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Are GEMs really at a disadvantage?

Are GEMs really at a disadvantage?

Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
asked 11 months ago

I have often come across a lot of miffed and frustrated GEMs ranting about their inability to get a short-list call because of their degree. Then, of course, they give the X and Y chromosome argument and seem somewhat disappointed that an IIM gives an “unfair advantage” to women and their gender, which is considered to be an achievement but is not.
But I have seen some pretty valid counterpoints that demolish a lot of arguments (not all) that GEMs put up regarding the IIM selection criteria (for instance, the increasing demand by corporates to have a diverse workforce, a social disadvantage that women may have in the country, percentage of engineers in B-Schools etc.) but none address the grievances of GEMs or offer a viable solution.
So what is your view as a GEM/Female engineer/non-engineer/anyone who knows anything about CAT? Do GEMs put up a fair argument? Or is it just misdirected or invalid resentment towards the entire process and the IIMs are right in doing what they do?

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