Celebrating Womanhood On InsideIIM – Noel Roychoudhury – IIM Kozhikode

Team InsideIIM decided to pay tribute to the strong, confident and independent women of today’s society and therefore interviewed women from various b-schools across the country. It’s true when they say women are architects of society. Read on to find out how –



To start with, tell us your background.

I am Noel Roychoudhury from Kolkata. I have completed my engineering in Information Technology in 2013 and post that I have worked with Deloitte and PwC for a year each. While in PwC I have also been part of Make a Difference, wherein I used to work with a number of other volunteers for the children of four shelter homes across the city. I am trained classical singer with a Senior Diploma in Eastern Classical Music from Prayag Sangeet Samity, Allahabad. I enjoy reading, sketching and interacting with people.


What makes you think that you stand out of the crowd?

I am a spontaneous person in general, and all my actions and reactions are generally not guided much by analysis but by whims and impulses. While this has its pros and cons, I believe this is what makes me stand out in the crowd.


If you were granted a wish by ‘The Jinn’, what would it be?

It would be the same thing that I wish for in all Pujas. J I would wish for having mental strength to overcome all fears and inhibitions and get along with the flow of life.


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How do you think doing an MBA has added value to your persona?

It has made me confident because of the sense of achievement that is associated with studying in an IIM. It has given me a lot of exposure when it comes to interacting with a variety of people coming from all corners of the country, who have different interests, different ways of life. I really feel overwhelmed by the cultural assimilation that I have witnessed in my stay at IIM – K. As for the coursework and other academic pursuits that I have undertaken here, I would say, it changed my way of looking at things and analysing situations. It also opened my eyes towards hints and nuances in solving cases which might seem to be trivial at first but might have a huge significance in deriving complex judgements and analysis.


If you were a leader, how will you make a difference?

I think being empathetic is essential for being a leader. That helps one stand with their feet close to the ground. And also helps in making a difference, both for the people who are being led as well as for one’s own self.


What do you think about the biggest global feminist issue?

I think women should respect themselves and have faith and confidence in their abilities at first before pointing towards the society and screaming about women empowerment. A huge chunk of women still crave for external acknowledgements to motivate themselves, I believe, they need to be free, internally and then only they would be empowered.
What according to you is the essence of being a woman?

The essence of being a woman is sense and sensibility. This is what, I believe, has led women overcome all hurdles since ancient times when she was not allowed to come out in public to times now, when women are actually leading world class organizations efficiently.


About the interviewee-

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I am a free and outgoing individual. I find pleasure in making new acquaintances. I started reading from an early age, and even now, I make it a point to read even if at infrequent intervals. I love surprising people and it feels great when people around me are happy.


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