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Analysis and improvisation

Analysis and improvisation

Anon ymous, MBA Aspirant asked 8 months ago

I have covered the basics but my attempts are still can I improve my score and identify my strengths and weaknesses. I am taking aimcat series. should I try samcat before trying sectionals. Or should both go hand in hand. In sectionals I have tried only few topic tests…what would you suggest about leapfrogging into advanced or intermediate…

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Apurva Sharma, IIM Trichy answered 7 months ago

Hey Jithin,
You mentioned that your basics are clear but attempts are low, so I can sense the problem in time management while attempting time-bounded mocks. I don’t think that leapfrogging would work until you analyze the attempted paper thoroughly. Proper analysis will help you to understand the loopholes in your basic concepts clarity in a lucid manner.
From your question, I assume that you are attempting basic and intermediate level while solving the sectionals. First and foremost, you should go through each and every question whether it was correct or not and make subtle points for that. Expedite this process so that you put in more time in revising the points. When you will jot down the points you will get to know your strength and weakness and even silly mistakes which you can definitely surpass in next mock.
Don’t restrict yourself to few topics in sectionals. Attempt and analyze all of them whether it is your forte or not. This exercise is only for your practice and you never know that which topic question would be easier to attempt in CAT. You can decide the level of different topics to attempt in sectionals and increase the level in due course of time.
You can refer to my answer on time table to attempt the full length and sectionals here:
Attempting more sectionals and mocks won’t help you out until you are not able to rectify and remember your past mistakes. Since not much time is left, so revise the solution of your past mistakes now and keep those in mind while taking up mocks.
All the best.

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Hello Jithin! 
The corcern of maximising accuracy and score is more commonplace than you can imagine. But the good news is that it can be taken care of with a set of right practices. Here’s a brief of them: 
Analyse the mocks and pick up ques. If your accuracy is servery affected, look for which areas need improvement. Classify various topics into categories. If you are underperforming in a certain topic in terms of taking more time, it implies that you need to revisit the formulae and shortcuts. If you’re getting more questions wrong in a topic, it would mean you need to revise the basics. So on and so forth. 
Additionally, if you are not able to increase your accuracy in the last few days, increase the number of attendees at the same level of accuracy. Helps you score more. 
Besides these, attempt the paper in rounds. Do the easiest questions first. Remember, questions carry equal weightage. 
Try all of these in the mocks that you’re taking. 
Good Luck! 

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