Why I Chose IIM Visakhapatnam For MBA

Right from my childhood I always wanted to study in a prestigious Indian Institutions(like NIT’s, IIT’s, etc) and destiny didn’t lead me to it during my under grad days. Once I decided that my career to be in managerial role my dream took a new shape in form of IIM’s. One day when I was exploring about the IIM’s, I came across an alumni of IIM who was always on TV, who always fascinated me with his commentary, Harsha Bhogle, and wanted to do my Post Graduation where he has done it or at least in one of the institutions of its kind.

I always wanted myself to be close to my family and I thought to join an IIM in South India. IIM Visakhapatnam became my first priority because Visakhapatnam being the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, a newly born state, is a base to several large, medium and small enterprises in core sector, energy, financial services, IT, etc. The “City of Destination” is being developed under smart cities mission and so it is best place for the companies to establish and all these factors and aid gives opportunity for the students at IIM-V for the development as per the global requirements. Under the mentorship of IIM-Bangalore, we can observe the customs, ways and style of it in IIM-V. With the latest addition of seats, there was additional opportunity given to the CAT aspirants, added courage to my thoughts.  Visakhapatnam being one of the finest coastal cities, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Eastern Ghats and the Bay of Bengal, it is “The Jewel of East Coast”. The scenic beauty will be one of the factors, attracting the enterprises and students. Even that was one of my reasons to opt IIM-V.

Under the esteemed guidance of the professors at IIM-V and the mentorship of IIM-Bangalore, doing PGP at IIM-V would help me meet my goals and perfect place for me to transform into a global product.

Which Company in ABG & why?

Aditya Birla being one of the largest group of industries in the market, spreads it’s wings in various fields and is a global leader in some of the fields. Now days we watch TV a lot, but we remember and recollect very few from it and one of the things we remember are the commercials. The IDEA commercials are the ones which I remember the most. They were innovative and attractive.

Myself being an electronics and communication engineer, have a good knowledge in cellular communications. Working in Telecom Services, I will be having an attachment with work, and can understand the scenarios & challenges being faced by the company easily. The Telecom Services of ABG stands third place in India and can easily reach the top position. The memories of the commercials in my childhood lifts my spirits to work hard for the company and my knowledge in ECE helps it, so I would like to work in the Telecom Services of the ABG.

Placecom IIM Visakhapatnam

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam