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"Learn For The Sheer Joy Of Learning, Not For Grades"- Switched From CA To HR And Current Topper Of An IIM | Surabhi Sethi, IIM Ranchi

Q1. Hi Surabhi, could you please tell us about your journey to IIM RanchiThe journey to IIM Ranchi was quite an adventure. I can never forget the moment I decided

Branding In The Era Of Digital Media - Challenges And Opportunities

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott CookBranding, as a concept, was introduced post

The Science Behind Marketing Promotions | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Are you interested in a marketing management career? Do you want to ace the placement game and land an internship with your dream company? InsideIIM, in association with ABGLP, brings

IIM Ahmedabad Student And CAT 99.86 Percentiler's Tips To Crack CAT 2019

Preparing for CAT is not easy, and as a working professional, it becomes even more difficult to concentrate on studies and balance CAT preparation with work. Even so, the majority

Management Concepts To Make Or Break Your Interviews | Learning IRL With ABGLP

Don’t lose out on that dream job because you didn’t get management concepts right. Here’s how to race ahead of your peers. Presenting “Learning #IRL” in association with ABGLP.

Personal Branding - The Future Of Branding

Why personal branding?In recent times, if you observe people like to engage with people (influencers and thought leaders) rather than a corporate brand and that number has been steadily rising

How Jidoka Increases Efficiency - MBA Concepts Made Easy - Aliensplained | Learning IRL

Jidoka. Sounds like nonsense? That’s what Perp thought too! Perp - the alien who is currently exploring planet Earth, with his pal Flub has lots of discoveries. And some of

Five Management Lessons From ICC World Cup 2019 Final

We live in a country where the child learns the rules of cricket before learning the alphabets. While our dream ended with India’s exit from the world cup, cricket had