‘CET Is All About Speed, Answer Questions Based On Option Elimination’ – Marushka Dsilva, 95.05 % ile Scorer in CET

We  bring to you an interview with Marushka Dsilva, pursuing MBA in Finance  from Xavier Institute of Management and Research. She has over 3 years work experience with KPMG Consulting. This interview will be helpful especially for the CET Aspirants appearing for the Exam in March 2016.

1. Tell us about your educational background and work experience. Why did you decide on pursing MBA? Your CET score (percentile) and year?

I graduated in Accounting and Finance from HR College in 2011 and completed my M.Com degree from Sydenham College in 2013. I am currently pursuing MMS (Finance) from XIMR, Mumbai.

I have three years’ work experience at KPMG in the Advisory division. My stint at KPMG in a client facing role, transformed me into a domain specialist with strong knowledge on a number of sectors. However, to move further up the corporate ladder and to fulfil ones’ personal short term and long term goals, it was necessary to make a well calculated move of pursuing a degree in management.

I am not really referring to the prospects of a fatter paycheque, but more towards the possibility of an engaging leadership role and further enhancement of ones’ soft skills. I secured 95.05 percentile in MH-CET 2014.

2. When and how did you start planning your time and strategies for the exam on the whole?

I started studying for the CAT and other allied tests in 2013. I would spend much of my time, mastering concepts in Quantitative Ability as well as practising Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability questions. My strengths were the Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning questions, so I tried to capitalize on that whilst sharpening my skills for the Quant type of questions. After concept building, I started taking mock tests, to gauge my preparedness level for the tests. If there were certain topics in which I repeatedly made mistakes, I would study the basics again and then proceed.

3. How did you manage to prepare for the CET exam while working? How did you allocate time for studies?

My hectic work schedule made it difficult for me to study for more than an hour or two on weekdays. On weekends and holidays however, I would spend a number of hours preparing for the tests. I took a one month break from work prior to the MH-CET to prepare for the test.

4. Do you feel your work experience helped you in scoring well?

From the perspective of time management, yes, my work involved a number of timelines, which was also a constraining factor for the MH-CET, a speed test to a large extent. Given the limited time not only to study, but also to complete these tests, my work experience helped me to find quicker ways of solving problems such as speed reading techniques, answering questions based on option elimination etc. Do you think MOCKs or Test Series are a reflection of your future performance?

5. Do you think MOCKs or Test Series are a reflection of your future performance? From when should a student start concentrating on these aspects of test prep?

Test Series are definitely an indicator of your strengths and weaknesses but not a decisive factor of your future performance. The key to the MH-CET is hard work and practise. I started solving the past years papers 2 months prior to the exam. It is very important to review and analyse the papers after solving them to avoid repeating your mistakesCET Is All About Speed, Answer Questions Based on option elimination.

6. Which other exams did you appear for? Did it help you in preparing for MH-CET?

I took the CAT, XAT, NMAT in addition to the MH-CET. The preparation for the other exams also helped me in the MH-CET as the basic concepts are generally the same for all these exams. However, the difficulty level of the CET is lower as compared to the other tests, which is why preparing at a higher level helped me in cracking the MH-CET type of questions.

7. Finally, any other advice that you wish to share with the aspirants, specially the working professionals who are planning to give the CET this year

All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work, determination, dedication and passion. If you are sure of your short term and long term goals and believe that a management degree is what will help you achieve it, nothing can stop you, as only you are the writer of your destiny. On another note, as I look back today, I would also like to mention that even if you don’t get your first preference of a management institute, do not lose hope. I was one such candidate but I’m happy today at the way things have turned out for me. But that’s another story for another day. Till then, enjoy the MH-CET practising moments…All the best!