The Communication Drill – XAHR

On 30th may 2018, finally I received my XAHR offer letter, and that single email changed my life forever. The hard work that I did for 6 months had finally paid off. On 18th June 2018 I started my MBA journey, and the 1 st 4 days of orientation at college was really hectic, and I believe it was meant to be that way so that we get used to the rigorous curriculum of XAHR.

Finally, on 25th June our regular classes started and the real MBA journey began. The faculty members of XAHR are on another level, and each of them is a Picasso in his/her own field. As I have chosen a career in HR, our subjects were also mostly about human resource, but the subject that I think will help us the most is CSM or communication skills management. In the first class of CSM, we were divided into 6 groups, and 2 groups had an extempore session at a time, and the remaining groups were given an assignment to complete in the meantime. In the extempore session, we were given a random topic by our faculty member, and we got only 30 seconds to think about it and then 60 seconds to speak on that same topic in front of a camera.

The whole idea behind speaking in front of a camera was to familiarize us on how we look and sound from a viewer’s perspective. And we got to know that small thing like our posture, accent, pronunciation and speaking style matters a lot in the corporate world. The topic that I was given was bluff master, I spoke on it for about 70 seconds. And after everyone was done with their extempore, we were shown the entire footage on a projector, and then ma’am called us one by one and gave us her feedback. And this session was the best classroom experience I ever had, and the reason that I consider it as my best experience is that, it gave me immense confidence to speak in front of a crowd.

As I am an introvert I have a fear of public speaking, but one thing that I learned from that session is that, if I have to survive in the corporate world than I have to be confident enough to express myself in front of everyone, this was the best take away from that session.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

ABG Corporation is one of India’s largest corporation with a valuation of $44.3 billion. It includes several companies like Aditya Birla Retail Limited, Ultratech Cement Limited, Hindalco Industries Limited and many more. The company that I would like to work for is Ultratech Cement Limited. It is one of India’s largest cement manufacturer and also among top four cement manufacturers in the world and have one of the strongest HR departments. The one thing that I like the most about Ultratech Cement is their “Employee First” policy, they give utmost importance to employee growth, recognition, training, recreation and motivation. And I believe this is the most important aspects that a person looks for when he/she joins any organisation, when a company gives such importance to their employees then they are bound to make progress, which ultimately helps the organisation. And this the main reason why I would like to work for Ultratech Cement.


Suvam Dash

MBA-HRM, 1st year