CAT and XAT : Verbal Focus is on RC. NMAT and IIFT Verbal is a Test of Speed

Suhas Kapur Sir, can you guide me on how to crack verbal area for NMAT, as in 32 questions in 22 mins. Can u tell the target areas for this section and how to deal with RC’s due to time constraints?

Hemang Panchmatia Suhas For NMAT, the clear focus is Vocab. Please do your wordlist well


Gururaj Sunder Sir in Verbal I face difficulty in grammar and vocab questions. What should be the strategy? Sir if I focus mainly on RCs and get them right, will I clear the cutoffs in CAT?

Hemang Panchmatia Gururaj – You will need to attempt around 30-33 questions in section 2. We expect around 15 RC Questions over 3-4 passages. RCs do take time (around 12 mins a passage). So, solving only RCs may not really help.


Shishir Agarwal Sir, parajumbles are a big problem for me. I use the pair strategy .Any other strategy to get better results?

Hemang Panchmatia Shishir solve around 100 parajumble questions (CAT questions from 1990-200 and you should do fine.


Varun Baxi I have worked for 10 months I quit the job for CAT prep please tell me how will that affect my chances of getting into any good college?

Hemang Panchmatia Varun, during interviews, you may be asked for reasons. You can talk about how MBA is very important to you, need to focus etc.


Suresh Vasani Sir, How do I improve at critical reasoning?

Hemang Panchmatia Suresh: focus on Assumptions, Inference & Weaken the argument questions. good GMAT / CAT material is freely available on the net for the same.


Sayantan Sarkar May you mention some of the important chapters on which OG will mainly focus thus time?

Hemang Panchmatia Sayanthan, you can refer to OG 13 & 10.


Deepak Ramanathan How can I save time on RCs? Should I skim the questions first and see if any of them can be answered directly?

Hemang Panchmatia Deepak: skim questions first. Will help you focus your attention on the required details.


Shashank Jha Sir I am good at VA. So I am using it as my strong section and attempting it first. Is this the right strategy?

Hemang Panchmatia Shashank : I would agree to your strategy


Team InsideIIM For our users, could you do a comparative analysis of the Verbal sections of CAT, NMAT, XAT, IIFT and the rest. Which one will be easier….which one will be difficult…..and so on…

Hemang Panchmatia CAT/XAT: challenging verbal. Focused on RC. Questions on all areas like vocab, grammar, parajumbles, critical reasoning. NMAT/ IIFT: Focused on Vocab. Essentially a test of speed.


Rekha Perecherla Sir, I m Rekha pursuing B.Tech 4th year. I m very poor in RC & verbal ability can u please suggest my how to improve my skills in this one month?

By covering algebra, number theory ,geometry how many questions can we expect in CAT this time? Because the pattern has changed this time so can u give me idea?

Hemang Panchmatia Rekha: Solve 2 RCs, 10 Grammar, 10 Fill in the Blanks, 10 Parajumbles, 7 Paracompletion questions every day. Around 15 questions can be expected from the 3 topics you mentioned


Sruti Dasgupta Sir, from December I’ve quit my job and working as a freelancer. Will that be viewed as a negative on my profile?

Hemang Panchmatia Sruti: they will tend to assume you did not work as a freelancer at all – expect some grilling there. Hope you have done some quality work as a freelancer


Hitesh Chawla What area of verbal can give me maximum gains if I focus on it over the next one month?

Hemang Panchmatia Hitesh: Parajumbles are easiest to master. Given increase in number of questions, expect questions from all modules (RC, Grammar, Vocab etc)

Hitesh Chawla For the next few days, my focus should be only on sectional tests and mock cats?

Hemang Panchmatia Assuming you have completed basic preparation, focus on sectional + mocks


Suresh Vasani Any last minute tips for taking the CAT. If I were to take the CAT tomorrow, what would you tell me to do?

Hemang Panchmatia CAT is 40 days away. Write 3 -4 Mocks a week. 2-3 before CAT, stop taking full length tests and only revise


Sayantan Sarkar Sir, which section usually maintains a higher cut off: Section 1 or 2?

Hemang Panchmatia Sayanthan: Difference between sectional cutoffs is marginal. Generally section 1 is higher by a couple of marks

If one can attempt 35 questions (section 2) with 85% accuracy, one can expect 95 percentile score in section 2.


Divya JAISWAL Sir, which mocks would you suggest?so that it matches the level of difficulty of CAT?

Hemang Panchmatia Any national level test series( with 10,000+ takers) should work. We recommend a combination of Career Launcher + Test funda to all our students.

Divya JAISWAL Sir, right now taking Cetking mocks and found that they are quite easy. Should I also enroll for career launcher test series?

Hemang Panchmatia Divya: have not evaluated the mentioned test series. Nationalized benchmarking is important. Check how many users take the test you mentioned.

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