The Chronicles Of A Guy At A Tier 2 B-School

Do you know a world where any MBA aspirant wished for a Tier 2 College? Do you think everyone lands up in a Tier 1 college? Do you think colleges other than Tier 1 are not good?

I know these questions are baffling to some but the obvious lies in them. See the world of one such college with my eyes. The college I am a part of for the prestigious journey of an MBA is KJ Somaiya Institute of Management and Research. How many of you have heard about this college? If you have, then more power to SIMSR. If you did not then you’re someone like me. I like most students only talked about the IIMs, the ISB and the XLRI. But how did I land here at SIMSR? The answer to this question is nothing more than pure blissful coincidence. I gave my CAT without preparation and couldn’t appear for any other exam in the hope that I am going to Sydney for my masters but certain things didn’t work out. So, CAT results came in January and I got a decent 90 percentile and I had given up on the hope of my beloved IIMs. I targeted other B-schools and went into full-frantic research mode. After a few weeks, I had three shortlists: 1. IIM Shillong (I was shocked) 2. IMT Ghaziabad 3. KJ SIMSR

I started preparing for my GDs and PIs diligently and gave all of them. I couldn’t get through Shillong and had 2 offers from KJ SIMSR and IMT G. Now came the quandary. I made a difficult choice but chose SIMSR. My friends told me it was a stupid choice but my acceptance of this offer had subsequent layers to it.

Layer 1: Why I want to do MBA?

Layer 2: What is the location of this institute?

Layer 3: Package or Research?

Layer 4: Exposure or Brand?

Layer 5: The deal clincher.

The answer to these questions are perplexed and even a wise man would fall into crumbles. These answers would be provided to you in my next article. But what I would answer is “How I Loved My SIMSR?”

Joining the program was the right choice as I can feel the curriculum is challenging and preparing me for my career in the corporate. The knowledge imparted is to the point and everything is taught with a 360-degree perspective. The case studies and regular presentations not only give us real-life scenarios but helps us in understanding the nitty-gritty of businesses. Learning something new is what I wanted from my MBA as well as life and this is what I am getting here. The quality of research here is better than most IIMs and my focus is on that area. The huge campus is an add-on and with some helpful seniors, this journey is going towards the right trajectory. Brand SIMSR contributes to your CV in ways you didn’t know and I got to know about it after joining SIMSR. And in no way is SIMSR beneath any other institute. We are given every opportunity as would be given to any other Tier 1 student. Its upon us how we use the power bestowed. I never thought I would say this but I am loving every bit of this journey. Even the Mumbai part, which you did not hear from this Delhi-ite.


If you are someone who wants knowledge and are stuck in a dilemma like I was, “You know what to choose”.


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