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5 Steps Which Can Save Congress From Downfall And Why It Will Not Take These Steps

The defeat of the Indian National Congress in the 2019 General Election was always seen as inevitable. With Balakot strikes and no major corruption charges, the Modi government had indeed hit

The Scope For Quality Education In Rural India

The role of education in an individual’s personal growth, skill development & democratic responsible behaviour, thereby contributing immensely to the overall prosperity of a nation, is irrefutable. India has a

Assam Floods From Afar - An IIM Rohtak Student's Agonizing Experience With The Assam Floods by Anisha Gogoi

I come from a middle-class family based in Assam, a beautiful state endowed with natural resources, biodiversity and assimilation of different cultures, in the north-eastern part of India. Yet, with

Crossroads: Options But Not Choices

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time, plays many parts!" says

'I Think People Relate To My Ideas' - An FPM Student's Journey To Publishing Her First Book | Sweta Singh, XLRI

In spite of the hectic schedule, numerous quizzes and assignments and the sacrosanct deadlines, Sweta Singh, an FPM student at XLRI managed to publish her book of poems, ‘An Egghead’s

Mocha Before Assignments - The Deep Relationship Between MBA And Coffee!

I must admit that life in a B School is pretty hard to imagine without one important thing. An MBA grad must have guessed it by now…it’s COFFEE!!Have you ever

The MBA Summer Internship Placements Pressure Cooker

It takes a good deal of perseverance to step into a prestigious B-school. The journey begins with a series of examinations, rejections, interviews, long days of anxious wait, rejections, and

Friendships During MBA: Evaluating The Risks And Returns

When you are pursuing an MBA, you can’t help but wonder whom you can befriend and whom you can count on – because let’s face it, everyone pursuing an MBA