Why And How I Chose IIM Udaipur – Avnish Bhutra

Why and how I chose IIM Udaipur?

When I got my CAT result, I was sure that being from commerce background and having decent percentile I would get a call from old IIM’s. Even I got calls from the same, and I was thinking of skipping the CAP interview process which is a joint interview process for all the new IIM’s. But thank god I didn’t skip it. So the interview process started for all the B-schools, and everything went like a flash. And after a month around I had result out for all the old IIM’s and I was not able to convert any of them, feeling dejected I thought I should go for Job and should give CAT later on. But after a while CAP results were out, and I converted all the new IIM’s. Initially, I was reluctant to join them, but then I spoke to alumni of these colleges and my teachers, and I decided to go for the new IIM’s as some of these IIMs have been performing exceptionally well. Again I was stuck with the problem which IIM to choose between Ranchi, Trichy and Udaipur. After this point of time I started to research about all these colleges, and during this period I converted one more college in Gurgaon. So I was in a dilemma, which one to choose and every time I thought of not joining one of the shortlisted colleges I had a feeling am I doing the right thing. In the end, IIM Udaipur took the lead over all the other colleges, and one of the most prominent reason was the level of transparency IIM Udaipur has shown over the years. Even most of the B schools who have been operating for more than 20 years, does not have this level of transparency in place. Another reason was the optimism and outlook IIM Udaipur director, Mr Janat Shah had towards the future of the college. The third thing was the academic rigour of the college which makes all its students competent enough to face any issue they would meet in their future work life, along with that IIM Udaipur has faculty coming in from IIM Ahmedabad so who would miss a chance to learn from the best in the country. Majorly these three factors, in the end, made me clear in making the decision about which college to join.

Which ABG group you want to work for and why

I want to pursue my MBA in Finance and in line with my specialisation the Aditya Birla Group Company which I would want to work with would be Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL). Finance as a subject has always fascinated me and I want to work with a company which excels in providing financial services like wealth management, portfolio management, etc. Aditya Birla Capital would be a dream come true as it would provide me with a platform to work in one of the best financial services company in India and would be a huge milestone for any person who wants to have a career in the same field.

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

IIM Udaipur, established in 2011, focuses on three pillars of academic excellence, research and career growth for its students so as to provide a transformational journey. Email: placecomm@iimu.ac.in