Cobra Beer – From Mind To Market – How To Bring Your Vision To Life – MYRA Musings

Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having a sight but no vision”. But for an entrepreneur, the worse thing would be – having a vision but no way to bring that vision to life. So what does it take for an entrepreneur to move his idea from his mind to the market of millions? In this video, we have professor – Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam, from MYRA School of Business, recounting how ‘Cobra Beer’, a UK based company, became to be, the challenges it faced and the journey Karan Bilimoria – the founder of Cobra Beer embarked on to bring ‘Cobra Beer’ to the world. If you are an entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur, watch this video to know how one entrepreneur made it to the market of millions.



In this series of MYRA Musings, we have students and professors of MYRA, talking and musing over what makes MYRA a unique proposition for anyone considering an MBA, why choose MYRA, many routes that all lead to MYRA, some debates and an interesting story on how you can turn an idea into a business and be an entrepreneur that you were meant to be.

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