Colossal Clash – The Best Manager Event Of Revelation 2018 At SIBM Bengaluru

Colossal Clash – The Best Manager event of Revelation 2018 – Aether Infinium saw a great number of participation from students across India. Participants were from elite institutes of the country like IIM Trichy, MICA, SCMHRD, MITSOM Noida, NMIMS Mumbai, Welingkar Mumbai, Christ University Bengaluru, XIME and many more.

The 36 hours long event saw no end, even at 3  A.M when the participants were given an overnight task to complete within an hour.

Just like the other Best Manager events that take place in other B- Schools, the Colossal Clash Team left no stone unturned to ensure that the quality turns up not only in their round designing but also in their execution.

A Manager can neither be good only at Finance nor HR. The balance between the major specializations is a must, and that is exactly what one witnessed at Colossal Clash 3.0!

From the first round which was as twisted as a stress introduction where the participants were made to recite a specific number’s tables while writing another’s. In front of a crowd of 10 making constant noise in the background to add to the stress.

In addition to this, there were 15 rounds which were to be completed by the participants one after the other. The design of all the rounds was with such intricacy that the subsequent round will either be lighter than the previous one or a difficult nut to crack in case the previous one belonged to the “Category: Filler”

Amongst the other rounds, the stressful rounds came out to be the various specialization rounds. The finance round – Wolf of Dalal Street came out as a tricky yet a very interestingly designed round. Similarly, the concepts of Ambush marketing saw some twists which were loved and appreciated by the judges as well as the candidates.

The end of Day 1 was marked with a Press Conference in a dark room, where the candidate was given a character and had to justify all the questions asked to him/her related to the corresponding character.

Day 2 was welcomed with early morning tasks and a collaboration with the other verticals of Revelation 2018. By noon, the most of the rounds were completed and now was the time for the most awaited FINALE. With 4 judges on board, the participants who were made to fill a questionnaire earlier that day, the judges knew exactly how to twist their answers and re-question them again and again.

After the total 36 hours long grilling, the winner declared was Sunny Gehani a student of SCMHRD, Pune. When asked for his feedback his only words were “WOW. I am startled at the intricacy you guys maintained throughout and goes without saying that I had an amazing time here, at SIBM Bengaluru.”

SIBM Bengaluru

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