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Are our personal details really safe on the internet?

Are our personal details really safe on the internet?

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have been accused of misusing data of over 50 million Facebook users. 
There was a recent revelation that the Aadhar details of a customer can be bought for Rs. 500, although UIDAI rejects these claims. 
Is our data really safe on the internet? How can we prevent our data from landing into the hands of malicious agencies?

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Parth Shekhar, MBA Aspirant answered 1 year ago

If the internet is a huge ‘kingdom’, then the data are the ‘gold mines’ that make it filthy rich!
With the recent revelation about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, it has hit everyone with this previously undermined question of whether our data is safe on the internet. The authenticity of the Aadhar safety is still a worrisome matter in our country. Every now and then we hear that the safety of our personal details or rather the risk of those details being compromised. I read in the newspaper a few weeks back that a woman was shocked to find out that her Aadhar details were compromised & misused to assign 8 sim cards, of-course without her consent or knowledge. This compels us to think if our Aadhar details can be actually bought for Rs.500?!
The Cambridge Analytica & Facebook scandal just acted as an inducer of our fears where it is being speculated that our data were used to influence the US elections! The sanctity of the whole process is put in the crosshairs which earlier seemed pure and untainted. It might seem irrelevant how a click, a movie, food, stories or restaurant preferences could influence something as big as elections. But these seemingly insignificant factors can play a huge or rather a devastating role when misused in bulks. The proof being the speculations that there might be a world war 3 soon!
You can try and apply all kinds of privacy settings on your social media but that is not going to help you necessarily, especially not in case of the companies that collect your data, even though they might be hidden from the general public. You can hide your info from rogue individuals or stalkers, but in order to safeguard your details from the bigger players, we need intervention in the form of regulations, and clarity from these companies. A positive impact from all the chaos seems to be EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will change the rules of the road for companies that collect and use large amounts of data. This will affect the businesses all over the world and hopefully in a better way for the users of the services. 
Our Aadhar issue still remains a topic of debate between the government and the rest of us on the safety of our details. We, as individuals need to contribute to various measures in order to safeguard the future of our personal details.

Sachin Mandot, IMT Ghaziabad answered 1 year ago

It is being widely said that if the product is free then you are the product. Uploading too personal data on Social media sites can prove to be dangerous sometimes. Facebook, Google themselves are introducing new frameworks to protect personal data of the users. 

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