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I see a lot of guys suggesting to solve CAT level questions only. But what does it infer? Easy, Moderate or Tough?

For example: LRDI wasn’t easy this year, it was very tough but students were expecting the same level of LRDI, fortunately, they got it and could manage well without any shocker. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t tough.

But then comes the Quant section which many were expecting to be easy. PS: An easy CAT Paper has 7-8 sitters. But this year there were almost no sitters with moderate level lengthy questions and people were shocked to not find any questions being able to solve within a minute and there they lost their cool.

Let me tell you guys something that Unpredictability is the only thing constant with CAT. Year after year, makers of CAT have ensured that if there is something that students should take back with them after the exam is that to expect the unexpected.
CAT 2018 was another such unpredictable exam, with QA being the nightmare and LRDI being difficult too. VARC was the only saving grace. Students were seeing such Combination of sections for the first time in the history of CAT exam.

Students must realise that they can never prepare themselves on the basis of the assumption of difficulty level, as they are bound to hit a wall trying to figure that out. It is essential to practice for one bit higher levels of difficulty as that exposes you to tougher challenges and makes you ready for an exam like CAT.

I have always vouched for one notch higher than the CAT which is generally Easy-Moderate. Like all my questions in #iQuanta250 was one notch above and those I provided in my iQuanta Course were varied from Basics to One Notch above than previous CAT questions. While solving easy questions is good but only by solving tough questions you can clear your basics.

When I asked the scores of my iQuanta students according to CAT 2018 key, approx 40-50 are getting a 150+ score. I was quite surprised with such number of expected 99%lers but then I realised that this is what consistency does to you. By the end of the course, we at iQuanta solved more than 2500 questions and solved 50k doubts in the past 4 months. Almost all iQuanta Mocks were of exact CAT pattern. This came as a pleasant surprise to me after CAT 2018.

So what did you learn from this? What is the level of CAT 2019 going to be like? Will Quant be tough? Will LRDI be easy? Is VARC going to be tough next year? There is no way of knowing what curveball CAT 2019 is going to throw. The only thing you can do is be prepared for the worse. If you are able to manage it, you’ll end up being a good manager.

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