“Chitti-Chitti Bang-Bang” Learning Pedagogy At Its Best At IIM Trichy!

It has just been two weeks at IIM Trichy and the classroom learnings experience are amazing. There were many different approaches for learning that IIM Trichy follows but all of them are centered towards collaborative learning. We recently had a session of Written analysis and communication (WAC). This is one of the subject wherein the discussion and practical approach helps to understand the concepts rather than the theoretical course packs. So, in the first session professor entered the class with a soft-sounding voice and gave his brief introduction. There was a bunch of papers in his hand and we had an impression that we are going to receive some handouts; we will read it, analyze it and go back to our air-conditioned hostel rooms. But, the actual scenario was completely different. He had planned a game for us which is to be played in the team of 8. So quickly he divided all of us into the team of 8 and gave each team a blank A4 sheet. He explained the rules of the game which are as follows.

Rules 1. He will ask one question and the first member of the group need to write the answer to the question on the blank sheet in 1-2 lines and fold the sheet of paper. 2. Afterwards the team member needs to pass the paper to the adjacent group member to the right. 3. Other team members are not supposed to see the answers written by group members. 4. When he says “Chitti-Chitti” students need to say “Bang-Bang”. When students say “Bang-Bang”, they make the commitment to listen to the professor or the person speaking. This was very interesting method to draw the attention of class in 2 seconds. So, the game started. Professor will ask one question; one individual will write the answer and move on. There were eight random questions that the professor asked and each of us had a chance to write an answer to that question. The questions asked were as follows. 1. Write the name of one famous male personality. 2. Write the name of one famous female personality. 3. Where did they meet for the first time? 4. When and why did they meet? 5. What did the male personality asked? 6. What did the female personality responded? 7. What happened after their meeting? 8. How world recognizes this meeting?

At the end, the professor asked us to make reveal all the answers to the internal group and write them in an ascending order. He now asked us to read the story in front of the class and asked the rest of the class to review which elements were missing in the story. We all listened to the story drafted by other team and started listing down the characteristics of good writing that the various teams have missed. So what we learnt here? Instead of directly mugging up the list of characteristics of good writing given in the text, we ourselves had experienced it and felt its need while playing this small game. That’s how it makes IIM’s classroom learning different from others. Learning achieved using such interesting tools, lasts forever and helps us understand the concepts with more clarity.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL). There are many diverse products and services are offered by ABCL which include life insurance, asset management, private equity, etc. Aditya Birla Capital was one of the first entrants into the insurance business once the government allowed the entry of private sector in the stream and hence it holds the highest expertise with the huge experience in this sector. ABCL understands the market needs and works under the four pillars Protecting, Investing, Financing and Advising. If given an opportunity I would like to work with investing and advising/consulting domain.

This article is written by Amit Sonchhatra- Class of 2020.

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