator last year.
B. RC & VA questions were interspersed. Last year, they were given as separate sub-sections.


One glitch

In the morning slot, one symbol was not clearly visible. Students were unable to interpret the square root sign as it was deceptively similar to a ‘Pi’ sign. This affected 3-4 questions and students were unsure of how to tackle it.


Sectional Analysis
Section 1: VA+ RC : Like CAT 2015, there were 24 RC questions spread across 5 passages. 10 questions (Type in Questions) across Parajumbles, Summary & Odd Man Out Questions.

Verdict: Easiest of the 3 sections. 25-27 attempts were possible.

LRDI : 32 questions

Definitely the trickiest section. A lot of data had to be analysed and a lot of thinking was required. Students broke into a sweat trying to crack these sets. Sets were calculation intensive too.

Verdict : 14-16 questions can be considered a good attempt.

Quantitative Aptitude : 34 questions. A standard Aptitude paper with all topics. Geometry & Arithmetic dominated the section. There was a very good mix of easy, moderate and difficult questions.

Around 22-24 attempts can be considered good.

Overall analysis : CAT 2016 had the same structure as CAT 2015 but the difficulty level was up by 1-2 notches. Hence the cutoffs and scores will see a fall as compared to CAT 2015.

Overall, 60 attempts with 85% accuracy should fetch a 95 percentile call.

Estimated sectional cut-offs (at 85 percentile)

Each question was worth 3 marks.
Verbal : 35
LRDI : 20
Quant : 30.

Estimated scores for :
99 percentile : 155+
97 percentile : 130+
95 percentile : 115+

The paper was well-designed and really tested the candidate’s preparation and aptitude. Kudos to the academic team!




About the Author:

Hemang Panchmatia
Senior Faculty, Endeavor Institute.