“jodi tor dak shune keu na ase tobe ekla cholo re


Famous lines penned by Rabindra Nath Tagore is symbolic of every common man’s struggle. A common man or ”aam aadmi” is a symbol of resilience, dreams and hope. What is termed by everyone as trivial or non-entity is actually someone who lives and continuously fights for his dreams. The dream may be to become a famous bollywood star, a corporate czar, to be someone whom society looks upto or just simply to be someone who brings smile to others faces.

The look of a common man is anybody’s guess. Man, woman, young, child; there are many faces to one entity. The significance though is in the spirit with which he lives his life. A woman who fights for her rights, a man who works hard to bring food on the table for his family, a young kid who studies hard to be someone in life overcoming all obstacles are perfect examples of resolute and indomitable spirit which common signifies.

Many people say that the world is of the powerful and the “aam aadmi” is born to suffer on every step of life. If that is true then how come we keep hearing stories of the impossible happening, how come people with barely any resources at their disposal achieve the extraordinaire. The answer is the spirit.  Our country is a democratic nation whose vibrancy is preserved by this very spirit of common man when every five years he votes for a better future not only for his family and society but also for the nation itself.

Yes, the powerful or rich have everything at their disposal, but, the spirit of fighting our own battles by ourselves, cleaning up ourselves and stand up again after biting the dust is what makes common man special.

So next time when you look yourself in the mirror and go out in world, don’t think you are just a common man. You are special, very special.

Sunwinder Singh

Senior Analyst at Accenture, voracious reader, love to watch advertisements and understand what went behind its making, likes listening to Jagjit SIngh ghazals, alumnus of Bharathidasan Institiute of Management (BIM), Trichy