Chef’s Night Out To Student’s Night Out | IIM Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam – I’m not sure whether this city was named after Visakha, the god of valour and war. However, the energy that this place had and has been instilling in me convinced me to believe in this piece of myth. This place is not just about scenic beauty but way more than that. Basically, I was born and brought up in Visakhapatnam. Maybe that is the reason why I have a strong emotional attachment to this place.

Pursuing an MBA from one of the elite B-Schools of the country was my dream. But, I preferred to strive for my dream after seeking some work experience. Probably, this very zeal swayed me to opt for my campus placements and I finally made into an MNC. I very well knew that the initial period was going to be very rough – As I’m pretty new to this coding domain and then I accepted the challenge and was able to prove myself over there.

This exposure really made me taste the exact tincture of the corporate world and know how the real-time business work. After working here for a couple of years, I made up my mind to give my first shot at CAT and fortunately enough, I managed to secure a decent percentile. The real battle starts now – I need to convert my percentile into an IIM.

I strongly believe that, if you seek something from the core of your heart, the whole universe conspires to give it to you. After my graduation, I moved out of my city, and at the same time a new IIM made it to my goal list. I was ecstatic with the news and was biased towards this since my start of my preparation . IIM -Bangalore mentoring this was like that Cadbury thing for me ( that funny advertisement saying aur ek laddu chayihe kya ??) . But being as a baby IIM, initially I had a few inhibitions regarding its credibility. Surprisingly, and fortunately enough, this IIM has created a very resounding  mark in the business world with its unique pedagogy and culture .

With some insane and enthusiastic friends in my engineering, we actually started a successful food delivery startup called Chefs Night Out -The first of its kind in our city. Studying in IIM Visakhapatnam provides me the opportunity to have a deeper look into this start up with more cultivated approaches. Moreover pursuing a much sought for professional course from one of the most prestigious B-Schools of the country while living very close to the parents is like a dream come true for me. All these factors inspired me to head towards this institute and really excited for my further journey .

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Provided with an opportunity, I would like to work with Hindalco Industries Limited. I come from a place which is one of the largest steel manufacturer – RINL Visakhapatnam. My father being an employee in this esteemed public sector , provided me a great opportunity to visit the industry very frequently . Since then I was fascinated over this processes and machineries which made me to opt for Mechanical in my engineering .

I really enjoyed working in the shop floors during my engineering. I had have been an intern in Visakha Steel Plant and also in BHEL -Hyderabad which really helped me in gaining a good industrial exposure . Unfortunately , I didn’t make out a career in that field though I’m happy with my work I do right now but, somewhere in my heart I still feel incomplete about not working in the opted field of my engineering .

Hindalco-which is one the world’s largest aluminium rolling company, really exhilarates me in this aspect.This managerial course would provide me with another window of opportunity to get into this sector where my technical skills would be augmented to the managerial approaches.

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