Which College To Choose For MBA And “Why NITIE, Mumbai Is The Best Option”

Hello all MBA aspirants!

Kudos to your efforts for cracking the entrance exams (CAT/GATE). Many of you are now confused about which institute to choose for their post-graduation. Most of the students take their decision based on the comparison of statistics regarding average salaries. But that’s not exactly what you should do! You should look for the ROI (Return on Investment) since you don’t want to end up in a debt trap after paying such hefty fees (unless you are super rich).


Few points in our favour:

1. NITIE has THE best ROI (find relevant stats below) amongst all top B-Schools

2. NITIE recently won “Innovative Educational Institute Award”

3. Academic is demanding and chilling at the same time (College believe in giving true autonomy to students for their academic and professional improvement)

4. NITIE has flexible coursework initiative (freedom of choosing course content) also it is the best institute in India for Industry-Academia collaboration.


Perks which I guess matters to you more than awards or rank of the institute:

1. Excellent Placements (20 LPA average)

2. The Stipend of 12400/month through GATE admissions (Only institute which offers MBA Equivalent degree through GATE)

3. Low fees at NITIE (3.5 lack/year) as compared to IIMs/Other Top B-Schools (9 lack/year average)

4. Maximum MBA jobs are present in Supply chain and Operations (NITIE is called the Mecca of Supply Chain)

5. Location: Mumbai (At the edge of National Park Jungle)/ Termed as “God’s own Campus”/ Companies from financial capital would favour the best college in the capital.

6. NITIE competes with all MBAs and IITs at the same time and constantly being successful in doing so.

7. NITIE being such a unique institute, our alumni consider the Juniors as their responsibility, it’s huge sentiment since they contribute so much towards building the brand of NITIE.

8. All are engineer’s here and come from different professional backgrounds, they are too smart, everyone helps each other to grow, unlike fierce competition anywhere else.


Last words:

If you want to really enjoy your life for two years and learn on your own terms rather than rant your friends about how tough and hectic your MBA life is, (As done by most of the other top B-Schools) come to NITIE!

You Will Love This Place ♥


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Ganesh Thorat

Ganesh Thorat MBA -- Supply Chain and Operations NITIE Mumbai