Why and How I chose XIMB – Ayush Roy

For every MBA aspirant, approximately nine months from the day CAT registration starts till the time they join the college is very crucial and at the same time it is very important how we make each and every decision during this span of time which includes which exams to give, which colleges to apply for and finally which college to choose.

In India, many people associate MBA with only IIMs, and this information can be very risky especially for an aspirant and based on that exposure I had about the colleges apart from IIMs I had applied for XIMB and few other colleges to pursue my MBA as a part of the prerequisites. I feel MBA is one of the very few degree courses in India where the major growth happens once we leave the college after the placements and to make this possible our college plays a major role in terms of academics, campus life, exposure, pressure situation etc. Placement reports are always vital in deciding a college but should never be the deciding factor because I believe all the top 20-30 B schools in the country provide enough opportunities in terms placements with little variation but what we take with us from the college will help us succeed exponentially all our lives. This being the primary reason I chose XIMB over some of the other colleges with reputed tags.

XIMB has been known for its academic rigor and the exposure it provides to every student in the campus which can get very stressful at times but eventually will be very fruitful if we come out with flying colors. Most of us have already started feeling the heat in the last 2 weeks which has given me the satisfaction in the decision I made regarding choosing XIMB.

Which company of ABG would I want to work for and why?

My answer to this question would have been ABOF if I was asked this a year ago and it is still the same. I was a part of Expicient which was managing the OMS for ABOF as its client. I know the scope of e-commerce market In India is huge and with Aditya Birla owning some of the major apparel brands in the country, with a correct and unique approach can become a game changer with omnichannel implementations like Store locator, buy online pick up in store and others and I want to be the part of the team that makes it happen.

– Ayush Roy

BM 1st year, XIMB

XIMB Placement Committee

XIMB Placement Committee