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What is the Campus life at IIM Trichy like?

What is the Campus life at IIM Trichy like?

How does it feels to study at IIM Trichy? How has the environment changed you? Please share your experiences so far.

2 Answers
Abirbhav Mukherjee, IIM Trichy answered 3 weeks ago

How does it feel to study in IIM Trichy?
The word “Exemplary” will be an understatement. In IIM-T, you will experience one of the Best days ever when it comes to Campus Life, especially in the Permanent Campus from where we now operate. Needless to say about the plethora of facilities you can find over there like State of the Art Classrooms, Single occupancy hostels, a beautiful and unique 175 acre campus filled with the Best of the faculty members and a diverse set of inquisitive students who go by the motto of “Work Hard, Party Harder”. In short, a campus which an IIM should ideally offer – a great place to learn, work and excel, coupled with freedom to work the way you like (almost) and party. The student achievements down the years right from its inception as well as the faculty profiles and achievement bear testimony to this fact.
Check this video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=14s&v=ZhDyYH1F18Y
How has the environment changed you?
Personally, it has significantly impacted me in a big way. The 2 year full time residential MBA programme in any IIM leaves you academically enriched in a huge way and IIM Trichy is no exception to that. But most importantly, apart from the academic enrichment, the enrichment in your personality and thought process is also something which should be acknowledged. I have learnt to think analytically from a 360 degree all round approach when I am given a problem to solve, be it in personal life or professional life. I analyze the effects an action can produce on all the stakeholders present, and I thoroughly perform a stakeholder mapping wherever applicable. I have learnt to value time, as that is the only commodity which can never come back once passed. I do make most of the available time either to increase my efficiency at work, or pursue my interests with a more sharper focus than ever before.  

I am an alumnus of IIM Trichy (MBA 2016-2018 batch)

Thank you for sharing Abirbhav! Wonderfully captured the overall essence.

You are welcome Parth..!! I hope it helps you.
You should also check Riddhi’s answer and check the links shared by her to get a more accurate picture of IIM Trichy. All the Best..!!


Riddhi Kalra, IIM Trichy answered 3 weeks ago

To begin with the campus life of IIM Trichy without speaking of the campus that we are ever so proud of would be an injustice in its own right. The 175 acre campus is built with an eye for elegance and comfort of the millennial mindset. The Dormitories are designed in a manner to facilitate interaction and that is evident with the incorporation of Common Rooms and several seating areas outside the dormitories. This is especially important when it comes to bonding with peers or group discussions because a conducive environment is the catalyst to learning. The classrooms are designed in a horseshoe structure with an ambiance befitting an institute of its standing. The Open air amphi theatre has seen numerous fests and informal celebrations, some of the most memorable being the Sectional Wars and Dhruva, the Business Cultural Fest. When the sun appears to be touching the horizon, you can often find students playing the various sports and games they are passionate about, until it is time to dine together in the Mess before the usual rigor of pre-reads,  assignments and other academic commitments keeps the mind alive. Personally, I find that it is the peers, the calibre of professors, and the various opportunities that knock your door changes your way of thinking in a manner that can only be understood if it is experienced.  A more detailed account of the same can be found here.

I am a student at IIM Trichy, Batch of 2017-19

Wow, I bet it’s fun to be at IIM Trichy. Thanks, Riddhi!

What’s your percentile and tell us about your interview experiences

Riddhi Kalra, IIM Trichy

replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Dharun, you may find my interview experience here: https://insideiim.com/interview-experience-common-admission-process-cap/

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