Classmates Turned Friends For Life | IIM Sirmaur

Batchmates are considered to be gems of classroom. In those gems some of them become part of your life.

Introducing some of my crazy batchmates:-

Raktim Padum Sonowal:

A friend from Assam. We call him next Chief Minister of Assam. He is a born H.R. manager because of his interesting qualities.

-Ability to delegate is his first talent.

Since past one year, while preparing any group project, he never showed up. In fact, he gave his work to other people but always presented well at the D-day. He has made one of the best projects in a summer internship at ONGC, we doubt it though. He has the most dynamic personality in the whole batch, even our juniors can’t match him.

He is an amazing sportsperson.

Favourite sports:

-Badminton, during first year of competition he won every match from singles to mixed doubles although having a weakling in the team.

Phukato Sema:

A friend from Nagaland. we all know Naga people eat everything except human.

He is also a talented sports person and plays cricket, badminton, football, snooker with perfection. He runs almost like bolt.

Graduating in, he wanted to pursue his career in finance, but now he is pursuing his career in marketing.

Rahul Pal:

A friend from zila Ghaziabad, a gym enthusiast who has a habit of making short videos whenever he lifts heavy. He has immense interest in AI, IOT and a very bad taste of music. Sometimes he plays classical music at night. He is an active classroom participant, where out of 10 answers he gives only 2 are correct. He never wakes up for morning classes. He couldn’t have survived first year if his roommate was not Phukato Sema and the legacy continues.

And finally,

Abhijeet Lovekar:

A friend from Maharashtra, the best guy in placement committee. He is really hard working, punctual and the most self-motivated guy in whole campus. It’s been one year in college but he has a record of not missing any class or coming late in any occasion. He never misses uploading his Whatsapp status with motivational quotes. Sometimes those motivational quotes make my day.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

With given opportunity, I would like to work with Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail because considering the scenario now, today’s online fashion retail companies had taken this to next level. ABG fashion and retail have many top brands and considering online retails market opportunities in which by 2030 is $200 billion business i think ABG fashion & retail will be the market leader by that time.

-Sumit Kumar


IIM Sirmaur Placement Team

IIM Sirmaur Placement Team.