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Should Article 377 be abolished?

Should Article 377 be abolished?

Recently, article 377 has come under scrutiny from the Supreme Court. The bench has said that the law is archaic, undemocratic and must be done away with.

What is your personal view on this? Should the ban on homosexuality be lifted?

Why/Why not?

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Chirag Shukla, MBA Aspirant
answered 11 months ago

Absolutely. I feel its a fantastic achievement that the Supreme Court bench has actually considered this plea seriously, as well as opposed lawyers trying to present warped and ridiculous arguments on the ban.
But the issue doesn’t lie in the illegality of the act because even it does become legal, there is the issue of social oppression and the subsequent issue of STDs (HIV) due to the non-availability of protection for gay couples. Further, a Supreme Court ruling does not mean that the people will accept it. While we are heading towards a country where homosexuality is not banned, we need to simultaneously improve how the people perceive this phenomenon. Because let’s face it, India is a country looking to oppress someone and become outlaws in the process. So we need a check for that.

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