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1st year vs 2nd year

1st year vs 2nd year

How different is the second year as compared to the first year of MBA? How does the Summer Internship change you? 

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You select the courses in second year yourself according to your interests compared to first year where there are core foundation courses. So in the way you are much more invested in classes as compared to second year. Also, the classroom experience is improved because all your other peers are also as invested in the course as you. As you have experienced corporate life, you have a better perspective and ask questions from a more application point of view. Your professors will also expect more from you than when you were in first year. 

It depends upon if you get a PPO or not. Usually, people become very chill after getting a PPO and stop putting in enough efforts. Also, summer internship makes you more professional. Plus, the feeling of seniority makes us slightly mature and calm as well. Having said that, you will see second-year students partying and relaxing much more than the first-year students.

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