Common MBA Interview Questions And How To Approach It

DISCLAIMER:This is based on my experience and my friends’ experiences. Strictly non-exhaustive,it should be enough to get you started.
To begin with,dress well.Ditch the conventional head to toe black combo.In order to be remembered,leave a detail about you that the panel as well as your peers would remember.Practice power poses( Google it 😛 ) if you’re nervous.Even if you’re not confident,FAKE IT.!

Questions asked by interviewers:
1:”Tell me about yourself” means tell me something that’s not there on your resume that we could talk about during the rest of the interview.

2.”Your strengths and weaknesses” means show me that you’re a human,not a concise,clear,and do not let us bully you.

3.”Why MBA?” means how MBA aligns with your long term career goals,and how would you use the resources we invest in you in the next two years.Show me you’re worth it.

4.”How many beggars are there in NYC” means I know there is no way to answer this question,but I want to know how you approach out-of-textbooks problems.

5.”Do you work best alone or as a team?” means I wanna know how well you know about yourself,and how seriously you take your work.

6.”Dont you think you’ll have a hard time being in a classroom after working/how would you cope up with studying with people more experienced than you?” means tell me you’re proud of your life choices and will make it work instead of complaining about everything.

7.”Any questions for us?” means show us you’re interested and make us remember who you are while we are shortlisting finally.

8.”What specialization do you have in mind?” means tell me about where you think you’ll fit the best,as well as how long term oriented you are.

Just be yourself.The panel wants to select you,thats why you’re sitting there.Give them enough reasons to not doubt their own choice.

All the best.

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Kriti Doneria, MBA (class of 2018), DIME IITK

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