CAT Is Done, Get Ready For XAT – Somil Nain’s Journey To XLRI

I applied for XAT after the debacle in CAT and like always it was last few days left to apply. After sensing the pattern of XAT in 2015 and thereafter my performance I was in no mood to apply for XAT 2016. But since it was my last attempt for MBA, I decided to take a chance and with heavy heart parted with application fees.  Since I had taken 2 weeks off from office before CAT so joining back meant lot of work was waiting for me. I could not spare any time for special preparation of XAT apart from practicing previous year question papers. Although I continued with my habit of reading newspaper in office during breaks. In between, IIFT results were out and seeing my name in interview list was a sigh of relief. So remaining time left before XAT was spent in filling IIFT behavioral questions and office.

In week preceding before XAT, I contacted a friend having common examination center and it was decided that we will go together in his car. On exam day, as usual, we started late; reaching center just in time but there was no parking space left around school and we have to park car at some distance away. After all this when I entered examination hall 5 minutes had already passed.

Since I did not have much to lose, I was relaxed. Like always started with my usual order of verbal, decision-making and then proceeded to quant section. I was not tensed about my score and enjoyed the exam specially the decision-making section. Tried to focus on my strong areas to increase score keeping in mind to score well above cut off in each section.

After matching solution with key, I was confirmed of a good show. But was concerned with the low score in quant and whether it would suffice to clear cut off. On the result day managed a decent percentile and enough in quant to get an HRM call, my first choice.

But the battle has just begun as GD-PI hurdle was left to be conquered and performance in mock GD’s was not up-to the mark. So, scheduled GD-PI in end of available slots so that I could gain enough experience from other processes. In the meantime, XAT came out with a structure to be followed in GD along with duration. It turned out to be the best thing as there was no fish market due to availability of time and everyone was able to make their points.

The interview did not start on expected lines as the panellists started grilling on too much work experience and preference for candidates with work experience around 2 years. I tried my best to defend along with expressing my interest in the course. Now sitting in XLRI and writing this article implies I had defended myself in a good stead.

Put in your best efforts for next one month and leave rest to God. Avoid last minute decisions and plan ahead for XAT.

‘For my unconquerable soul
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul’
– William Henley




About the Author:


Somil Nain is currently pursuing Human Resource Management at XLRI Jamshedpur.