CAT 2019 is just a few months away, and this is the time to push yourself and take your CAT preparation up a notch. One of the most important steps you can take at this stage is to have a solid strategy in place for the remaining days left for CAT 2019, and who better to look up to for guidance than a four-time CAT 100 percentiler! This article will cover a 100-day CAT preparation strategy by Rajesh Balasubramanian – IIM Bangalore alumnus and the CEO of 2iim. 

CAT exam is conducted by IIM’s for admission into the most premium B-schools in the country. Most B-schools out of the top 100 would accept a valid CAT score. CAT contains three sections viz, VA-RC, DI-LR and QA, totalling 100 questions (34+32+34 respectively) spread across 3 hours, timed as three individual 1-hour exams, conducted back to back.