Why and How I Chose XIMB – Adrita Chakraborty

“You are next..please come in” – on hearing these words my already loudly hammering heart gave a start and I walked into the interview room.

The thoughts running in my mind were about my journey up till here, the interview room of XIMB. Going back a few months, when about two lakh students in India were trying to bell the CAT I was one among them. With countless desires, aspirations and of course hard work, I had reached this stage.

When I closed the door and sat down in front of the interview panel that is when I regained my composure. And from then on it was a wonderful experience. I was interviewed by the three different panelists on varied topics – academics, work experience, general knowledge, situational questions and a lot more. After this intense interview I was quite desperately waiting for the results. I felt I had done my best. To quench my anxiety I started reading more intensively about XIMB and also inquired from some of my peers.

The results of all my researches and enquiries were the same – XIMB holds the top position among all B schools. Be its rich legacy of 30 years, the academic rigour, the intense curriculum, the excellent teachers and their pedagogy and in all an enriching campus experience in form of all student driven activities be it committees, councils etc. This is what I had wanted..an all round experience, an experience to cherish, to make me realize my potential and stretch my limits! And XIMB held that promise.

When the results finally came, I was overjoyed. I knew this is where I want to be. I knew this is the place I want to call my ‘alma mater’.

As I complete my 3rd week in XIMB now as a first year BM student, I would say that I am glad I made this decision. Even though I am struggling to manage ‘n’ number of things that I had never anticipated I would be able to handle, I realize I am living the experience I had wanted and waiting for greater things to happen.

ABG company I would like to work for:

I would like to work for the Aditya Birla Capital which comes under the Financial Services sector of the Aditya Birla Group. The Aditya Birla Group ABFSG ranks among the top 5 fund managers in India. As I aspire to pursue a career in Financial Management I feel Aditya Birla Capital would give me a great career opportunity. Having a strong presence across the life insurance, asset management, lending, housing finance, equity & commodity broking, wealth management and distribution, I will have a wide option of domains to work in and gain knowledge in the Financial Sector.


– Adrita Chakraborty

BM,1st year,XIMB

XIMB Placement Committee

XIMB Placement Committee