Why And How I Chose The IIM Raipur Campus – Saptarsi Basak

I have had a hard time deciding upon my studying in a B-School this year, leave aside the selection of a B-School. But when the time came, the decision did not take up as long as it was expected to. I had a clear goal set in front of me, and that was to settle for IIM Raipur and not think of any other college.

My very first impression of the college was formed by the relentless prodding by my mother to get into IIM Raipur, if at all it was to be among one of the newer IIMs. I did my thorough research and came to know about the excellent International Student Exchange Program that the college has. It was always a dream to experience a good foreign institute and how academics were carried out over there. Choosing this institute would provide me with that opportunity, or at least offer me a chance at it.

The next best thing that I read about is the new campus that the college is supposed to shift to in a few days. It is one of the largest campuses that an IIM has and one that is coming up in a smart city, which is Naya Raipur. Being the first batch to experience the new setup is a feeling one cannot miss. Also, the numerous facilities at the new campus was definitely an attraction towards the institute. The location of the institute from my hometown, or in general from anywhere in the country, was also a plus point.

The impression about the institute bolstered when I met with the current Senior PGP batch at our Kolkata City Meet. They were generously stating the facts of the college and not exaggerating any aspect of it, and yet the institute seemed to be the place to be at. They were polite and helpful in every way possible, taking out time from their busy schedules to meet us, aspirants. They were equally excited to get acquainted with us. Moreover, this enthusiasm was apparent in all the seniors, or mentors as I like to call them since we had an almost equal number of mentors meeting us as the number of aspirants who were at the city meet. The prospect of having such mentors further gave me a boost that finally turned my decision from taking a job to studying in this institute.

I came on the second day of registration and completed all the official processes. Within the next few days, I received many other offers, but I rejected them all since the present old campus had woven a magic on me that made me reluctant to leave the place. It was the environment itself that finally cemented my decision of studying in this prestigious institute, that goes by the name of IIM Raipur.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Given an opportunity to work with Aditya Birla Group, I would like to join Idea Cellular Limited. The reason is that I have seen my father work in the Telecommunication sector and I have seen how he has handled one of the most difficult areas to work in the country and I have also seen him not being able to

manage some of the problems. I would like to add a new perspective from what I have already seen being applied to the area.

An opportunity to work in the Telecommunication sector, which is in a delicate state, would prepare me well for any other challenges I may face in other sectors of work.

-Saptarsi Basak is a first-year student at IIM Raipur.



Suryanarayana Tatiparti

Good insight into the unique attributes of IIM, Raipur. Articulated with very good clarity.