CAT Aspirants, Who Is Your Secret Santa?

Merry Christmas, here comes the festival of candles, cakes, gifts, and joy-giving of immense happiness and hopes.

Remember, how you waited for the Santa Clause for you long wanted “THE GIFT” but now you don’t wait for it, Right? Now you know there is no real Santa who bought those gifts but your family and friends. Today you probably don’t wait for any secret Santa.

The truth is, nobody but you can be the secret Santa for yourself. How?

Sharing and receiving the gifts are one of the special things which makes everyone wait for Christ’s Birthday!

What should you share and receive?

You have already given CAT exam and next thing in line is GD-PI. Sharing and receiving the knowledge from others in form of healthy discussions on recent topics will fuel your preparation for GD-PI. Stand up and gift yourself this attitude to learn from others and let others learn from you. In the Interview process, panellist wants to know whether you have a thorough knowledge about the topic and when you share the knowledge it definitely gives you a better output.

We all have wished and still love to wish to receive a surprise gift from Santa: the portly, joyous, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with the patented laugh ho ho ho. You must have noticed that Santa comes at night when everyone is sleeping, though in the imagination. Similarly, your secret Santa inside you must make you work when everyone is sleeping, prepare while others are daydreaming, begin while others are procrastinating, save while others are wasting, smile while others are frowning, and most importantly persist while others are quitting.

I still remember the time when I was preparing for group discussions and reading articles when many of my friends were on vacations, thinking about preparation for further rounds after the results were announced. Having a head start was very beneficial for me and it proved to my advantage. Start now when you have time as being good at group discussions and personal interview is not an overnight process

Being an MBA aspirant who is preparing for exams and the career that lies ahead, do you need some materialistic gifts or something that will make your life more prosperous?

You need to remember that even your Secret Santa categorises on the basis of good and bad, naughty and nice and gifts so, Being good doesn’t only mean just the behavioural aspect but other aspects too. In order to receive gifts in the form of Knowledge, Articulation, Vocabulary and the results like Good Performance in GD-PI, Getting Admission in a Top b-school and Being Successful in Life with flying colours, You need to work for it smartly.

Be loyal to yourself and decide what do you want to gift yourself, your actions will take direction accordingly.

Be the nice kid Santa wants you to be, read newspapers regularly, read books, interact with people, teach something to someone, make someone happy, help someone and you will surely be gifted for who you are.

Wish you all the best for your preparation and may Santa gift you what you Wish and Work for!