Chalo Batate Hain Ek Kahani – MDI

Its been almost a month since I walked through the gates of the one of the top 5 B schools of the country. The journey till now was very hectic and hence the expectations and anxiety were running high as well

MDI is not only a BSchool, it’s rather a dream which I am fortunate enough to be a part of. Everything here is best of its kind be it faculty infrastructure or the peer Group.

The diversity among the students makes it a place where we learn not only from teachers and seniors but students as well and go beyond our comfort zones .one of my recently acquired friend who hails from Kerala made me taste tapioca chicken biryani, I loved it totally but would definitely not have ordered on my own. This is what MDI is doing to us, making us think and go beyond the mindset we have been living with till now just like the Aditya Birla Capital which along with its diverse operation in the finance domain always has been a leader and the benchmark of excellence.

MDI has a campus which is situated in the heart of one of the busiest cities of the country and the companies which the students aspire to work for are at stone’s throw away distance. The students and faculty here always thrive for the excellence in whatever they are doing be it academics, case competitions or any dance competition. There are members of faculty here in MDI whose columns we read in Mint in the morning and attend their lectures in the afternoon or whom tweets are quoted for the business analysis by the top industry experts, such is the grandeur of the faculty.

Apart from the studies the facilities at the campus for sports and the other recreational activities are immense, here we multiple event and academic clubs which gives the students opportunity to explore themselves apart from the academics. Currently the sectional sports tournament is ongoing and we attend classes, study make assignments during the day. And in the night, we play cricket, run 6 km marathon or cheer for our sectional basketball team till 3 AM on top of our lungs.

I dream to work for an organisation like Aditya Birla Capital in future and have worked previously for and MNC for 3.5 years as well but coming to MDI and getting the opportunity to learn and play again is something which is priceless. I am enjoying my first term and hope to end it on a high and make the best of every moment here at MDI.