CMAT 2016 Results – What To Expect

The CMAT 2016 exam was held on 17 January 2016 and the results are declared today i.e 21 January 2016. It’s commendable on AICTE’s part to declare the results in 5 days. The exam was conducted in more than 60 cities on 17 January between 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

The number of test takers for CMAT 2016 is lesser than the last years number of test takers. This is probably because for the first time CMAT was held only once and not twice a year. Nonetheless, it comes in the second position after the number of CAT 2015 test takers that amounted to 1.80+ lakh candidates who wrote the exam.


CMAT 2015 first exam toppers-

Rank 1 – Gaurav Dave (Score – 323, Percentile – 100)

Rank 2 – Rahul Pinnamaneni (Score – 313, Percentile – 100)

Rank 3 – Rohan Jain (Score – 311, Percentile – 99.99)

Rank 3 – Ram Kishore (Score – 311, Percentile – 99.99)

Rank 5 – Neha Manglik (Score – 310, Percentile – 99.99)


CMAT 2015 second exam toppers-

Rank 1 – Pawan Khanna (Score – 305, Percentile – 100)

Rank 1 – Sunil Kumar (Score – 305, Percentile – 100)

Rank 3 – Guarav Jitendra Dave (Score – 295, Percentile – 99.99)

Rank 4 – Supreet Gupta (Score – 291, Percentile – 99.99)

Rank 5 – Prakash Rajput (Score – 289, Percentile – 99.99)


Didn’t do well in XAT 2016 and CAT 2015?

For those who didn’t do well in XAT, CMAT 2016 provides another chance to them to prove themselves. And for students who scored between 60-70 percentile in CAT 2015, they also get a chance to prove themselves and get into one of AICTE approved b-schools for 2016-18. Also, this provides them with an opportunity to explore all b-schools across the country and not limited to the IIMs only. Various management institutes affiliated to universities in various states and private b-schools which are AICTE-approved will accept the scores.

For those who didn’t do well in CAT ’15 read advice by the CEO of VistaMind here on what to look at next.

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Clearing sectional cut offs

CMAT 2016 has 4 sections – Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension and General Awareness. There is a total of 25 questions and 100 marks for each section with a grand total of 400 marks. But unlike the CAT 2015, there won’t be any sectional cut-offs so for example if a candidate has performed poorly in general awareness but performed very well in other sections, he doesn’t have to worry about clearing the sectional cut-off for general awareness. B-schools affiliated to AICTE will consider only the final score and not sectional cut-offs so aspirants need not worry.


Top colleges accepting CMAT 2016 score in Maharashtra

In Mumbai, top colleges like KJ Somaiya, SIMSREE, NL Dalmia etc. will accept CMAT scores. Colleges like ISB&M, Balaji, NIA etc. accept CMAT scores in Pune.

Other colleges in Mumbai and Pune also accept CMAT scores along with MBA MH-CET scores.


Top colleges accepting CMAT 2016 score in the north

Colleges like BIMTECH, Jaipuria Institute of Management, IILM, BULMIM, NDIM, Jaipuria Institute of Management etc. accept CMAT scores.


Top colleges accepting CMAT 2016 score in the south

Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad have good b-schools that would accept CMAT scores. Acharya School of Management, Bangalore; Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai; IFMR, Chennai; IMT Hyderabad etc. are b-schools which accept CMAT scores.

VIT Vellore, SDMIMD Mysore etc. are some other good b-schools accepting CMAT scores.


CET 2016 – Last bet

Not sure of the results of CMAT 2016? Pinning all hopes on CET 2016? You can read Tips From A Topper if you are going to appear for CET 2016.